The Magic of SanctusClarusMagice

There are many different kinds of magic here are a few:

This magic involves a violent, painful death. They normally drive people to insanity. This is also called Black or Demonic magic. Here's an example:
We see it everyday
and wish it would go away
Now his pain shall be yours
For I cannot stand my fate anymore!

This spell transfers the caster's wounds or pain to the victim of the spell. It was created by a woman named Ava. It's said that the man in the spell was a lost lover of hers...and the father of her daughter, Roberta. This spell was created about 15 years ago.

This magic involves healing and purifying or lighting an area. Here's a simple one, that almost anyone can cast:
Elucido Sanctifico
One of power
Two of light
In this hour give me sight
This is a lighting spell. It creates a small magic ball of light in the caster's hand or any choice place. It doesn't have to be cast every hour.

Elemetal Magic
These have to do with the elements listed below.
Attack spells that use fire. Here's some:
Spell of fire come forth fast
Turn this stupid fool to ash.
This spell creates a ball of fire in the caster's hand. It can be various sizes.

Attack spells that use water. Here's a spell:
From the sea that maybe
All cannot live without thee
Now your need is more then great
Come to hand and do as fate
A Ball of water is formed in the caster's hand. It has many sizes and can be use to put out fires or to hurt someone.

Attack spells that use the earth. Here's a spell:
Mother beneath me,
How you shudder and shake!
Make my enemies see
My power and, with fear, quake.

This spell creates an earthquake and also creates large cracks, fissures, and holes in the ground. This spell was created by a
Sorceress named Lindsay

Attack spells that use wind, also used for flight. Here's an attack spell:
Spell from air
Grant your power to spare
Element now come to thee
Blow this one away from me!
This spell creates a giant gust of wind and blows the victim away from an object or given position.

Astral magic
Magic that involves a person's soul or astral body. Here are some of the spells:
The Golden Rule
Pray it soul it does not take
For it will surly break
You broke the rule so now you pay
Golden rule forever last!

This spell rips out the soul of the victim. No one knows where the soul goes but some predict it goes to Infernusorum. The only one who was able to counter this spell was a young dragon sorcerer named Provocare.

The magic in this group can't be described so it's called the other. Here's a list of some others:

Ittoki/Time- dedicated to defying the laws of physics.
Biribiri/Electrical- (use common sense)
Magical music- has many effects.
Draconic magic- the magic that is used by the few remaining dragons of the Clarus realm.


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