Valora Tondra. The brave, non-justice loving Haken! She's also the new empress of hakens...She's so hot no?

Valora Tondra is quite protective of Adrastos. She would do almost anything for him. Valora will not take any orders from anyone other then her bondmate. This really pisses of the group (mostly Nightingale.) Since she is the new Empress of Hakens she will not take any crap and will not under any circumstances back down from a fight. All those who threaten her or her bondmate will suffer the consequences. She might sound like the almighty bitch (and probably is) but she can still be a tender Haken.

Our dear Valora senses that she has the Empress Serenity's blood, so she acts like it. Even though she has a bad mouth and has an attitude she has feelings. Valora can become sad but that's not likely. Her heart can never be broken and her soul can barely be touched. She will not take orders and will never say sorry.

As for her looks and bravery, she gets them form her mother. Valora, because of her heritage, has a horn mutation. That's why it's so huge, sharp, pointy, and did I mention really sharp?

Valora has the power of Sightseeing. Since Adrastos is blind this allows him to see through her eyes. Adrastos can she things that a naked to the human eye when looking through Valora's eyes. Because she is the second female knight born she has armor...and she is quite powerful...

For you people who don't know this is only the status of the dragon. The dragon is a part of a continuing click on the home link if you're coming from somewhere else..

Name: Valora Tondra
"valuable like thunder"
Gender: Female
Age: Adult
Color: Lava
Caste: Knight
Powers: SightSeeing
Mate: Cephalus
Clutch: 1
Bondmate: Adrastos

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