Chapter Twelve: Not So Happy Home Coming....

Our dear heroes have traveled for a month back to the tavern they had started from. Every day they had traveled for long hours flying and walking to their destination. They have also been attack almost everyday by the evil Dog demon things. Faia and Uzzi-chan have become skilled with speaking telepathically. Provocare and Adrastos have managed to get into six fights, because of Faiamitsukai's mischief. Other then the fights that have taken place in the past month, they made good progress. Now, they all stand just outside the city limits debating what to do.

"Honestly this is just a giant trap we're walking into," Nightingale says through gritted teeth. Faia is gently wrapped around her neck, since she decided she didn't in joy the little carry case for her. Both are looking down an empty street.

*Why don't we just go in there and blow the idiots up? I mean I'm not going to let anyone stand in my way or my bondmate's way. Not even a certain toaster obsessed half breed.* Faia says telepathically to the whole group.

*Well, Faia you really shouldn't run into things headfirst. It could lead to a disaster...* Uzziel says.

"We have bigger problems. What if whoever set this up decided to kill out parents?" Nyx whines.

"That would be a bit pointless. They would want to lure us as close to them as possible. Then they'd kill, us and then our parents," says the almost always calm Horatio.

"That's if we're lucky. They might decide to just kill Nightingale and torture us to death," Adrastos says in a far to distant voice.

"Thanks for the shiny picture, Adrastos," Provocare sighs.

"How could this be a trap? The note was written in your mother's hand writing," Bob, in vain, says to cheer up the group.

"The whole world is after me..." Nightingale sighs.

*Us,* Faiamitsukai corrects her bondmate.

"Maybe it's because you’re to extremely beautiful ladies!" Shesamé Miem`nin grins.

"This is no time for flattery Nin," Nightingale blushes.

"just trying to lighten the mood. You people are scary when you’re sad," Nin shrugs. "Then again, you're even creepier when you’re angry, so nix that last comment I had."

"What?" Nyx looks up.

"Never mind..."

"We should just leave and continue the quest. This is just to dangerous," Adrastos suggests.

"What are you saying!? Leave poor Lady Sri to die! What about justice!?" Valora asks slightly alarmed at her bondmate's attitude.

"You where always a coward, Atsui." Provocare has another one of his patent mood swings.

"This is no time for fighting you!" Adesse screeches.

"Shuss! You people might draw unnecessary attention," Cordula hisses quietly at the quarrelling group.

*Someone's coming down the road!* Faia makes a short tree sound. The figure was about two miles away. It was definitely male and seemed to be about Nightingale's height.

"It can't be him...." Nightingale trails off a bit stunned.

*Who?* Faia squeezes her neck slightly. *He seems really creepy!*

"It looks like an old childhood friend. His name is Faas. He has a sick sense of humor and what not. I'm really surprised to see him walking the streets...No, it must be--"

The boy spots the group. He runs waving, "Ho! Lo and behold the gracious Nightingale!"

"Damn it," She mutters under her breath so no one but Faia and Cordula can hear.

The boy has short red hair, dark brown eyes, and freckles. He is wearing a dark blue outfit, with a matching hat. He didn't seem to be the type of boy to hang out with Nightingale but, he makes it to the group in record timing, "Your mother wants to see you right away! It's--"

*Important? We got the letter,* Faiamitsukai supplies the young man.

"What in clarus is that red worm thing?"

*Watch it buddy!*

"This is Faiamitsukai, my Bishen dragon. Don't insult her if you wish to live a happy life," Nightingale narrows her eyes.

Faas flinches, "Right then! Off we go to The Lucky Angel!" He begins to tort off in the direction he had come from.

*It's a trap...* Faia says inside Nightingale's head.

'I know, But I can't just leave my mater. We came so far and I'm not going to waste it. If we get in trouble we can blow him up,' Nightingale smiles at that thought.

*Anyone who hurts someone you love deserves it!* she pauses and turns to the group, *Let's get going!* With that said the group follows the mysterious childhood friend.


*Why won't you tell us what has happened Mister Faas? If it's so important why not tell us now?* Uzziel asks a bit annoyed with the strange boy.

"Uzziel is right! If it's so important why drag us all the way to the opposite side of the town?" Horatio agrees.

"She told me not to tell you. We're almost there anyway," Faas waves his left hand. As a matter of fact they were only a few seconds away. When the tavern comes into view Faas points, "Look!"

