Chapter Seventeen: Ready? Set? Go!

It's been a few days since we last left off. Things haven't been going to well and fuses are running short. Very short. Everyone seems to be losing there temper more so then usual, and everyone has been worried about the out come of the world. On top of those facts Faia is worried about getting to the Shantel. What's a group to do?

*What are we going to do?! What if we're late?!*

"Calm down Faia..."

*But Nightingale!*

"Faimitsukai," Nightingale grinds her teeth as she speaks.

*Okay, I'll shut up now.*


"I really am surprised that we didn't fall in a hole yet," Cordula sits on Nightingale's shoulder half asleep. They had been walking during the night for quite some time, it was safer that way. Ymir had flown ahead with Akio twice to find nothing. They were just taking a slow steady walk to no where.

"They never show up when you need them the most," Gray looks up at the sky. He had been fine with this whole thing as long as the demons stayed away from him.

"Mmmm," Horatio walks behind Nightingale slightly making sure Faas is far away. Uzzi-chan and he had taken watch earlier that night. By now it was midnight and they were the only ones without sleep.

"Horatio, You know we can rest for a while."

"I'm fine Nightingale."

"Be like that."

Nyx was keeping Faas slightly occupied. She could carry a conversation if she really wanted to, she wasn't totally stupid. "You know I really think that your philosophy is wrong Faas."

"As do I," Nin trots beside the two.

"I still think my philosophy is far better then yours, it makes a lot more sense."

"You people talk to much," Adesse yawns as she falls back to sleep on Nyx shoulder.

Dera just snores on top of Nyx's head.

"I guess it's hard to take me seriously with these guys on me."

*Not really Nyx,* Ra Dai flits by and heads to the front of the line.

"Miss Nightingale, why did you send Mister Akio and his dragon to look for something when they'll find nothing," Gray looks over to her.

"I thought you were happy, Mister Gray, when they were gone."

"Well, yes."

"Then why do you ask me such a question?"


"That's what I thought."

Akio and Ymir land a few feet in front of them. They both don't carry expressions of joy. Akio is the first to speak when they stop in front of him. "We didn't find a gate or hole."

*But we found something disturbing,* Ymir softly growls with the comment.

Nightingale looks at them with slight frustration, "What was it?"

"There are towns up a head and....they were all destroyed. No one was left."

"But we didn't even enter the broken parts of the kingdom!" Nyx turns a few shades paler.

Faas almost faints, "Who would do such a thing?"

Nightingale groans, "Damnit all! We need Adrastos and Provocare! And if Aziz doesn't come join the group..."

*Nightingale...we can do this. I mean if all the legends and tales are true we should be able too.*

"But the keyword is if."

Horatio suddenly straitens up and his eyes fling open, "A portal!"

Gray blinks as he looks around, "Where?"

Horatio swallows, "We're standing on it."

I guess all gates com at the wrong moment," Cordula shrugs as the group begins to plummet into the obis that surrounds them.

It was a long way down...or up...or whatever.


This time Nightingale didn't land on a hard surface. At the last minute she spread her wings and landed softly in a...gathering place. No one took notice until a few minutes had passed. This place was filled with an extremely large crowd of people, along with dragons and other assortments of critters. This must be the place they made it, a bit early.

Nightingale pokes Faia in the side, "I told you we would get here on time."

*Yeah, I know you're always right.*

*Too many people and loud noises. I need sleep.* Uzzi-chan pouts.

"Just enjoy yourself," Horatio sighs for he wants to sleep too.

"Now...what do we doing Nightingale?" Faas wants to know.

"I think we need to tell someone who we are. I wonder why so many dragons are running around...."

"Can we please do something. There are dragons and people staring," Gray crosses his arms.

"Fine," Nightingale looks up to see yet another group of people coming from the opposite direction. An interesting group to say the least. She looks from there to several different places, noticing various people and Bishel.

