I'm afraid I'm not Kidding! Hello, and welcome to the SCM Realm. This is a giant story devoted to a sarcastic girl's quest to save her world. It's not so classic as you think it would be! To save the world, by raising a dragon is not a fun thing. Well, it is, but dealing with the people who go with it isn't. Take a trip with Nightingale and all her friends! You won't regret it! 

This story is now finished, but certain chapters will be rewritten and the graphics desperately need to be redone. The side stories need to be rewritten and/or finished, however, you do not need to read them to understand the story.

The Races
The Kingdoms
The Royal Families

Chapter One: The Girl in the Tavern
Chapter Two: Two days, four hundred miles and still nowhere Rewritten!
Chapter Three: Flashback! How this Whole mess happened (Redrawn Zia)
Chapter Four: You Mean You Don't Have it!! (Redrawn Sĭlĕo & Gate)
Chapter Five: An Egg, a Rock, two lost friends, and the truth...Argh!
Chapter Six: What's A Toaster? (Redrawn Provocare)
Chapter Seven: Walk on...or at least try to...
Chapter Eight: A Rose
Chapter Nine: She's back! They're gone!
Chapter Ten: Sweet Dreams
Chapter Eleven: All in a Tizzy! Unexpected events
Chapter Twelve: Not So Happy Home Coming....
Chapter Thirteen: Call me Queen!
Chapter Fourteen: Yet Another Newbie
Chapter Fifteen: Brick Walls Hurt
Chapter Sixteen: A Little Bit of Q and A
Chapter Seventeen: Ready? Set? Go!
Chapter Eighteen:  Is It Almost Over? No Not Really.
Chapter Nineteen: What? A Town?
Chapter Twenty: Is it Too Good?
Chapter Twenty-One: Cheating is Good  New!(07/22/05)
Chapter Twenty-Two: The Dark Knight and Dragon's Fury New!(10/30/05)
Chapter Twenty-Three: Interesting... New! (1/29/06)
Chapter Twenty-Four: End Game, Restart New! (3/26/o6)

The main story is now finished!


Akio's Side Story: Spirit, Memories, Adventure
Aziz's Side story: Lost in WonderLand...Help?

Valora Tondra: The Haken's Status
Uzziel: The Bunny Dragon's Status
The Glenn Dragon: Ymir
Faiamitsukai's Status: The Bishen Dragon
Eyura Dera and Shesamé Miem`nin: the Necco and Melcey status
Aziz's Glenn Dragon

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Map (07/24/05)
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