*We've got the picture.* Uzzi-chan sends a message to Horatio, *This guy is not right. It's like he...I don't know.*

'I have the same feeling.'

"I'll go in and get Sri!" Faas runs to the Tavern do and disappears inside.

"Guys, I have a really bad feeling about this..." Provocare begins until a familiar female voice speaks.

"Hello, Nightingale. I'm happy to see you. Won't you come inside?" It's definitely Sri's voice even though she sounds a bit off.

"No, Mater. Please come outside," Nightingale is standing at least four feet from the door.

"I'm afraid I can't," She coughs in mid sentence, "Do that darling..."

"May I ask why? Don't say your sick that won't work."

" down!" With those words spoken a large figure leaps out of the doorway. It's far beyond six feet tall and has rather long limbs in general. It has rather smallish wings and very sharp claws attached to its hands. The type of thing you see in your nightmare. It was a rather nasty demon that wanted to kill our dear heroin. It stands up to full height, it's dressed in the same clothes that the boy Faas had been wearing, minus the hat.

"This is bad..." Nightingale tries to step back but gets no farther then mind step. The evil demon decides to grab her by the neck and lifts her off the ground. "Well, Miss Nightingale time to die!"

Faia had been knocked off by the demon when her beloved bondmate was grabbed, *Don't think I'll sit her idly!* She lunges for the demons ankles and takes a large bite out of them, but it has no effect.

"Don't think we'll just stand here!" Adrastos begins to chant a fire spell but is stopped in mid sentence when giant Dbogts appear on all sides of the group cutting them off from Nightingale.

Valora growls, "Let's kick some evil doer butt!" She launches herself at a Dbogt catching it off guard.

Bob instructs, "Horatio! You have a magic bow! Save Nightingale!" An evil smile flashes across her face, "Now it time to fry some doggie!" She sends several balls of fire at them, disintegrating several of them, but even more take their place. All this time poor Nightingale is suffocating.

Cordula pulls on his hair in vain while Faia attacks his legs hopelessly. Poor Nightingale is turning a violent shade of purple and won't last more then a few seconds. Horatio pulls back is bow string, and an arrow made of a sliver-green light forms. He breathes in a large amount of air and lets the arrow fly, praying that it will hit its mark.

Of course it hits the demon in the leg. It drops Nightingale and screams in pain. "You bastard! How dare you!" It screams at Horatio while it tries to wrench the light arrow from its leg. By this time Cordula and Faiamitsukai have left the demon to see if Nightingale was save. Horatio and Uzziel have also gone to meet her.

Horatio glances at her with worry, "Are you all right?"

She nods regain her breath.

Horatio turns to the demon, "The more you pull the worse it will become."

The demon looks up and attempts to attack Horatio in vain. It's being held back by some mysterious force. A woman is standing in the doorway and is holding a staff chanting. She has similar looks of Aziz but built like a definite woman.

Nightingale gets up form the ground and dusts herself off. She looks up at the demon, "How dare you try to kill me. I'm going to return the favor, but I have one question before I do so. What is your name?"

"My name is Gaylord, and I will kill you!" he reaches out to strike her but Nightingale simply brushes the hand aside.

"Listen, Gaylord," she pause attempting not to burst into laughter, "I'm not in the mood for this and I'm serious ticked off!"

*Yes! HOW DARE YOU TOUCH HER!* Faia exclaims in agreement.

"So, now you die with the spell I have created!" Nightingale takes a big breath and begins the incantation:

Souls from the depths of darkness cry,
for you wish for one evil to die,
Is it right or is it wrong?
For the bell tolls and sings a song,
Death is near, friend as the angel calls,
Spell of fire and soul now behold!

When she finishes a ring of crimson appears under Gaylord and Nightingale. The ring brightens under the demon and flares up into colorful red-orange flames. Gaylord screamed, "It's not possible! A little girl can't kill me!" Then he screamed one last time in pain before he was totally disintegrated.

"Looks like you were," Nightingale grins and turns to the rest of the group, "You guys all right." She picks up Faia and Cordula takes her perch.

The rest of the group has been fight hordes of rather stupid, suicidal, Dbogt. All except Shesamé Miem`nin who had be examining a baby Dbogt with interest. The rest of the group had collapsed when they had finished the last of them off. Provocare pants, "That was NOT shiny!"

"In other words, we're all fine but really tired," Valora pants with her head on Adrastos lap.

