The Races In SanctusClarusMagice


Humans- Humans are well...humans. The can become magic users, swordsmen, and almost anything else that they want to become. They can achieve this by training for years if they aren't gifted.

Elves- They are very intelligent. Most elves are born with magic or special abilities. They also love music and dancing. Some elves have the ability to open dimensional gates.

Demons- They're not human or elf and don't like being called magical creatures. Not every demon is evil(like some of you are thinking) the minority of demons go in the evil grouping. Most stay away from being classified as "good" or "evil". They also can look like humans or change their appearance to look like a human.

Magical creatures-dragons, unicorn, fairies, kitsune, harpy, etc., fall in this group. Here are a few magic creatures.
Unicorn- They're horse like creatures with one horn in the center of their head. The unicorns are not all good. Like all creatures they can be evil. They also have the ability to transform form into human form when needed. Unicorns also have amazing healing powers and come in many different colors.
Bishen Dragons- These are special dragons that come from the Bishen Realm (Well, they just appear one day and made their home there). They are highly intelligent, friendly and quiet. Standing at about a meter high they are able to produce whistling and crooning sounds. They communicate telepathically and form friendship with different species.
Glenn Dragons- These dragons are rarely seen in SanctusClarusMagice. They can also speak telepathically. They come in three different types, air, water, and fire.
Bunny Dragons- These wonderful dragons are a mix or bunny and dragon. They have an extremely long history and it's recommended to visit their home if you wish to find out more. They enjoy making an appearances in SanctusClarusMagice, and yes they can communicate telepathically.
Clarus Dragons- These are the original dragons of SanctusClarusMagice. Quite a few disappeared after the fall of the half breed kingdom.
Fairy dragons- They stand at 4 centimeters high and have butterfly like wings on their backs. Known for the cruel pranks they play on humans. They hang around fairies more then dragons and other magical creatures.

Fairies- Fairies can become as tall as a meter and a half. They have butterfly or bird like wings on their backs. They are very friendly towards all types of beings. They have different elements such as fire, water, wind, earth, electricity, light, and darkness.

Neccos- They are not really magical creatures, they come form the planet Faidia. They are small Faidian dragon species. They are covered soft plush fur and are extremely talkative.

Melcey- Like the Neccos they are not really magical creatures, they also come form the planet Faidia. They are similar to a cat or dog and can cast magic spells that are like nets. They have many differnt themes or types and few are found here.

Hakens- They are part dragon and part drake. They now come from Tenkei Yoi. Haken's have a rather sad past, they almost died out until the last two Magick Haken's, Sarcor and Aleryain, found a wild clutch...

Seraphs and Satyrs- They now come from Veniam Mactare. Seraphs and Satyrs are companions for the bunny dragons when they become Budrages. They are both represent ideals. Satyrs bring cultivate curiosity, creativity, and friendship with them and enjoy all forms of art. Seraphs bring grace, beauty, and sincerity and are fond of civilization. Neither Seraphs or Saryrs are pure good or evil.

Dbogts- They have several names and no one knows their true names. That's why they are called dog-cat things most of the time. They are a cross between a cat, dogs, bat, and demon. They come in many shapes and sizes and are not meant to be toyed with. Like all magical creatures they have a human form. They just don't like using it as much as the other creatures.

Half breed- The are half human and half something else. Other inhabitants of SanctusClarusMagice sometimes treat them as lower beings. They have strong magic abilities and make up most of the magic users of the population. Most are quite and shy or extremely loud and outgoing very few tend to be in the middle. Most half breed look like humans but have a distinguishing trait (e.g. orange eyes) the rest look like other inhabits, so it is hard to tell them apart from the rest of the population.

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