Chapter Seven: Walk on...or at least try to...

"And if the darkness is to keep us apart
And if the daylight feels like it's a long way off
And if your glass heart should crack
And for a second you turn back
Oh no, be strong
Oh, Oh Walk on
Walk on"
taken from "Walk on" by U2

Our adventures have been traveling for over two weeks. They have run into various troubles and many problems. Now they are caught in a down poor that's common in the demon kingdom during the spring. Unfortunately our heroes did not know this and where caught very unprepared. The are in the valley and are almost at the lake. The rain gets worse and everyone is soaked to the bone. Out of the blue they see a large mansion. It seems well cared for but at this point the travelers to care. They barge into the large mansion soaked and dripping wet....

"Gah! Rain evil! Very evil!" Valora whines as steam rises off of her.

"I agree! I'll be ringing my wings out for weeks!" Cordula growls.

"At least it's--" Horatio starts and stops for some odd reason.

"What are you looking at?" Akio looks in the general direction Horatio was talking to. He gasps suddenly. "Oh my God! Aziz!"

Everyone looks up (except for Adrastos since it's pointless) and takes in this unusual sight. Aziz was dress in all black. He was wearing a sort of Victorian style outfit. The typical evening wear of a gentleman of the time period, A black over coat with a top hat and cane with the typical frilly tie with a black vest and a white dress shirt with the classic dress shoes and white evening gloves. "What's with the shiny guy in black?" asks Provocare.

"Aziz what are you wearing!" Nightingale shouts. "" She bursts into laughter.

Aziz looks a bit put off. He speaks, "Since you're all soaked I assume you'll want a change of clothes. You can introduce your two new friends to mw later." He walks of and beckons them to fallow.

Cordula whispers in Nightingale's ear, "I have a bad feeling about him Nightingale..."

"So do I. Unicorns don't dress in Goth unless they disturbed, depressed or possessed. I know Aziz is normal, judging from the time I spent with him, so we can rule our depressed and disturbed. We'll talk later." She walks to up to Aziz and asks if they can stay for a while. He agrees and leads them to different rooms.

Everyone is dry and in their rooms thinking about random stuff. All but Nightingale, Cordula, and Provocare are in borrowed clothes. Since Nightingale can summon clothes from her house, Cordula is to small and Provocare's wings mess everything up. Horatio decided to go and take a look around the old mansion. Noticing the many ornate designs of demons and magical creatures. Apparently the former owner of the mansion was obsessed with them. Then he saw a light coming from Aziz's bedroom. 'Since he's acting like a nut why not investigate?' Horatio thought to himself. Aziz was combing his long rainbow sheened hair. He seems to be talking to himself.

"Those fools don't know who I am! Ha! Provocare doesn't even remember his rival in magic Kalb! No good, bread burner obsessed red headed, phsyco! And why would Roberta travel with those kids," He stops to laugh quietly to himself. "This boy's body is quite useful. Even if the stupid girl suspected something." Horatio sneezes. "Who?!"

Horatio curses to himself and runs as quiet and fast as possible. "Why does this always seem to happen when I sneak up on someone." He makes it to the end of the hallway before Aziz/Kalb flings open the door.

"You, you where listening weren't you?" Kalb asks quietly.

"If I say no you'll try to kill me anyway." Horatio retorts

"Correct," Kalb gives in evil grin and throws a large fire spell at him. It misses but it knocks Horatio down a nearby flight of stairs. He lands with a graceful thud. He seems to have knocked something lose form a chest. A lumpy round decorated egg rolls from the shadows crushing Horatio's hand. He curses and looks at the large Easter egg on steroids.

"Wow, Do I need spectacles?

Owie don't look at to long..

"You'll need more then spectacles when I'm done with you!" Kalb yells from the top of the stairs preparing another fire spell.

Bob and Provocare come out of a door up from the first floor. "What's going on? We where having tea and--Why is Horatio laying on the floor with a giant fudged up Easter egg?" inquires Bob.

"Nothing Roberta. You can go drink your tea," Kalb grins.

"Oh? Okay."

"Another lump of sugar Bob please," Provocare asks.

"But, you had like seven already"

"That's all right! Sugar's shiny!"

"Right then," Bob sighs.

Nightingale, Cordula and Akio run into the room. "What's going on?" asks Akio in his um...boxer shorts. "I was sleeping and I heard a loud...I should have grabbed a robe. Be right back," he walks off.

