Chapter Six: What's a Toaster?

The heroes have been traveling for two days with brief stops so they rest their wings and such. Adrastos insists they don't go to the tower, but his begging goes unheard. He is the only one who knows Provocare's mental state. He was the same way even before he was locked in a tower for over two hundred years. Just a side note in SCM they don't have electricity. We drop in when Adrastos is trying to convince Nightingale to leave Provocare in the tower.

"Adrastos! I don't care! We have no choice!" Nightingale yells while the are landing a few miles away from the tower.

"I'm telling you he's insane!" Adrastos retorts back.

"Vexare, you did lock him in a tower for over two hundred years!"

"He was like this before I we locked him in the tower," Adrastos sticks his tongue out. "So there!"

"Hey, Adrastos your backpack is jiggling," Akio points out.

"Nicely put Akio," says Horatio.

A deafening cracking sound is heard. Adrastos slowly swings the pack to face him. A small red head pops out from it. Making a happy screeching sound as it licked Adrastos' face. He laughs, "What a cute little girl you must be!"

"How can you tell it's a girl?" asks Horatio.

"Um...I don't know. I just knew."

"Hakens have an ability to bond to a person. Much like Clarus dragon, The few remaining that is. Looks like this little girl took Adrastos for a bondmate. Who could blame her, he is sexy. Despite the fact that he's blind."

Adrastos blushes, "Thanks Nightingale...."

"So, what are you going to name her?" asks Nightingale. In the background Akio and Horatio are pouting about how men with disabilities get all the girls. "Shut up you two. You’re sexy too. Happy?"

"No," They say in unison.

"I think I'll name her Valora Tondra,"

"Good choice. She is valuable, like thunder??? Never mind! Your full name means Hot, annoying, not inclined to run away. So it makes sense to name your Haken something like that," says Nightingale with a grin. "I have a naming book if you're wondering...I write stories sometimes."

"Let's get this Provocare guy and go for some food in the next town," Horatio suggests.

"Sounds good! Let get a move on." Nightingale starts to walk to the tower.

It's tall and made of white and red marble. Vines and roses cove it from the top to the bottom. The one strange thing is-- "For the love of God why are the roses BLACK!" Akio screams. "What did you do to them Vexare?!"

"I haven't done a thing. As a matter of fact I forgot to come her last month. Whoops..."

"The flowers...." Akio groans

"Why all of a sudden so emotional about flowers?" asks Horatio.

"This is the demon kingdom. Around her black flowers mean ultimate death and bad luck. Also this is Akio kingdom since his parents...yeah...that's it." Nightingale explains.

"I see. Akio do you want to stay here?"

"No, I want to meet this Provocare man."

"I'll stay out here with Valora." Adrastos suggests even though Valora has fallen asleep.

"No, pretty boy you're coming with us!" Nightingale orders.

"Damn. Don't say I didn't warn you..."


Now the heroes are in the tower and climbing up the stairs. "What is wrong with the people who designed this stupid tower. One hundred steps so far! Gah! Screw this let's use levitation!" says Nightingale out of breath.

"It didn't work before so why would it now?" says Adrastos.

Nightingale cast the spell and it worked successfully. "And...How come it's working now."

"Most likely because you're the girl who's going to save the world," says Adrastos.

"Let's go..." Nightingale sighs.


"Finally the top!" Nightingale collapses in front of an averaged sized, wooden door.

"Do I really have to go in?" asks Adrastos in vain.

"You know the answer to that..." All of a sudden Cordula teleports on top of Nightingale's head, again. "Where have you been for the past six or seven hours?"

Cordula was disheveled and had a disgruntled look on her face. "I was looking for Adesse, Nyx, and Aziz. You know deer are really mean around here."

"You mean a deer attacked you?" Horatio asks holding back laughter.

"Yes and it's not funny!"

Nightingale shrugs and slowly opens the door while Cordula is trying to hurt Horatio. She sees a man with red hair staring out the window. He's wearing dark blue and has dark purple pants. He turns to his head to see who has entered the lonely chamber. He has hazel like eyes. Out of no where green wings pop out of his back.

Surprisingly he gets up sees Adrastos and tackles him. He yells, "You jerk!"

Adrastos replies, "Sorry I forgot to feed you, Provocare."

"No! That's not it! You stole my toaster!!!"

Nightingale asks, "What exactly is a toaster?"

"It's a thing that has a magically heated stone inside. It toasts the bread to the point of almost being black. It's also sliver and shiny!" Provocare explains.

"A bread burner, but my mom's is white," says Nightingale.

"They're shiny damn it. Did you steal my toaster?" He points at Akio tackles him.

"Get off! No I didn't steal it! Let go!" Akio screams.

"This is the man who disrupted The Golden Rule..." says Nightingale with here right hand on her forehead and her elbow in her left hand.

"That's what I said," says Adrastos in the same pose.

"Excuse me, but what's a bread burner or toaster or whatever you call those things you're talking about," asks Cordula.

"Never mind," Adrastos and Nightingale say in unison.

Horatio steps over Provocare and Akio who are trying to choke each other. "Let's get out of here while we still can," he suggests.

