Chapter Nine: She's back! They're gone!

Our heroes have been traveling for a few days. They have had several changes in plans and are now heading towards the Magical Creature kingdom. Yet again Akio and Nightingale have gone ahead. Let's get to the story! Shall we?

"It looks like it's going to rain once again," says Aziz in unicorn form.

"Don't freak out this time! Otherwise I might as well blow you up with a fire ball," says a disgruntled Bob.

"I didn't mean to trample you, but I real hate water!"

"How do you take a bath then?" inquires Provocare.

"That's different!"

"Right," Provocare nods.

Horatio half a sleep is holding Uzziel and sitting on Aziz. He says, "Could you guys lay off. I'm not in the mood to listen to your bickering."

*Poor Mister Horatio! He did get a wink of sleep last night! Uzziel kept him up.* says La Don.

"Well let's get going." says Cordula

"Yes, we don't want to keep Nightingale and Akio waiting!" says a rather happy Valora.

"Where are we going again?" asks a slightly dazed Adrastos.

*We're going to the Ryniothal Woods. At least I think that's what Nightingale said. You didn't get good sleep?*

"No not at all. Valora Tondra kept me up all night."

"I said I was sorry."

Suddenly Provocare whines, "I want my toaster!" Then he grabs the closest person to him. Which happens to be Bob.

"Let go!"


"I can't believe it rained that hard!" says Nightingale while wringing out her wings.

"At least we came down before the lightning started." Akio sighs. They both were sitting in a rather tall pine tree. Except the leaves weren't green. They where a dark blue with white streaks. The whole forest had trees with odd colors compare to earth trees. In this world trees of odd colors is very common, but a fully green tree is extremely rare. After a bit of silence Akio states, "We've arrived in Ryniothal Woods."

They were both drenched from head to toe. They had been caught in a downpour and had barely made it to the forest. Thankfully it had stopped a few minutes earlier. Nightingale sighs as she wrings out her hair, "This is really getting on my nerves. I'm glad we're here, but I think it'll be a long while before the rest of the group gets here. So shall we explore?" Nightingale grins, "Unless you want to sit in a tree all day?"

"Let's explore!" Akio leaps out of the tree and lands on the ground gracefully. He grins and looks up at Nightingale, "Coming or are you afraid you'll fall on your butt."

She growls, "Yeah right! I'm coming down." She jumps out of the tree and also land quite gracefully. She sticks out her tongue, "See!"

"Stop acting like a four year old. Let's get going."

"Hey! You started it."

A scream of a woman is heard from the distance.

Nightingale makes an annoyed sound, "What now!?"

"We should help whoever it is.."

"I know. Let's get moving."

They don't need to move very far when a blurry shadow runs out of the forest. It's the figure of a woman and she was holding a large sliver shield studded with jewels of different sorts covering the outside rim. It had a picture of a black dragon breathing white fire on it. The figure had long blonde hair with a bit of sliver in it and is wearing a pink outfit. Before anyone can react a ball of flames shoots from behind the bushes and heads for the woman.


"Provocare, maybe you should lighten up about your toaster?" suggests Cordula.

"My toaster..." Provocare whines.

Suddenly a ball of fire flies through the air aiming for Adrastos. It quickly engulfs him and when the smoke clears and Adrastos looks a bit different. He seems to be taller and older looking. He's dressed in Provocare style clothes but his are white with blue trimming.

"Who wants to fight me so badly?" Adrastos states his voice a bit deeper then before.

"What just happened to Adrastos," asks Valora a bit confused.

"Well, your dear Adrastos has multiple forms. He's always had them and I believe this is his true form. Then again I could always be wrong!" Provocare says in a cheery voice.

"Um...okay I get it I think."

Everyone is caught by surprise when a one of those giant dog cat demon things appears in front of them. "I come to fight Vexare in name of my Mistress! She wishes for him do die as slowly as possible and I will do as she commands!" the dog thing says in a deep scratchy tone.

"When I'm done with you there won't be enough left to go back and say you failed," Adrastos grins.

"Well I guess we should move far away form here." says Aziz as Horatio and Uzziel get off of him. He returns to human form and inquires, "Unless you want to help you?"

"No, this is my fight. Get as far away as you can." He turns to dog thing, "Shall we?"

