Chapter Sixteen: A Little Bit of Q and A

Our heroes have gotten almost no where. The have been attacked by the henchmen of the evil unknown force on a regular basis. Faiamitsukai and Uzziel have dispersed most of the groups, because they didn't feel like being annoyed. Now, what's left of our heroes are enjoying the few moments of peace they are receiving.

*Uzziel, that was a nice move! Hanging the guy with yarn! What a way to go!*

"I agree with Faia. That was amazing," Nightingale nods while cleaning off blood from Faia and herself.

*I'm just happy they're all gone. I want my peace and quiet.*

"I never thought you'd do that Uzziel," Horatio sighs while fixing his bow string.

"This is not fun! I'm useless when it comes to fighting! The only thing I can to is sit and watch..." Nyx pouts while petting Dera on the head.

"You're not useless!" he squeaks happily.

"Nyx, what was your family's magic specialty?" Nightingale cleans off the last spot of blood.

"Illusions. Why?"

*THAT'S PERFECT!* Faia looks wide eyed and flies over to Nyx. *You can use your powers to get these things away from us!*

"But I thought you liked fighting..."

"We do, but this is just becoming a pain in the butt."

"You two are weird. How can you like fighting?" Shesamé Miem`nin combs his ears with a barrowed brush from Nyx.

*It's a thrill. It saves us from the boredom of everyday life.*

"What Faia said."


"Not to really change the subject but remember when we were being chased by the harpy?" Cordula flies on to Nightingale's shoulder from a tree.

"Yes, make your point."

"Who shot that arrow? Horatio was inside with Faas the whole time."

*That's a good question. Do you think it was one of those guardian people you talk about?* Uzziel lifts his ears up.

"I truly doubt it. None that I know carry a bow," Nightingale taps her foot.

A rustle in the bushes is heard and Adesse shoot into it like a bullet, "DIE!"

"AIIE!" a young red head falls out of the bush.

"FAAS!" the whole group exclaims.

"Where you stalking me again?" Nightingale prepares a fire spell.

"NO! NO! I just wanted to tell you something back at the church but you left so abruptly!"

*Why would he stalk you Nightingale?* Faia blinks a few times.

"No reason! What do you want Faas?"

"I-I didn't get to tell you about the sword that belonged to your father. It has strong magical powers only you and the Bishen can tap into! It's the only way you can defeat the evil Vexare!"

"Vexare's on our side Faas," Horatio states before flexing his bow.


*Keep it down! What are you trying to do? Get us killed?* Uzziel throws his ball of yarn at Faas' head.


*SHUT UP!* Faia flaps her wings a few times and makes a threatening motion towards his neck.

"But...he did all those cruel things..."

"He was a puppet. You studied the Guardians, and myths of Clarus?" Nightingale straits her shirt and walks over to seat herself next to him. Faia follows close behind.

"Yes, Why do you ask?"

"Do you know what an arrow that strikes a harpy stands for?"

"Well it depends if the bowman was seen or not."

*He or she wasn't*

"Then you all have a nice guardian angel. I don't know who or what would dare defy a harpy on a rampage other then..."

Nightingale pokes Faas in the arm, "Other then who?"

"Well, there was this legend about an elfin bow lady. She was the only one who could strike a harpy from a hidden view. That's all I know about harpy and an arrow. I still need to tell you of your father's sword."

"Then tell me already."

"The sword your father used was passed down may generations. It has the power to destroy the evil that plagues our Clarus."

*What's the catch? From what Nightingale tells me there always is one.*

"Catch? Um...well you have to have a massive amount of magic to make it work and the way things are are all losing magic."

Horatio aims his bow at a tree, "Really? What makes you say that Faas?"

"Haven't you noticed that your magic is becoming less effective? How more energy is being needed to cast a simple spell? Haven't you wondered why this was happening?"

"Why don't you just--what was that sound?" Nightingale looks up to see a fuzzy red and blue blur. It lands on top of her in a...interesting position.

"Owie..." the figure with blue wings groaned.

Three other figures fall from the sky. A very large golden dragon flaps to the ground as a gray shape lands on top of Horatio. Plus, a little yellow thing lands on Nyx.

Nightingale blinks a few times, "Akio?"

"Why is he on top of you like that Nightingale!" Faas looks wide-eyed in horror.

Akio snaps back into the real world, "Nightingale!"


"Oh! I'm sorry! I'm so happy to see you though," He hops off her and sit on the ground, "I was going insane."

