Faiamitsukai is the wonderful red Bishen dragon. She enjoys this adventure and secretly doesn't want it to end. Then again if it ends she gets to be smothered with gifts and praise for succeeding in saving the world. It's a win win situation since she will succeed.

Reading an occasional novel does interest her, as long as Sri doesn't try to explain. Even though she's full grown she never stops trying to learn, life's more fun with the more useless information you learn!

Faia is...in a few words moody and out going. If someone gets in her way they end up sizzled or tattered. Neither is a happy alternative. She does have some unexplained mood swings, and violent outbursts of angry towards random cast members. She prefers to take charge in tough situations otherwise she sits back and lets the team do the work. Why stress herself over minor little things?

Fury Flame

The object pictured above is Faia's Magical object called Fury Flame. It gives her the power to create various fire attacks, along with a very powerful attack called Dragon's Fury. To quote the Kailan, "a powerful attack that even the most powerful cannot turn aside, for the worlds truly know no fury like that of a dragon."

It's probably a how powered fire attack, but she hopefully won't need to use it. Even Nightingale doesn't want to see it in use. After all they all hope this villain is a half wit.

Snow Beads!

Faia has managed to acquire a second object called Snow Beads. She wears it as a headdress (since she has two things around her neck) and with much practice it will allow her to create snowfall and blizzards...Who are we kidding lots and lots of practice.

In recent events Faiamitsukai has fallen in love. Surprising to most of the group she has fallen in love with her totally opposite. A dashing blue marine Bishen named Striking Echo. This happy, curious, hyper dragon has captivated Faia. He has given her quite a gift that she's proud to brag about, and she placed this gift on a golden chain.



Name: Faiamitsukai
"Fire Angel"
Gender: Female
Age: Full Bishen
Color: Red
Type: Arboreal
Magical Objects: Fury Flame, Snow Beads
Powers: Can create various fire attacks. Also the Dragon's Fury attack.

Creating Snowfall and possible blizzards.

Mate: Striking Echo
Parents: Clarinet and Pierre
Bondmate: Nightingale
From: "Tree!?" *The Bishen Realm*

Cordula the Seraph

Cordula the Seraph mis-teleported and ended up on Nightingale's head. Since it was no use trying to teleport back to her destination she decided to proclaim herself the guardian of the Bishen dragon.

Cordula came from Veniam Mactare


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 Provocare's red bucket. It was for the hunt in the Bishen realm, so yes it came from there...the cute little blue marine-arboreal hybrid dragon toy also from the hunt. Cordula also enjoys playing with this...

Don't take these. I won them in a Bishen Realm hunt.