Chapter Five: An Egg, a Rock, two lost friends, and the truth...Argh!

Many surprises lay in store for our heroes. They have been wandering for four hours now and some are rather disgruntled. The priestess did not tell them where the creature refuge is, and the fact that it's in a different realm. So now we tune into the conversation the teens are having.

"We've been walking for hours! Doesn't the map say something?" Nyx asks.

"For the umpteenth time, NO! The map doesn't tell us a thing! Don't ask again!" Aziz yells at her in frustration.

"Fine..." Nyx says about to break into tears.

"Knock it off you two. Everyone's angry and Miss Nightingale is about to smack you," says Adrastos.

Horatio says, "Umm...Adrastos look out for that-"

"OW! What the!?"


"That's a really big, red, rock then.." says Akio.

Rock or egg...I would say egg..

"It's an egg you guys...maybe a--what's it called--Haken egg," says Nightingale unenthusiastically

"There's a note on that a note?" says Cordula.

Adrastos fumbles and grabs a piece of parchment with various bumps on it. "It's for blind people. It pretty much says this egg is for me and I need to take good care of it, or else. I guess this person would get rather angry if I messed up."

"Great deduction! Let's go," Nightingale takes a step and falls down a hole.

"Oh my God! What just happen!" Cordula was flying where Nightingale was standing.

"Let's save her." Horatio says. He looks at where Nightingale has fallen through. "I'll just open a portal to get to where ever she's gone,"


Nightingale lands on a worn out wooden floor. She's in a cabin with wicker chairs set around the room. The floor was a cover with a thin layer of dirt covers the floor, to Nightingale's displeasure. "Well, there goes my favorite pair of pants," she makes a humphing sound. All of a sudden she realizes that a small white minidragon is staring at her from a large oak desk that is covered in assorted paraphernalia. A women is standing behind the desk surprise to see someone sitting on the floor all of a sudden.

"Hello, May I help you?" says a woman with bright red hair. She looks to be in her twenties, but she has the feel of being much older. "I'm assuming you're here in the Creature Refuge by accident?"

"Oh, thank heavens this is the Creature Refuge! My name's Nightingale Astrophel. I entered in a Bishen Dragon contest...I think."

"It's nice to meet you Nightingale. My name's Indyana." she extends her hand so Nightingale can shake it. With that there's a knock on the door.

The door slightly opens so Horatio's head can peek in, "Hello, hope I'm in the right place!" He gives the women a goofy, boyish grin.

"Please don't tell me Nyx came along," says Nightingale.

"We all did."

"Oh, well better luck next time." Nightingale snaps her fingers, "If you could open portals this hole time why didn't you in the first place?" she puts her hands on her hips.

"Well, I have to know where I'm going to open a gate there."

"Oh I see,"

"Hello, I'm Indyana and you would be?"

"My apologies! I'm Horatio Heliodoro. It's a pleasure to meet you Miss Indyana. You should meet the rest of us."


"Unfortunately..." says Nightingale.

The rest of the group comes in the cabin. They all introduce themselves. Then Nyx realizes that someone's missing. "Adesse! Where's Adesse!" Nyx says franticly.

"Who's Adesse?" Indyana asks a bit confused.

"She's Nyx's fairy dragon. Cordula and Adrastos haven't met her yet either, since she seemed to disappear after our meeting with Zia," Akio explains.

All of a sudden something flies out of Aziz's hair and lands on the Oak desk near the white minidragon. "What where you doing in my hair?!"

"I took a nap. Your hair is quite comfy to sleep in." Adesse grinned.

"Are you saying that you where in my hair for almost six maybe nine hours?"


"Gah! Never do that again!"

"Indyana, Adrastos, and Cordula meet Adesse," Akio waves his hand toward the pink fairy dragon.

"Now for the real point! Did we get the egg or do I have to murder someone who place the whole worlds fate on this little contest?"


"I didn't get it did I?"

"Well, No."

"That's what I thought! Let's go!"

"You can come back later and apply for Pierre and Clarinet's clutch," Indyana sugest.

"We'll have to or my whole world dies. Right now I have to murder someone. You'll see use if you like it or not. I hope you find a good home for the egg. Good day to you Miss Indyanna," Nightingale waves goodbye.

"Good luck on your quest. Farewell," says Indyanna in a relived voice.


"We're all going to die!" Nyx screamed after they left the creature refuge and they where back in there own world.

"Nyx, Please...We're not dead yet and would you shut up I have a real headache," Nightingale says with impatience in her voice.

"Are you going to be all right Miss Nightingale?" asks Adrastos.

"I'm fine I just have a headache that's all."

"You're not sounding good? We should sit down set camp or something." says Horatio.

"For the love of GOD I'm fine. Let's just set up camp anyway."

So they set up camp. Nyx, Adrastos, Aziz, and Adesse decide to go for fire wood (Adrastos took his egg with him). Horatio went hunting with his magical bow. Akio and Cordula stayed with Nightingale who seemed to be upset. "Miss Nightingale are you sure you're ok?" Cordula inquires.

"I'm perfectly fine...I just have to kill that Priestess," Nightingale says while leaning on the trunk of a large evergreen tree.

