Chapter Fourteen: Yet Another Newbie

We last left our heroes at the Lucky Angel tavern. They have gone quite far since then, but are still in the outside kingdom. They, more like Valora and Nightingale, decided to stay in the outside kingdom because of the various attacks on a few towns. Nightingale, Faiamitsukai, and Cordula have flown a head of the group because of Valora and Nightingale's constant bickering. Let's drop in on the group before we visit Nightingale.

"Oh, come one guys we've been walking for hours!" Nyx whines in her usual tone.

*Nyx, just be quiet before her Highness, Valora Tondra, decides to take notice to you.* Uzziel states before gaining speed to trot along with Horatio.


"Cheer up Nyx! The egg'll hatch soon!" Adesse pokes her head out of the leather purse. Once she said that the egg decided it did want to hatch. Adesse flies out of the purse and takes her perch on Nyx's head.

"Oh! I can't believe it! The eggs hatching!" Nyx jumps for joy, which causes the rest of the group to stop and turn around in surprise. All but Valora and Adrastos walk up to her. Suddenly a dark brown head pops out of the bag. Nyx blinks, "Brown's not a pretty color...."

Shesamé Miem`nin walks up to it and pats it's head with a paw, "What a cute little boy Necco you are!"

That was not a smart thing to do. The Necco decides that biting the Melcey's ears would be the most painful and does so. When Nin whips back his head the Necco sails out of the bag, reviling its whole body.

He may look cute....

After a few good painful minutes the medium sized Necco decided to let go of Nin's ear and fly over to Nyx. It plops itself on her shoulder and chirps happily as his victim nurses his wounds. Nin once again is the first to speak, "I think we should name him Eyura Dera."

"It sounds pretty! What's it mean though?" Nyx tilts here head to one side awaiting his responses.

He simply states, "Frustrated Earth."

The group simple blinks. The Necco chirps and repeats, "Eyura Dera, Eyura Dera, Eyura Dera, Eyura Dera, Eyura Dera, Eyura Dera!" Until it finally gets tongue-tied.

"All right! Eyura Dera will be your new name!" Nyx pats the hyper little Necco on the head. He flits around her head and lands on her opposite shoulder. "I guess we should get going."

Valora calls from a distance, "Are you guys coming or not?"


"That's our cue to get moving!" Provocare bounces off after Valora and Adrastos.

"Oh...yay," Horatio sighs and follows.


*Why do we have to say the world again?* Faia asks in Nightingale's ear. Once again they are flying with Cordula far a head of the group. Nightingale is simply gliding on the updrafts.

She looks form the corner of her eye at the little red dragon around her neck, "Only because we have to. It wasn't my choice to do it. I just want to be a normal teenage. Oh, well at least I have you!"

*This is getting so boring! I have no one to taut!*

Nightingale laughs at this comment, "Cordula isn't enough?"

Cordula, who has been flying a bit ahead of them yells back, "I heard that!"

"Good for you!" Nightingale looks down, expecting to gaze at a sea of trees. No, instead she sees a church in a clearing. It's pure white with bright eye catching stain glass windows. "What the hell is that!?" Nightingale blinks as she slows her flying speed to land on its roof. "This shouldn't be here!"

*What's wrong with it?*

"No one lives out here because of the dangerous critters and such. I mean a church in the middle of nowhere is not a good sign," Nightingale lands in front of the door instead of the roof. She gently touches the nearest door, which is larger then a normal door. It's about ten feet in height, made of dark wood, and cover in bloodstains.

Cordula looks at the spots wide eyed as the door moves a few inches from Nightingale's push. "Nightingale is that...blood?"

"Pray this is a crunch and that's just paint, but I truly doubt it."

"Why don't we just leave now?"

*Cordula don't be a wimp! You of all people shouldn't be afraid. What if someone's in trouble?*

"On the count of three I'm going to swing the door open. If there are bloody people trying to sacrifice someone where going to opposite way. Some evil demon animal thing’ll attack if it’s anything like the legends when we walk in we. Let's do this," Nightingale inhales and exhales a few times before she begins to count. "One."

*Two* squeaks Faia.

"Three!" Nightingale hits the door so it flies open and smashes into the wall. She sees a young, short, red headed boy lying on a marble table. He's dressed in all white robes and tightly strapped down to the table. He sports freckles and an all to familiar look about him. "Faas! How..oh crap..."

*What is it Nightingale? You sound worried.*

"I think I know what's wrong. This is all too easy. Who in their right mind would leave a knocked out boy strapped to a marble slap.," Cordula supplies.

"And whoever they are the must be around here. Most likely hiding in the shadows like in story books," Nightingale nods with and irritated sigh.

*What do we do?*

"One of power
Two of light
In this hour give me sight,"

As Nightingale finishes chanting a large, almost blinding, ball of light forms in her left hand. All of the church tower is lit up with white light. It of course reveals several nasty looking figures up in the rafters. They all cower in fear of the light, so naturally Nightingale turns it up a notch to make them a bit more fearful. As luck would have it the things ran away without a fight. The sunlight killed them when Nightingale flushed them out. She turns to the now pale freckled boy. She runs to unstrap him, thankful finding out he's still breathing.

