The Royal Families

Royal family of the Star kingdom- The family of the stars surname is Astrophel. This family has been in power since the kingdom was first created. Now here are statistics on the family
Race: Half breed
Present king's name (deceased): Harith
Present queen's name: Sri
Present princess' name: Nightingale
Special traits: Violet eyes, and they can use high level magic at young age.
Gifts give during coming of age: A star amulet, and a dragon

Royal family of the Midnight Arts kingdom- Their surname is Heliodoro. This family replaced the original family more then a thousand years ago.
Race: Elf
Present king's name (deceased): Rajani
Present queen's name (deceased): Lola
Present prince's name: Horatio
Special traits: a birthmark in the shape of a Lyre, They can use magical music, and the can open dimensional gates
Gifts give during coming of age: A magical bow and a magical Lyre

Royal family of the Divinus Decorare kingdom- The family surname is Fadl. They have ruled the kingdom since it was created.
Race: Magical creature (Unicorn)
Present king's name: Esmond
Present queen's name: Rei
Present prince's name: Aziz
Special traits: Rainbow colored hair, they gain powerful healing powers at a young age
Gifts give during coming of age: a magical staff and a small talisman

Royal family of the Rose kingdom- Their surname is Primdeamon. The family has been in power since the creation of the kingdom.
Race: Demon
Present king's name (deceased): Vasu
Present queen's name (deceased): Varda
Present prince's name: Akio
Special traits: One red eye one blue with silver, they have bat-like wings, and powerful black magic
Gifts give during coming of age: A pair of magical gloves, and a rose shaped pendent

Royal family of the Familiaritas kingdom- There surname is Yadira. They have been in power for only a thousand years.
Race: Human
Present king's name: Godwin
Present queen's name (deceased): Amice
Present princess' name: Nyx
Special traits: there hair has a silver shine to it, The can use magic that involves illusions at a young age
Gifts give during coming of age: A magic shield, and a fairy dragon

Royal family of the Outside kingdom- Two families rule the Outside kingdom. Both have ruled for almost a thousand years.
West and South side.
Present king's name: Silwyn
Present queen's name: Adeline
Present princess' name: Ria
Special traits: They become mages at a young age
Gift given during coming of age: A book of magic

North and East side.
Present king's name: Doyle
Present queen's name: Lyda
Present princess' name: Nila
Special traits: can use magic to make people into dolls
Gifts give during coming of age: A magic whip

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