The dog thing throws a massive fire spell at Adrastos and he easily cancels it out with a water spell. He grins and says, "How sad! If that's the best you can do I'll finish it now!" Adrastos says,

"Mother beneath me,
How you shudder and shake!
Make my enemies see
My power and, with fear, quake."

He points his finger at the dog thing and the ground starts to shake. Quickly a gigantic crack starts to form and heads toward it. Adrastos didn't know the thing had cast a counter spell. Too bad the spell wasn't strong enough to stop Adrastos's spell. When both spells hit there's a massive explosion and creates a blinding flash of light.

The thing is disintegrated due to the intensity of the blast. Adrastos puts up a protection barrier up just in time, but when the dust clears two members of the group are missing. "Oh my god where's Aziz and La Don!?" shouts Cordula.


The woman managed to block the attack with her magic shield. With no doubt in anyone’s mind it was Nyx and she was in deep trouble. Her attacker appears from the bushes. It's yet another annoying demon dog bat, but this time it was a female.

"Well, Nyx what did you do to make this thing mad?" asks Nightingale with her hands on her hips with her clothes still dripping wet.

"Nightingale! Akio! I'm so happy to see you! Um...would you be kind enough to help me out of this mess? You see this thing is angry because I took this egg from her, but the egg had a note attached to it and said it was mine." She points to a dark leather bag.

Adesse's head pops out of the bag, "Hi guys! The egg Nyx found is really cool! Wanna see! Wanna see! Wanna see!"

Akio smiles, "Maybe later Adesse."

Nightingale grins, "Right now we have to kick some monster butt!" She begins to prepare a spell.

"Her enemy on the other hand has other ideas. "How dare you steal the egg! I stole it first form a wayward traveler!" the demon dog says in a surprisingly feminine voice. She launches a fire spell at Akio and he manages to block it.

"Well, if your specialty is Bakkufaia I'll use a Gogyou spell!" Nightingale's grin broadens. She quickly chants a water spell and a bow and arrow made of water appear in her hands. "Now, I know you can't even counter this spell so don't even try!" With that said she launches the Gogyou spell at the dog cat thing.

Like always the creature has some dirty trick up it's sleeves and some how mages to create a spell that causes great grief for the heroes. Right before it's destruction it cast a spell and blocks part of the spell. This causes a bright flash of light. After it dismisses Nightingale asks, "Hey? Is everyone in one piece?" She was knocked down by the small-scale blast that also came when the two spells hit.

"I'm fine!" Nyx calls as she dusts herself off.

"Me too! So is the egg!"

There's a long pause, "Akio? Where are you? Akio this isn't funny!" Nightingale looks around.

"You don't think that spell could of killed him do you?" asks a worried Nyx.

"Hardly Nyx. It might have maimed him a bit, but nothing worse. He should be here!"

Adesse pops her head out of the bag once again, "Well, he's not here now so get over it! Do you want to see the egg or not?"

"Fine! Show me the fudging egg!"

"Okay, don't pop a blood vessel."

"Shut up and show me the egg or I swear I'll back hand you!"

"Hey how did you know it was brown?"

Nightingale gives a threatening glare, "The egg.."

Nyx takes the egg out of the bag. It's a bit bigger then her hand. It was a brown and tan color. It could have easily been mistaken for a chocolate egg.

This is Nyx's Necco egg!

A masculine voice comes from a near by bush, "Io sooc`gol illk gyeú io lsa weh hestelé!"

Nightingale quickly reacts, "Who's there!?"

A yellow-green head with big ,black eyes pops out of a bush in front of Nightingale. The creature says, "Les mer shus ij star! Vaicî ebors x`ei!" The creature walks out of the bush slowly. It's a greenish yellow color that has several patterns on it. It has long legs and large fuzzy ears.

It's a Melcey!

"Wait a minute are you a Melcey?" asks Nightingale

The creature nods and begins to speak, "Tes`gom--I mean my name is Shesamé Miem`nin. I'm a male Life Melcey and I very happy to meet two stunning young ladies!"

Nyx and Nightingale blushes a bit and Adesse yells, "Hey! Buddy! Don't you mean three ladies!"

"Two stunning ladies and one feisty young dragoness!" Shesamé Miem`nin says with a grin.

"Why thank you!" she replies.

"Well now!" Shesamé Miem`nin spots the egg, "Now how did you come across a Necco egg?"

"Necco egg?" Nyx asks.