"Whoever or whatever you are get off!" Horatio yelps barley auditable.

" head feels like...oh wait, now I remember," Gray pulls himself off of Horatio, "My apologies. I fell though a hole...long story...The name's Gray."

"You’re a sunshine Fennec! What would you be doing here?" Nyx speaks in her oh so cheerful voice.

*My name is Ra Dai! It's so nice to meet you. Sorry about landing on your head."

*Are you people done yet?* Faia tilts her head toward Ymir, *He's....?*

*My name's Ymir, Madam, and my bondmate is Akio,* the golden Glenn preens himself.

"Gold? Akio? This is far more amusing then words or laughter can describe," Nightingale forces herself not to burst out laughing.

"Fate's cruel."

*My Akio-chan doesn't like me!* Ymir cries in mock horror.

"Very cruel."

*It's nice to meet you all. Who's the one with the gray...everything. You never talked about him,* Faia flutters over to Akio to take a better look.

"I said I'm Gray."

*That's obvious.*

"No I mean my name is Gray. I found Akio in the elf kingdom and wanted to get him out. Now I'm here..."

*Does this mean we're stuck with more members of the party? How many will it be if we get Adrastos, Valora, Bob, Provocare and that Prince Aziz along with um...La Don?* Faia sighs. Too many people!

*Did you say La Don?* Ra Dai looks up from Nyx.


*Could you be speaking of the La Don?*

*How am I supposed to know! I never met her! I'm just going by what everyone's told me, and what Nightingale thinks of her.*

Nightingale blinks, "You're a Fennec, so know the white Fennec La Don...she's famous?"

*Yes, at least to all the male Fennec.*

"She holds the title of Lady quite well I'm guessing."

*Yes, and I live to annoy anyone like her.*

*You know if you told me something like that I wouldn't have bit you tail,* Ymir grins with his nice pointy teeth.

*You lie.*

*I fib! I don't lie.*

"How did I end up with a gold may I ask?"

Nyx grins, "You're a handsome prince! At least that's all I could think of...I mean you don't like shiny objects like Provocare or anything."

"You have been changing scenery quite often since the adventure started. I'm guessing you like it," Horatio sits Indian style, hoping beyond all hope nothing would happen.

"That sounds right..."

Uzziel lays down with front paws crossed with head resting on them, *We should have been attacked by now. I think there's something about this area...*

"How much catching up do we have to do?" Akio tightens his gloves. Why was he so tired?

"Do you guys think that the spirits are protecting us?" Faas fiddles with a cross fixed on his collar.

"Who is he?"

*And why is he so naive?*

"That's Faas. You have ALOT of catching up to do. No, I doubt the sprits are protecting us since I practically t-ed them all off."

"They can forgive...never mind."

*So when do I get to meet this fabled Aziz, La Don, and his bond. Hmmm?" Faia nudges Akio to move over a bit.

"When we find them."

"Don't you mean if we find them 'Gale?" Eyura nuzzles Nyx happily.

"Yeah. Nightingale we don't know if we'll find them or not!" Adesse flutters over to Nin's head.

"Who is the greenish Melcey and um...Necco?"

"The Necco is Eyura Dera the Melcey is Shesamé Miem`nin."

*Maybe we should head toward the Bishen Realm,* Uzziel blows out a large breath, *Faia is a sharpe and it'll take us forever to find the way.*

Horatio cracks his fingers, "I'm up for a challenge."

Cordula mutters, "We don't know where the Bishen Realm is. I mean...we fell through a hole last time, Unless Horatio remembers the way to access the portal we're stuck wandering."

"Horaito? Do you happen..." Nightingale fears finishing the sentence. Where is the comic relief?

"Sort of. I only remember half of the spell..."

"And that's not enough to get us there! Random wandering here we come!"

*I don't think it'll take us that long to get there. I mean if they want us there we'll get there!* Faia grins, as nicely as she could.

"Off to the Shantel then. It'll take us a week or two but that's okay! We have time to waste! Off to no where!" Nightingale begins a fast paced walk in the direction the have been heading in before spreading her magical wings and flying off. This was turning out to be on fun filled adventure. Now only if the could find the people they need....

The end of yet another pointless chapter in the land of SCM. I truly hope you all enjoyed the pain that Nightingale is going through, I know I did!


Good-bye people. Unless you want to see Nightingale commit homicide...



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