Kalb mutters to himself about being surrounded by morons and tries to continue talking, but is interrupted by Nightingale. "All right who ever you are give Aziz body back!" She points to him with her index finger. "I'm not one for all those justice speeches and such. I'll get strait to the point. If you don't give up Aziz's body Provocare is going to beat the crap out of you!"

"Wait one second! You're the one who is permanently PMSing. Shouldn't you beat me up?" Kalb asks.

"No, you idiot! I can't beat up Aziz's body because You see if I beat him up you'll total gain control of his body. On the other hand if Provocare beats his body up there are no strings attached!" She grins, "I'm no always PMSing. Sir--Ms--Whatever you are."

"I'm a he! My names Kalb you little--"

"Kalb?" Provocare looks up from drinking his tea. "You're that twisted nutcase's former lackey. You where pretty good at magic when you where alive that is. Now you stuck in the body of a young boy who has a major weakness."

"Provocare, Why don't you start kicking this guys butt?" Cordula asks impatiently.

"Fine, fine, fine. Let me drink this last sip of tea. Nightingale are you going to help Horatio with the massive egg that crushed his hand?"

"Horatio has a buddy too? " Nightingale says a bit disheartened.

"What a minute! That's a Bunny Dragon egg!!!!" Cordula shouts. "I was going to Veniam Mactare to be a companion for a Budrage."

"That's nice...." Kalb mutters to himself. "Are we going to fight or what?"

"Keep you pants on Mr. Victorian," Provocare drinks his has last few sips of tea. "Okay let's go!" With that he cast a large water spell.

Kalb yells at the top of his lungs, "NOT WATER!" He becomes drenched from head to toe. Before Kalb can react Provocare use a wind spell to knock him against the wall.

Meanwhile Nightingale, Horatio, and Cordula are discussing how to take care of a Bunny dragon egg. "What do you mean I have to roll it instead of carry it every where?" asks a disgruntled Horatio.

"I mean exactly that," says Cordula with her arms crossed.

Nightingale bursts into laughter almost to tears. In between her laughter she managed to say, "You can cast a constant rolling spell on it. If you picked it up you'd probably get a hernia anyway."

"Just shut up please.." Horatio huffs.

Bob walks over to the group. "When do you think Provocare will be finished beating the crap out of Aziz? And where do you think Akio, Adrastos, and Valora are?"

"Good question..." Horatio speculates.

Meanwhile in the master bedroom Adrastos is "looking" for something franticly. Valora asks, "What' for? You seem upset? Tell me what's a matter!"

Adrastos who is searching for something under the bed gives the muffled reply, "This house belonged to someone name Kalb and I left something really important here...grr!"


"A book that contains a spell that can fix my sight..."

"Can I help? I wanna help! What does it look like?"

"I don't know I'm kind of blind, but it has a large five point star amulet on the front of it..."

"I say that pretty book in Aziz's room! No, wait I think it was Akio's room. No It was Aziz's...yeah Aziz's..."

"Okay...let's look in Azizís room."

Akio walks in the room where the battle is taking place. He's fully dressed, and joins the group's conversation. He asks, "Okay why can Provocare kick the stuffing out of Aziz while we can't?"

Nightingale replies, "You see Akio if a person gets possessed by a spirit, a complete and total stranger or acquaintance must kick the possessed person's ass, because if the friend did it, the spirit would permanently latch on to the possessed person's body. This is because the friend is hurting the possessed person, and friends, typically, don't hurt friends... it would be as if the lie that has been revealed (the lie being that the people were friends) completely destroys any hope for the possessed person, and she or he completely yields to the spirit. Got it?"

"Yes, that makes sense."

"More sense then the explanation she gave to me. Why didn't you say that in the first place?" Cordula huffs.

"Because I couldn't think of it at first. So there." Nightingale yells to Provocare, "Hey! Are you almost finished?"

"In a few minutes!"

Aziz moans, "Where am I?" Unfortunately Provocare can't stop the spell in time and it gives knocks Aziz against the wall. "Ow! What was that for!?"

"Whoops, sorry Mister Aziz!" says Provocare.

"Who are you anyway?"

"Hey...Nightingale you want to tell him everything while I get another cup of tea?"

"I have no choice so, yes."

"Yay! Shiny! I wonder where Nova is?"

Bob shrieks, "Oh! I left him in the kitchen with a sharp objet! Oh NO!"


"I found the book!" Valora yells in joy.

"Really! Now I'll be able to see! Let's bring this to the group! I'm SO HAPPY!" Adrastos practically skips out of the room with the book and Valora in his arms.


"Do understand everything that I said?" asks Nightingale

"I think so...." answers Aziz. "I can't believe I was possessed."