"Honestly Nyx! You don't know what a Necco is!" says a slightly surprised Nightingale.

"Yes I know. It's a type dragon from a different dimension from a planet called Faidia, and Neccos are also a nifty candy wafer."

"Yeah, okay you're the only person I know who would say something like that..." Nightingale heaves a sigh.

"GUYS! NIGHTINGALE! AKIO!" a voice screams from a distance.

"We're over here!" Nightingale shouts in the direction the voice is coming from.

Valora appears in a few minutes and says, "Miss Nightingale you--Who are those Where's Akio!"

"You see we kind of lost him. Oh, this is Nyx the princess of the humans, Adesse her fairy dragon, Shesamé Miem`nin the Melcey, and a Necco egg."

"It's such a pleasure to meet such a fine young lady!" Shesamé Miem`nin exclaims with a wink.

Valora blushes, "Why thank you Mister She--Um do you have a nickname?"


"OHOH!" Nyx bounces with joy. "How about Nin?"

"Nin that's so cute!" Nightingale agrees.

"Okay Nin it is!"

"Honestly! Did you even tell Nightingale what happened to Aziz?" says Adrastos. He walks into the clearing with Provocare, Horatio, Uzziel, Cordula, and Bob without Nova following closely.

"Erm...We lost Aziz and La Don like you lost Akio," she grins. "And Nova wanted to go home."

"This is very bad!" Nightingale says a bit upset.

"I don't think you know the half of it. We need Aziz and Akio to save the remaining guardians." Adrastos explains.

"But why? I mean we didn't need Nyx to open the tower for Provocare." Nightingale says.

"Because I cast the spell on him and since I was there so Nyx's presence wasn't needed. Since I didn't cast the spell for the other guardians...."

"We need them very badly but we don't even know if know if they're alive...." Nightingale heaves a heavy sigh.

Nin says with a bit of cheer in his voice, "I can help if you have an object of your friends with you or something they touched."

"Um...anyone have something of Aziz's or Akio's?" asks Nightingale.

"I have a bit of Aziz's hair. When we were attacked by those dog things I kind of grabbed his hair and pull a bit out..." says Nyx blushing.

"Do I really want to know?" asks Cordula.

"That'll do! Now for the other boy?"

"Hey know you have a bit of blue-purple hair on you? By the way why are your clothes soaked?" asks Horatio.

Nightingale looks over to see some strands of hair on her shoulder. She picks it up and hands it to Nin, "This will do for Akio?"

"Yes, quite."

Horatio pouts, "You didn't answer."

She sighs and rolls her eyes, "I was caught in a really large rain storm with Akio while we were flying. I didn't have time to put an umbrella spell up so I got soaked along with Akio."

"Oh, I see!" he blushes a bit.

Nightingale raises an eyebrow, "What did you think I took a swim in a lake or something?"

Shesamé Miem`nin clears his throat, "I need some quiet if you don't mind."

"My apologies," says Horatio.


Shesamé Miem`nin takes a deep sigh and closes his eyes. He clears is mind and he searches for the life force of these two people. And is quickly interrupted by Horatio voice.

"How do we even know if he can do this?"

"Horatio at this point in time we don't have a choice." Nightingale says through gritted teeth.

"But Nightingale!"

"This is what I have to put up with! Argh!"

Nin clears his throat once again, " They are alive, and safe. That's all I can get with all this noise."

"Oh...Horatio...." Nightingale beckons him to her.

"Sorry about that.." says Horatio while moving away from Nightingale.

"Hey, Nin are you planing to stay for a while?" asks Nyx.

"I was planning to make a home here..." Nin replies

"Oh! You can live with me and help me raise the Necco!" she runs and hugs him.

"Ok..." Shesamé Miem`nin blushes.

Uzziel walks up to Nin and sniffs him. Then out of the blue he hugs and licks the Melcey, which cases Nyx to let go.

Horatio bursts out laughing.

Nin's simple reply to this is, "Rook ip-ip yornyr!!"

Horatio stops laughing and says, "I know that was an insult...."

"Maybe it was maybe it wasn't!"

Guess what folks this is the end of chapter nine! Sorry! You'll have to wait till next time to find out how our heroes search for the two missing members. Our heroes will such high and low to find them, but they must complete their own quest....and maybe Nightingale will get her Bishen dragon! Funny I doubt that! Oh, heaven save us if she never gets one!


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