Gabriel is a quiet dragon, fearing the loud and pushie. In a major crisis she will take charge if really needed.

Gabriel is a dragon who was abandoned and left at the KelticRose Refuge. She has the tendency to shy away from taking part in conversations. She can however become the social butterfly if she around the people she's most comfortable with.

Gabriel despite being hurt in the past, plays the part of the blanket for Aziz and company. She doesn't find this a hard job because they listen to her when she needs help. It's just the right thing to do...

You're wondering how Aziz became bonded to this dragon? Now all things have stories, right? You say no on both accounts...well this dragon and boy have a story. It's far to length to tell on this little page my friend, so I've written a copy on a separate page. You see Aziz got sperated form his friends and gets lost in...Well, that's all I can tell you on this page otherwise I'd ruin the fun. Sound interesting? No...really if you run around saying no all the time you'll miss the fun. Now here's Aziz's adventure he's been forced into:

Aziz's Side Story: Lost in Wonderland...Help?

La Don is a healer. She will take care of anyone who gets sick or wounded. He name fits quite well since she acts like a lady almost all the time.

La Don like all Fennec is rather small. She's only thirteen inches long, but her ears are a little less then six inches. This doesn't bother her in anyway. She still is very determined and loving. She does have the ability to talk telepathically, but doesn't use it often. She very quite and reserved like she thinks a lady should be. No one real knows why she sticks around with Aziz, and she's not going to tell anyone anytime soon.



Name: Gabriel
Gender: Female
Age: Adult
Color: Purple
Mate: none yet
Clutch: Glenn Clutch #1 - Wild
Bondmate: Aziz
From: Isle of Mirrors
Name: La Don
"The Lady"
Species:Fennecus Zerda
Gender: Female
From: Dragon Moon
Which closed...
Color: White
Type: Snow
Powers: She can create snow, and make patterns out of rocks (like paper snowflakes)

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*squeek* It's a red Bishen bath toy for La Don and the dragon to play with...^*^;;; Click on it to go to the bishen realm