Ymir ready to take on any dragon...or demon...or elf...or whatever

Ymir is a happy and possessive dragon. He also has a sort attention span that drives dear Akio nutters. Sitting for more then two minutes is out of the question when it comes down to it. Bright colors and shiny objects attract him which causes more problems for Akio. Ymir is not afraid to speak his mind or throw a temper tantrum and any given moment. He also is very protective of Ra Dai and overly protective of Akio. He his gentle most of the time, unless provoked by Ra Dai...then Ra Dai gets bitten. Ymir chooses the be carefree and will not be but down by anyone, that includes his bondmate.

No matter how old this dragon gets he is possessive and has a short attention span. He's hard to control, and listens to nothing...not that that's anything different. He likes the fact that he's off to save the world, and is ready to find adventure! At least that's what he says....

Well, now you must be wondering how Akio came to get Ymir. Everything has a story, Right? You say No...Well my friend this dragon as a story. I'd tell it to here but I'm afraid I don't have enough room. All I'll say is Prince Akio needs spirit to get through this adventure, and his memories will serve a great purpose. Interested now? No...Um...Well read this his fun filled adventure just for kicks!

Akio's Side Story: Spirit, Memories, Adventure

Ra Dai is a joker. He's a real nut when it comes down to it. He cracks too many jokes at one time.

Ra Dai is the typical Fennec at sixteen inches long, three and a half pounds with six inch long ears. He enjoys cracking jokes and takes pleasure in making anyone laugh. On the other hand he likes when it rains because he can go around and brighten people's day. Ra Dai tends to shy away from using his powers unless they are absolutely needed. He pops up in the story right after Akio receives his egg....




Name: Ymir
"The Hero"
Gender: Male
Age: Adult
Color: Gold
Type: Air
Breath Weapon: Sun Strike
Mate: none yet
Clutch Number: Seven
Parents: Moonwind and Hira Clutch One
From: Isle of Mirrors 
Bondmate: Akio
Name: Ra Dai
"The Sunshine"
Species: Fennecus Zerda
Gender: Male
From: Dragon Moon
Which closed...
Color: Yellow
Type: Sunshine
Powers: The power of sunshine, It can make anyone happy if they like it or not...

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