After he's all untied Cordula poses the question, "Now what?"

*That's what I'd like to know! What do we do now Nightingale?*

"That's simple."



"Yes, we wake Faas up and ask him how he got here," Nightingale says a few soft-spoken words and the boy slowly revives. When he's almost fully concise Nightingale asks, "What happened Faas?"

"Oh, Nightingale thank the guardians on Clarus you're all right! Those things tried to sacrifice me to some little clarus dragon!"

"You're. Kidding."

He sits up carefully, "No! They tried to kill me for a pink clarus dragon!"

*Is he sane?* Faiamitsukai asked Nightingale and only Nightingale.

'No one is really sane in Clarus, but he comes the closest. He is telling the truth with the shadow things from what I can tell,' Nightingale thought back as Faas stared back from Seraph to Bissell Dragon. "Ah, Yes! This," She points to Faia, "Is the Bishen who shall save the world, Faiamitsukai. That is Cordula, the Seraph who follows us for no reason."


"Is for equines."

"That was so funny I forgot to laugh!" Cordula lands on the young mans shoulders. "Is he a good friend of yours?"

"You know you could stop acting like I'm an inanimate object. Hello, Miss Cordula and um...Miss Faiamitsukai?"

*Yes I'm a she and it's nice to meet you! I'd be nicer if there wasn't the threat of us getting killed any minute.* Faia tightens her grip on Nightingale's neck. *Can we please get out of here? The sooner we find you friends, the sooner this whole mess is over!*

"Right then. Faas can you cast a spell to fly or are you too weak?"

Faas chuckles, "If I can barely sit up you think I can cast a flight spell!"

"Do you compassion or what?"

"Do you really want me to answer that?"

*He's as bad as you Nightingale!*

Faas and Nightingale both say, "Thanks a bunch Faia!"


Once those words slip form Cordula's lips the main doors burst open. They reveal a large group of people. Horatio is standing here staring at Nightingale and Faas red in the face. "Nigh--Nightingale?"

"Guys! I'm so happy you're here! I thought I would have to deal with Faas---something wrong guys? Why are you all looking at me that way?"

Nyx raises an eyebrow, "You were alone in a church with a boy."

"What were you doing?" Nin's ears raise a bit.

"He was strapped down to a table and was going to be sacrificed! What was I supposed to do? He's an old friend! Stop giving me those looks! I didn't do anything!"

"Likely story!" Adesse comments from her spot on Nyx's shoulder.

"It's true! What else would I do?"

Eyura Dera decides to take this time to show off and flies, with many loops, to land on Nightingale's head. "Hi! I'm Eyura Dera silly Nightingale!"

"A Necco."

"Yep, yep! I'm a Necco!"

"I'm not even going to ask why your on my head. So, what are you guys thinking--oh! Sick!"

*Nightingale? Should I be happy to be left out of the loop?* Faia asks from her perch on Nightingale's neck.

"Yes...very..," Nightingale sighs and collapses to the floor with a loud humpf.

*Hey, guys? Where are Valora, Adrastos, Roberta, and Provocare?* Uzziel looks around from side to side. *I swear they were here a few seconds ago...*

"You mean to tell me that YOU LOST MORE PEOPLE!" Nightingale looks up form sulking to take the time to yell.

"At least Provocare won't hug you anymore!" Nyx laughs nervously trying to bright things up.


"Maybe he lost us!"

Nightingale sighs a his and gets quickly, "Let's find him before he gets into trouble! I'm fly around the perimeter! You look in the church, Nyx and Company. Horatio, Uzziel please help Faas. Let's go Cordula, Faiamitsukai." That said she pushes her way through the door, spreads her magic wings, and flies off.

"Feh," Horatio sighs stalks to the boy. "So what's the problem?"

"Wow...I've never seen Nightingale go through so many mood swings in a matter of a few minutes," Faas blinks wide eyed.

"This is not going to be fun...." Horatio pouts and takes a place on the floor.

Adrastos had never enjoyed eavesdropping on others, so he decide to explore the perimeters of this strange church. Valora, of course followed him closely. They had gotten to a beautiful garden in the back of the church when Adrastos had spotted something. "Is that a hole?"

Valora looks in the direction of Adrastos line of sight, "I don't see anything..."

He huffs and walks up to the spot and points, "Here!"


"It's in plain sight! How could you miss a gaping hole the that's up to my waist!"

"Maybe your seeing things?" "Wha!? Let's get away from this thing! It could be dangerous!"

"Come on Val. It'd be fun! We'd get away from the group and I know it doesn't go anywhere dangerous other wise I would have a hand right now..."


A smile appears on Adrastos face, "You have those spikes to protect you. Please Valora?"

She swallows, "Let's do it!"

We leave the story on that note friends...You'll see what happens to Valora and Adrastos in the next chapter of SCM....

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