"Let's go!" states Nightingale.

Valora pops out of the bag and chirps an agreement. "Hold on! I'm coming with you!" shouts Provocare.

"No! No! No! You're not following us! Too many people are in this group! NO MORE!!!!!!" Nightingale shouts in Provocare.

"Please Miss..." His eyes get big like a sad puppy dog.

"Stop..You're freaking me out...Knock it off...Please?" Nightingale pauses, "Fine you can come. Just don't give me that look it creeps me out."

"Great shinning toasters! Let's go!" Provocare jumps up and makes a victory sign.

"Great shinning toasters? Oh for the love of God! What have I gotten myself into..."

"Us," reminds Akio who is still on the ground.

"Right," Horatio says.

"Let us go, go, go, go, go!" Provocare jumps up and down.

"Let's..." sighs Nightingale.


"Wow! The sky in town is so shiny!" states Provocare.

"You said shiny about forty times! It's not even shiny!!!!" Nightingale yells. Several passerbys stare at her. She blushes and starts to walk away from Provocare. "I hope he finds his freakin' bread burner, and I get my Bishen soon."

Provocare tackled a girl with dark blue hair that was in long braids. "Who are you and why did you steal my toaster!!!!"

The girl replies "What's a toaster and let go!"

Nightingale, Horatio, Akio, Adrastos, Cordula and even Valora sigh. Cordula says, "Not again..."

Adrastos yells at him and smacks him in the back of the head. "Let the poor girl go moron."

"Screw this I'm out of here!" the girl disappears with a puff of smoke.

"Can we eat now?" asks Akio.

"FOOD!" Provocare jumps up and down and runs to the nearest restaurant. "Come one guys!"

"All right..." says Nightingale. "At least we can have some decent food instead of my cooking,"

"That's right! I don't feel like getting food poisoning tonight," says Akio.

"Shut up. If you want to keep you manhood that is..."

"I'll shut up! I'll shut up!"

"Good! Let's eat!"


Inside the restaurant Provocare ate a massive omelet of toasted egg and Brussels sprout sandwiches. The others had rather normal dinners. Nightingale had steak, Horatio had something like duck, Akio had a three-course meal, Adrastos had some fish and chips, Valora had a few gallons of juice, and Cordula had a half a bowl of salad. Nothing of any importance happens except for the event that the girl who was attacked walks in with a small dragon in her arms.





She comes up to Adrastos and says, "Hi Adrastos! Remember me! Roberta!"

"Oh my God--I mean you've grown so much since I last saw you. Wait one minute...Did Provocare attack you earlier?"

"Yes," she smacks Provocare upside the head with her free hand after she shifts the dragon. "I do hold grudges you know."

"Owie!" Provocare smacks her, knocking her to the ground on top of the dragon. "Right back at you!"

*Get off me Roberta!* the little dragon squeaks.

"Sorry, Nova."

"So you have a new friend too." Adrastos smiles and helps Roberta up. He points to Valora, who's sitting in a highchair next to his. "My new Haken buddy Miss Valora Tondra."

"Nice to meet you Valora. This is Mister Nova of the clarus dragons."

Valora chirps playfully. "She says nice to meet you too." says Adrastos.

"Are you going to introduce us or are we chopped liver?" asks Nightingale with her arms crossed.

"That's right these are my friends!" he proceeds to name them all.

"Nice to meet you all. You can call me Bob if you want to."

"Sounds good," says Provocare. "Hey, you wouldn't happen to know where my toaster is?"

"What's a--"

"He means a Bread burner!" Akio shouts.

"" says Bob.

"I want my toaster back..."

Bob babbled, "Well, It might be by the demon lake. So let's go find the Big Bad Bread Burner of Betterment!"

"The who?" asks Horatio.

She repeated slower "The Big Bad Bread Burner of Betterment!"

*Why'd you say it so slow?* asks Nova.

Bob smacks her self in the head with the palm of her hand. "Oh...Nova..."

"Let's go to the demon lake!!!!" yells Provocare.

"Is the lake know because of the gathering of the dragons?" asks Horatio.

"Yes, it is." Akio acknowledges.

*That means my mommy might be there!*

"Hopefully Nova," says Bob.

"Since I have no choice in the matter Let us go," Nightingale sighs.

The trip will take at least a week, if they fly. Well, of course they'll fly! Provocare is going to have some more fun with finding his toaster. Nightingale is in store for severe headaches. They also learn more about Roberta and Adrastos' past. That's all for this chapter of SCM realm

"That narration sucked!" Bob's voice yells.

Just shut up won't you?

"No thank you! You're the Narrator you should have better--"

I'm ending this right now! This is not going to become an every time occurrence in the freaking chapters! GOT IT!

"I'm not afraid of you"

Really even though I can kill you off anytime I want to in the story? How about I kill you off in the Chapter?

"I'll be good!"

Right then! This is the end people so--

"Did I miss anything?" asks Cordula's voice.

About the whole chapter, but that's okay because you'll be in the next one! Now it's the end! I have to go get some Tylenol.


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