"Yow don't remember what happened when you went to get wood or whatever it was?" Horatio prods.

"No. Nothing what's so ever." Aziz sighs and puts his head in his hands. The group is sitting in a large dinning area. The walls had various paintings of flowers and unicorns. They were sitting at a large, expensive wooden table that had matching chairs with ornate designs on them. The carpet was crimson velvet. There was a long silence that was broken by the entering of Adrastos.

"Hullos!" says Valora.

"Why are you so happy Adrastos?" asks Akio.

He grins, "Well, If on of you would be kind enough to help me cast a spell I'll be able to see once again!"

"Really!" Cordula says in shock. "I thought once one was blinded they could never be cured. Or at least that's how it works where I come from."

"I just thought of something. Who was the spirit that possessed me?"

"He was a servant of a man named Iniuria. He tried to kill Adrastos and I a few years back." Provocare pauses to take a sip of tea. "May I see the shiny book for a minute Adrastos?" Adrastos hands the book to him and takes a seat next to Akio. Provocare hums to himself, "You say this can fix your eyesight? Did you know it only works for a limited time and only once? It also has quite horrible side effects..."


"You heard me. It does have a nice spell for herbal tea though."

"Um...guys I feel funny." Valora states.

"Like funny sick funny or just funny?" asks Adrastos with worry in his voice.

"Like um...I can't explain it. I'm going to take a walk or something...."

"How about you go to bed? That always make me feel better!" Nightingale grins. "Just trying to be helpful for once."

"Bed sounds good..." Valora slithers off in a bit of a daze.

"I'm going to go after her..." Adrastos chases after her.

Cordula pops out from a side door with Nova following close behind. "Guys I think I found a bread burner toaster thingy!"

A blur of color flashes by and Provocare's tea is left behind. A cruse is heard from the room in which the side door leads. "This toaster isn't as good as mine"

"Wow! He moves fast when he wants a bread burner..." Bob says amazed.

Adrastos reappears at the main entrance. "Um...guys about Valora. Apparently the pain she was having were growing pains.." He grins.

"Growing pains?" Aziz asks a bit confused.

"Yeah..Um Valora come here..."

Isn't she pretty!

A four legged creature with bright red eyes appears. "Hullo Guys! Like my new look?" she turns around in a full circle. She's about three feet in height and quite long. "I also got a special magical power!"

"You look fantastic!" complements Horatio.

"We all think you look pretty. I bet all the guys will be after you!" Aziz laughs.

"What's this magical power do and how did you find out?" Nightingale questions.

Adrastos sighs, "Well, you see a Hake named Aleryain decide to drop by and tell us what her little magic power does."


"Her magic power is called SightSeeing. It allows me to see through her eyes."

"Wonderful! Now you can see what we look like!" says Nova with joy.

"Since she's a SubAdult it only works an hour at a time with hour breaks..."

"But when I'm an adult it will work as long as we want!" says Valora.

"Well, how does it work?" asks Nightingale.

"Um..." Adrastos and Valora say in unison.

"Go ahead try it!"

Valora looks up at Adrastos. "Let's try it!"

Adrastos nods in agreement. All of a sudden he becomes quite dizzy. He curses and manages to stay standing. After blinking a few times he can see Nightingale and the group. "Nightingale?"

She looks directly at him, "Yes?"

"You know you look a lot like your father..."

Nightingale quickly changes the subject. "I happy you can see. We'll be leaving when the rain stops. Since Aziz has problems--"

"I can't help it! I can't swim and it makes me smell like a wet kitsue!"

"As I said when the rain stops we're leaving. You can check out the library or something. I'm going to my room." she quickly walks out.

"I wonder what she has against her father?" asks Cordula aloud.

"I wonder..." Akio says quietly.


Nightingale is in her room sprawled across her bed. "Why did I snap like that? I'm such an idiot! Oh well. I hate the fact that everyone says I'll be just like him when I grow up. I didn't even know the guy. I guess I do what Mater says 'Just walk on.' That's so much easier said then done," she sighs and listens to the rain as she drifts into sleep.

They set out the next day. The made a shrine for the lost soul of Kalb after much heated debate between Valora and Nightingale. They are off to the Kingdom of the Rose's castle. Hopefully Nightingale won't permanently injury Provocare for complaining about his crappy toaster replacement. Nightingale and Akio are planing to fly ahead of the group since they choose to run and fly low since Valora and Aziz do not wish to fly and the giant Easter egg is becoming a hindrance. What adventures are in store for our heroes in the next chapter? Love? Luck? Chaos? Death? You'll have to wait and find out.


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