Lost in Wonderland ... Help?

 Prince Aziz Fadl. He has a human form and a magical creature form. For more of our lovely Aziz read the rest of the story...

There's so many fast frames
Quick cuts and a million stars
Can make you wonder
Can make you dream
ahead from the start
When you know your heart
and follow your own destiny

Don't get lost in the crowd
Be the one to be strong and turn heads around
Even from dark to light
You are the spark
You have the fire
You are the heart
Now be a believer
Don't get lost in the crowd

Look around you
You may not be
the latest fashion or in a magazine
Or under high profiles
But you will be
a sweet inspiration
If you got your own style

taken from "Don't Get Lost In The Crowd" by Ashley Ballard.

Poor Aziz was separated from the group when a fight took place between Adrastos and an evil demon dog thing. For some reason the magic had created a large portal had transported him and La Don to the middle of no where. They're in a massive grass field that appears to go on forever. La Don and Aziz have been knocked out for the past hour and La Don is now the first to wake.

*Mister Aziz! Mister Aziz! Are you all right? Wake up!* La Don is sitting on his chest and nudging him to wake up. *Mister Aziz say something...*

He says softly, "That's hardly lady like, La Don."

*Oh! Thank heavens you're all right! I don't know what I'd do without you!* she sniffs.

Aziz opens his eyes, "Calm down La Don I'm not going any where any time soon." He sits up and La Don jumps off his chest. Aziz brushes out the grass out of his shining rainbow hair. "Do you have any clue where we are?"

*No, I don't really come from around here and I just woke up a few minutes ago.*

Aziz sighs, "We're stuck in the middle of no where, with no food, water, civilization, shade or friends. We're totally lost." Aziz picks up his large wooden staff, puts it on his lap and clenches his talisman.

*Well, Don't threat quite yet. I think I see a tree over in the distance.*

Aziz looks in the direction La Don is looking. He squints and tries to see what she's talking about and he fails miserably. "And how far away is this tree?"

*Hum...rather far. Maybe if you turn in to a unicorn we can get there in about fifteen to twenty minutes.*

"That doesn't sound so bad..." Aziz's staff and talisman disappear and with a flash of light he changes into his unicorn form. "Shall we go my lady?"

La Don hops on his back, "Lead away!"

Poor Aziz hanging form a divider!

Twenty minutes later they arrive at a rather immense tree. It's about the size of a seven-story building and has dark blue leaves with rainbow speckles. La Don jumps off of Aziz and he turns back into human form. "Hey, La Don do you want me to climb the tree?"

*Do not worry I will do it if you do not want to.*

"No, I'll do it. It's just I have a really bad feeling."

*I do not doubt your feelings but this is the only way to find out if there is anyone around.*

Aziz sighs and secures his staff to his back and then begins to climb the tree. When he gets to the first branch he decides to take a quick rest. He has climbed at least two stories up the trunk of the tree. He lays back and mutters to himself, "I hate trees! I hate water! I hate adventures! Why did I have to join this stupid thing to save the world? Oh wait stupid question! I had no choice!"

*What are you doing Mister Aziz?* La Don is sitting on the branch at Aziz feet.

"Oh! Hello just resting!"

She flies above him and lands at the tip of the branch not too far form Aziz head. She looks out on the horizon and says, *I meant to ask you why do you not like water?*

He sighs, "When I was little my parents and I took a trip to a lake. When we got there my father let me play in the water by myself. Like a normal child I went deeper then I should have. I almost drowned but some strange woman saved me. I never liked water after that. The only water I can stand is bath water."

*You said before that most or all unicorns don't like water?*

"I was telling the truth. Most unicorns hate water because they can't swim very well, but almost all the unicorns can stand the rain."

*You poor thing!*

Aziz rolls his eyes, "Don't pity me La Don I don't want or need it."

*I am sorry Mister--* a loud thawamp interrupts her in mid sentence. The branches above them start to rattle. *That is not good*

The head of a large bird pokes through the trees. It booms, "WHAT ARE YOU PLANNING TO DO WITH MY EGGS?!"

Aziz says in a little voice, "No-nothing what so ever. We-we did know you had um...eggs."

"LIAR!" the bird yells a takes flight. It turns out this bird was a griffin and was on the edge. It dived at an alarming rate towards the branch that Aziz and La Don were on.

"Whaha!" Aziz grabs La Don and jumps from the tree. He manages to land on his feet and breaks in to a run. He runs for about a mile before he trips on something and is sent into the ground with a loud thunk. He doesn't get up until the griffin flies away. When La Don and Aziz look to see what Aziz had tripped on they both gasp in shock. "Oh lordy lord lord! I tripped over a woman!"

The woman appears young and has long flowing dark blue hair. She's wearing a light blue prom type dress with matching heals. The most strange thing about her is she has one wing that's similar to an angels and the other similar to a dragon.

*We should wake her up.*

The woman stirs and suddenly opens her eyes. Her right eye is covered by her hair, her other eye was a bright green. "And...you are?" the woman asks a bit dazed.

"Shouldn't I be asking you that? I mean you were lying in the middle of this grass field."

*He is right. It is a bit strange.*

"Well, I already think I know who one of you are. My name is Tórdís. My sister is Hjördis the Guardian of the Magical Creatures." She grins, "You're Aziz the unicorn prince of Divinus Decorare kingdom. Who's your little lady friend?"