"You don't really mean that do you?!"

"Yes..sort of...I don't really want to kill her I just want to beat her up or something!"

Akio puts in, "If we where a smaller group and didn't travel so much we you would have gotten the egg"

"Only if you disappear for no reason, and that's not going to happen. The world will have to wait for the dragon. I hope it can."

"Well, It's waited this long what's a few more weeks?" says Akio.


All of a sudden a scream is heard from a distances. A screeching is herd right after. Horatio pops out of the trees and say, "It's Nyx!" He grabs Nightingale by the hand. She doesn't slap him since she's shocked to see him come form no where. They ran to a small clearing in the forest.

"Horatio what--" then Nightingale sees Adrastos holding his egg close to his chest at the brink of tears. Nightingale, Akio, Cordula, and Horatio run to him and ask what happened.

"These big dog bat things came and Kidnapped Nyx..." He broke in to tears.

"Where's Aziz?" asks Nighingale almost unfazed by the crying.

"I...thought he...was" Adrastos managed to say in-between tears.

"How can someone who is blind see these things? Unless he has encountered them before or is there master..."

"What saying...Miss Nightingale?"

"You know what I'm saying Vexare." Nightingale sounded cold and distant.

"It was that obvious?"

"You look exactly like the man in the crystal ball."

"Curse Zia and his blasted visions," Adrasto said in the same voice he hand always.

"Now! Vexare what have you done with Nyx and Aziz! You can keep Nyx, but what have you done with Aziz?"

"Adrastos hugged his egg, "I swear I did nothing..I'm just a puppet..." He begins to cry again.

"A grown man crying..." Akio says.

"This means we have to fight someone more powerful then him," Nightingale says to herself

Cordula jumps into action. "How can we believe him anyway! He's crying because he knows he's beaten!" she flies over to him and kicks him in the head.

"I swear on my life that I'm not telling a lie..."

"He's telling the truth Cordula! Just look at him. No villain would come down to our level and start crying. He's way more powerful then us anyway," Horatio reasons to her.

"I have a major headache," says Nightingale. "I going off for a while to think or something." She begins to walk off.

Horatio says in protest, "You should go off alone. I'll go with you..."

"No, You guys find Aziz. I have to be alone." She storms off.

"I hope she's okay. What should we call you anyway?" Akio turns to Adrastos.

"Adrastos is fine. My full name is Atsui Vexare Adrastos, so any one of those names are fine."

Nightingale climbed up a large Oak tree so no one would find her. There she contemplated the fate of the world and the fact that everyone is relining on her, an Unborn Bishen Dragon and the man who was believed to start this whole mess. "Is..Nyx right? Are we all going to die? I doing to do..." for one of the few times in her life she started to cry. "Aziz...Nyx we need your help to save this world..come back. Damn...I hate being a helpless heroin! Why!? I'm stuck in a giant cliché!"

"Is something wrong Night Story?"

"Who?" Nightingale turns around to see Horatio. "Didn't I tell you to go away?"

"Yes, but Adrastos, Akio, and Cordula said you needed a friend."

"If they told you to jump off this tree would you do it?"

"Don't be silly I wouldn't do something stupid like that!"

"But you won't respect my wish to be alone...Funny."

"I'm sorry I just thought you might like to here some of my magical music. It might make you feel better," he offers.


Horatio starts to play his magic lyre. The sound is practically indescribable. It creates a mystic feeling in the whole forest. Anyone who is listening is captivated by the moving music. This goes on for about twenty minutes and Horatio stops. "Feel better now?"

"Yes, Thank you. If I didn't mind falling out of the tree I'd hug you."

'So this is what she's like when she's happy. It be nice if she stayed that way.'

Nightingale suddenly came back to reality, "Horatio how did you know the meaning of my name?"


"Have you been stalking me or something?"

"Don't be silly!" Horatio sounds a bit nevus

"Then how do you know?"

"I just do isn't going to work?"


"All right, I harassed Adrastos to tell me some information. That part about your name slipped out..."

"You know what?"


"I don't believe you so, I'm going to though you out of this tree!"


With that Nightingale uses the Ventilo spell to send Horatio cascading out of the tree hand first. "Happy landings!"

Poor Horatio landed on the ground with a loud thud. It left a dent in the ground after he got up. That took about twenty minutes with help from Adrastos Chiyu magic.

Akio flew up to Nightingale, "We're going to fly to the demon tower. Could you make a bag so Adrastos can carry his haken egg?"

"Alright. How's Horatio?" she quickly made a large bag with many pockets, and compartments. "That good enough?"

"Horatio fine he's just a bit dazed being pushed out of a tree and all..."

"He would answer an important question!"

"The bags great! Are you coming down?"

Nightingale casts a flight spell. "Let's get going!"

After the got everything ready they were finally off to the The Kingdom of the Rose's tower. They finally get to meet Provocare, and find out he's a trip and a half. The question is when and how will they get Adesse, Nyx, and Aziz back from this new stronger villain? Can they complete this part of the quest without the Bishen Dragon? Who is this Provocare guy and why is he so important anyway? Oh my so many questions to answer in one chapter! Maybe some questions will be answered in the next installment of SCM realm.


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