A red Bishen starts moving from Bishel to Bishel with a moonstone colored one. They both introduce themselves as Faia's parents. *It's nice to meet my parents for the first time...*

*It's so nice to meet our daughter!* the red Bishen, Pierre, says happily.

Nightingale mutters, "Someone had a bit too much sugar."

Faia snaps her tail at Nightingale's leg.

*We'll be off and leave you to your own devices.*

*Bye bye!*

"Good-bye," Nightingale gives a formal half bow. She turns to Faia and grins. Faia. She rolls her eyes and smacks her head, "Faiamitsukai!"

*I want to see what's in the front of the crowd! So sue me.*

'You are a nutcase.'

*Come on!*

Nightingale turns around to see Faia pushing through the large crowd along with two other dragons, Half the group was following her and the rest was sitting with Nightingale. "Wee...I never did like jumping into crowds but I guess I'll go after Faia..." 'Gale looks down at Horatio. A smirk crosses her face, "On second thought..."

"No. I'm to tired for anything."

"Oh...I wonder why that one dragon is under the wheelbarrow and the other is swatting at people. No wait...never mind."

Horatio lets out a sigh, "Will we ever be able to save our world?"

A cold wavering howl flies through the air, stopping everyone. Nyx has attached herself to Nin as Dera and Adesse pick themselves up from the ground. Horatio gives a rather shocked stare, along with Gary and half the other people. Nightingale just stands there blinking, wondering why that dragon looked so strange.

Jarod, the green Arboreal-Terran hybrid Bishen, speaks above the crowd.*The Shantel is ready to begin. All shrapes up to the front, and all bondmates, relatives, friends, and foes in the crowd.* There is a shuffle as everyone takes their places. The Kailan emerges from his cave.

*Greetings to everyone,* he projects, looking surprised at the huge crowd packed into the Realm. *Today, young shrapes, you will receive your magical objects and become full Bishen of the Machesri Clan. As always, this group is varied and talented, and each of you possesses your own strengths and virtues. Long have you waited and toiled, and today you shall be rewarded.

*Solar, come forward.*

The Sunshine Arboreal male swoops up to sit in front of the Kailan's boulder and stares up at the ancient warrior, as he explains what a magical object he has received can do.

This goes on for what seems like ages, but finally Faia's name is called.

*Faiamitsukai, come forward.*

Faia soars up to sit before the boulder. *To you, Faiamitsukai, I give this Fury Flame. Besides giving you various fire attacks, it also gives you the ability to carry out the Dragon's Fury attack, a powerful attack that even the most powerful cannot turn aside, for the worlds truly know no fury like that of a dragon.*


She took her place in line as two other dragons were called. All the while thinking, *What did he mean, 'for the worlds truly know no fury like a dragon'? He could have elaborated at least a bit...* Then again it was for her to find out. If she did that is.

*You are now all full Bishen,* the Kailan announces with pride. *Our Clan is another generation stronger. Go now, Bishen, into the world and make your destiny.*

It was over...


"I'm glad you're a full Bishen. Now, nothing can stop us."


"Is something wrong Faia?"

*What did the Kailan mean...he didn't elaborate on the fury part.*

They were still in the Bishen Realm waiting for Horatio to open a gate. "You'll have to find out if you need to use it."

*You're no help.*

A pop is heard and a small package appears in front of Nightingale.

*What's that?*

"How am I suppose to know?" she grabs the package and opens the note attached to it. She reads it and goes wide eyed before thinking or saying anything, "It's an award for taking good care of you."

*Now you can go and brag to all your friends!*

"Why would I do something like that?"

*Because you can.*

"A Mabel excuse then."

*A what?*

"Never mind, it' a personal joke."


"Are you guys ready? I've opened the gate!" Horatio calls back.

"We're coming!" Nightingale looks towards Faia, "Shall we?"

*Of course! Ladies first.* Faia begins to glide to the open gate.

"Cheater! You got a head start!" Nightingale bolts after her.

We leave this chapter on a happy note! It's a wonderful! Rejoice!

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