"You know these little dog things are quite interesting! The babies are so nice and playful," Nin exclaims grinning.

*You mean to tell me he's been playing with that thing the whole time!* Faia exclaims as she takes her rightful place around Nightingale's neck.

"I don't believe in fighting. Living things are so much more interesting!. Don't you think?"

"Well now. You're quite an interesting group. But where is my son, Aziz? Also where has the prince of demons gone?" the woman who has been standing at the doorway says. Sri, Godwin, and a man who looks like an older version of Aziz with red hair quickly follow her.

"Is my darling Nightingale okay?" Sri rushes and hugs her daughter.

"Mater you're embarrassing me!"

Faiamitsukai growls, *Get away...*

"Well, now what's this? The famous Bishen dragon is a red wyrm?" the man with red asks, knowing to keep his distance.

"Well, yes Sir...Esmond Fadl," Nightingale smiles hoping they will not ask where Aziz is once more.

"Now," the woman turns to her, "Will you answer my question about my son?"

"Erm...hehe um...Lady's" Nightingale is beginning to blush.

*Who's Aziz and Akio?* Faia cocks her head to one side.

"What does the little dragon mean?" Esmond cocks an eyebrow.

"Adrastos you can explain!" Nightingale grins, "He started this mess!"

"You were the one with Akio," he says quietly.

"What's happened to my son? Did you lose him or something?"

Cordula flutters over to Rei, "You see Lady Rei and Sir Esmond he kind of disappeared. Adrastos and Nightingale got in a fight with those demon dog things at different times. They must have created a rift or something because the just disappeared with no trace. Nin was able to track down there life force."

"Who are you? Who is Nin? How old are you anyway?" Rei blinks a few times.

"My name is Cordula, I'm seven hundred years old and we should introduce you to of the group," She directed that last comment at Nightingale.

"You can come inside and explain what has happened. Tonight you can stay here, so you don't have to worry about those evil Dbogts. Speaking of which, is your little Melcey friend going to keep the little pup he found?" Sri says gently.

"No, I won't keep the little thing. Maybe he can stay with you or something?"

"That sounds good to me! I do get lonely when Nightingale leaves," Sri smiles and continues, "Now, Let's all go inside and have some drinks."

"TEA!" Provocare jumps up and with a blur of color is inside the tavern, "YAY! TOASTER!"

"He hasn't changed much..." Sri walks into the tavern followed by the group.


In a place far away in the center of the half breed kingdom a dark and shady palace sits on a small mountain. Black clouds obscure the sky. It's of course the classic evil hideout. A man is walking through the dim hallways until he reaches a door. It's decorated with ornate gold designs of dragons, humans, demons, and other inhabitants of the SanctusClarusMagice realm. The man slowly opens the door and says, "Mistress, Gaylord failed. He was killed by the young girl."

"Tell me something I don't know! Why did you have to catch me in the bath of all places?" a woman’s voice says from a white porcelain tub. It's fill over the edge with bubbles covering the occupant’s entire body.

"Mistress? What should we do? If she raise the dragon to adulthood we are all doomed. The man Provocare, and also Adrastos and Roberta travel with the girl."

The woman’s voice laughs, "I know! The girl has only raised the little dragon to wyrm hood! We can easily send someone to kill just the dragon. Then I'd kill that stupid child and her companions. I'll make there deaths slow and painful...yes..."

"Mistress? Did you know she used her own spell to kill General Gaylord? Could she call upon her fathers--"

"She what!?"

"She called upon her own spell," the man repeats slowly.

"This is going to be a harder task then I thought. I should have killed her earlier. I know we'll seek those boys, Akio and Aziz! No, wait we might not be able to find them. We shall let our little royal pains rest for a while. There is always tomorrow! I will kill the little girl and her dragon! Now, be gone. I wish to enjoy my bath!"

"As you wish," The man bows and quickly exits the room. When he gains his distance he says to himself, "The only reason I do this is because I love you. It's such a pity you love my brother more..."

We end this chapter of SanctusClarusMagice on this wondrous note. Leaving the question of "Who is that lady trying to kill Nightingale and Faia?", "Why is there always a messed up servant who loves a nutty chick?", "Who's side is Adrastos really on?" and "Is the real Faas guy still alive?" to the upcoming chapters. We leave you to your own devices and I must be off to find some new materiel. Farewell and Good eve to you all.

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