The Kingdoms

The Kingdom of the Shining Stars- This is the kingdom in the center of the world. This was the kingdom of the half breed. The kingdom promoted peace between kingdoms. It was also known for the beauty of its women. This was powerful kingdom until the fall of the curse of vexare.

The Kingdom of the Midnight Arts- This was the kingdom of the elves. It was the kingdom of the arts. It was know for the many famous artist and actors who performed at the many theaters. It also fell at the fall of the curse of Vexare.

The Kingdom of Divinus Decorare.- The former kingdom of the magical creatures. It was know for the peace and loveliness that filled the air. Also known for the queen's singing and the many customs. Like the rest it also fell.

The Kingdom of the Rose- The former kingdom of the demons. It was called the kingdom of the rose because of the majestic roses that grew every where in the kingdom. Many lovers went there to become wed. It fell with the rest of the kingdoms

The Kingdom of Familiaritas- The kingdom of the humans. It was know as the kingdom of friendship because no fighting ever took place. The legends of that kingdom say anyone who forges a friendship with the royal family they will remain a friend until the end of time. This kingdom also fell during the curse.

The Outside Kingdom- This is the kingdom that surrounds the five inner kingdoms. It has not yet fallen to the curse. All who survived the curse of the inner kingdoms moved to the outside kingdom because the inner kingdoms were decimated by it. It's said that the only way to save the world of SanctusClarusMagice is if the princess of the Kingdom of the Shining Stars raises a dragon that will lift the evil curse. No one knows how it's possible they just hope it is.

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