*Aziz who is this Lady?*

"Remember how I said I was saved by some woman? She's that woman."

*Is she safe?*

"She saved my life..."

*Let me rephrase that: Is she sane?*

"No one's sane in this world..." Aziz sighs.

Tórdís replies "No one's sane in any world, child"

"Her name is La Don. She's a Fennec."


"What were you doing out here?"

"Well, Dear boy I was talking with my friend who's a griffin. I also study the stars and was waiting for the sun to set. Apparently I fell a sleep and you must have tripped over me because my ribs are killing me." Tórdís sighs and hugs her rib cage.

"So sorry about that!"

"It's okay..."

*Do you have a house or something? Not to be rude but it is getting late and I am staving!*

Aziz's stomach makes a grumbling noise. He laughs, "Me too!"

"Then let's get to my house. Shall we?"

La Don and Aziz nod and help Tórdís up off the ground. *Now how do we get there?*

"We walk or fly or I use my magic powers..."

*Let us walk? Please?*

Aziz grins, "I all ways like running! If you don't mind Miss Tórdís?"

"No. That's why I asked..."

"Silly me!"

"We're off then!" Tórdís spreads her wings and flies off to the north.

"Hey! Wait up!" Aziz quickly turns into unicorn form and chases after the women in blue with La Don on his back.

"Help me please....the noise and water are getting to me…."

After a few hours of traveling they arrived at a small well managed house. It was painted white and had a dark red wooden door and light blue shudders. It has a brown-yellow roof that's tilted just enough for the rain to run off it. *Oh how quaint and cute!*

"Why thank you Miss La Don."

Suddenly water shoots from the ground. Aziz was back in human form and managed to dodge the water. While he's dodging one another comes form behind and soaks him. He screams at the top of his lungs, "AHHHHH!" and runs toward the door. In the process he gets soaked and ends up collapses on the door steps mutter about how water is evil.

"Um...I guess he really hates water. Stupid sprinkler system!" shouts Tórdís while kicking one of the sprinklers. "They ALWAYS go off at the wrong time!"

*Are you going to help Mister Aziz or not, Miss Tórdís?*

"Of course!"

La Don says to herself, *Nutcase..*

"I am NOT a nutcase!"

La Don blinks, *How? Oh never mind. Let us help poor Mister Aziz.*

"Let's go get the poor boy inside." Tórdís picks up Aziz (who has passed out) and brings him inside the house. She casts a drying spell and puts him on the bed.

He's going to fall anytime now...Hope water isn't down there...

Akio awakens in the dead of night and finds a hot tray of food on a table near the bed he was put in. He also finds La Don sleeping at the foot of his bed. He carefully got out of bed and ate the food. Shortly after Tórdís walks in the room and whispers, "I need to talk to you Prince Aziz. Would you accompany me into the dining room so we don't wake La Don?"

Aziz nods. He walks into a room with random pictures hanging on the wall with pink, purple and white wallpaper. They both take a seat at a high quality wooden table and they begin to discus random oddities until Aziz brings up a question, "Why did you bring me out here?"

"I wanted to tell you some thing very important."

"What is it?"

Tórdís sighs, "A very special dragon has come to the SanctusClarusMagice realm. From my knowledge it's a Glenn Dragon..."

"Wow, A Glenn Dragon? I've always wanted to meet one…"

"So have many other people. You see...This dragon has been abandoned and some how made it to this realm. I’m not sure how she did it but she did, but she did. I think she might be trying to find some one to bond with."

"And…not to be rude but you’re saying what?"

"You are young, quiet, intelligent, sophisticated, and can hold a conversation. "

"That’s what everyone tells me..."

Tórdís pauses for a long time before she speaks again, "My dear boy...you where chosen to help save the world. You probably don't have enough time or experience to bond a dragon."

"Really? First off I didn’t want to go on this adventure. Second you just said a few things that I am, what where you getting at?"

"You seem responsible enough...I could try to talk to her."

"Ah," Aziz sighs. "I'll be going to bed since it seems to be lat--early" He walks into the bedroom and notices that La Don was up and listening to the conversation. "How long where you there?"

*Long enough. I am so sorry...*

"It's all right," He smiles weakly. "I'm used to this sort of stuff..."

A loud sound is heard from the kitchen.

“I hate loud noises….I hate this stupid adventure. Why can’t I be at home talking about something or doing something useful?”

*You would not have met me Mister Aziz. I think it’s your destiny to save the world with Miss Nightingale!*

“But what if we fail and the world comes to an end? Nothing can save us then. What if Nightingale can’t get dragon? We’ll all be doomed…and I won’t be able to help.”

*You confuse me. What do you want to do? Save the world or not?*

“I want some place to live….”

The loud noise is heard once again.

“What is that woman doing?

A sudden frantic knocking is herd on the door. Tórdís is heard opening it, “Hello? Oh my! Miss Gabriel? Are you all right?” There’s a pause before she speaks again, “Come in I’ll give you some tea to calm your nerves.”

*Why did Miss Tórdís just talk to herself without waiting for the girls reply?*

“I don’t know. Shall we find out?” Aziz pushes the bedroom door open....

To Be Continued...

Will Aziz get to meet Gabriel? Will Tórdís tell Aziz the whole truth? You'll find out in the next installment of Aziz in Wonderland!


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