Chapter Fifteen: Brick Walls Hurt

We left off with Valora and Adrastos near a hole. Nightingale, Faiamitsuki, and Cordula had set flight so they could find Provocare, Adrastos, Valora, and Bob. Nyx was sent to search the church, along with Nin and Dera. Last but not least Horatio and Uzziel were assigned to help Faas. That was a real mouth full! We shall start our story with Horatio's ordeals.

"I don't care what Nightingale said I will not help this--this moron!" Horatio pouts as he sits on a bench.

*But Horatio! It's your duty to help him!*

Horatio sighs, crosses his arms, and closes his eyes, "No! I won't! It's my job to hunt. I am the elf and all."

There's a long silence.

"Uzzi-chan?" Horatio slowly opens eyes fearing on seeing the worst. He doesn't see anything bad but is still surprised none the less. Uzziel was well, a lot bigger then he was before. He came up to Horatio face and was staring at him. He had seemed bigger a few days ago but this was ridiculous! "Uzzi?"

Uzzi-chan! So big...

"Yes?" His voice was deeper then before.


Faas sits near by laughing, "Did anyone tell you that you to have the personality of a bag of sand!?"

Horatio blinks, "Yes, I've been told quite often.

Uzziel chocks his head to one side, "Eh? Did anyone tell you, you have the attention span of a two year old?"

"Hey...that's not funny..." Faas stops laughing.

"My point exactly. Now Horatio are you going to help him or not?"

"Fine I will. Let's just get this over with..."


"Val you look different..." Adrastos steps away from the hole to take a good look at Valora. "You...You have seem to have lost your spikes..." Adrastos blinks and rubs his eyes.

"Whoa! Hold it! What do you mean?" She tilts her head almost poking Adrastos eye out with her super huge horn.

"Watch it! Be careful with that thing!" he backs up a few steps to evade the horn.

"Whoops! Um..." Valora looks at her tail. No spikes. She had changed quite a bit, she was now a bit taller then a large horse. Well, about 120 inches to up to the shoulder. "Yes! This means I can mate! YAY!" Valora the Empress of Hakens jumps up and flash a victory sign.

Adrastos sighs, "Done yet?"

She sits down with he tail in front of her legs and then turns to him, "Do you have a problem with me being happy?"

Sexy? I wouldn't say anything different!

"Of course not Valora! I enjoy seeing you happy! Now, for this hole."

"Going somewhere Adrastos?" a voice comes from behind.

"Damn you Provocare..."


"This is not my day!" Nightingale cries as she lands on the very top of a yellow pine tree. They have been searching for about a half-hour. This, like most things, was getting on Nightingale's nerves. All she need was another headache.

*The have to be here somewhere! The couldn't have just disappeared! Cheer up!* Faiamitsukai nudges her.

"Faia's right. You can't just be down all the time. You'll kill yourself that way," Cordula nods while looking at the church perimeter.

Nightingale sighs, "I've heard it all before thank you. I'm just depressed that we lost Akio and Aziz and now Provocare, Adrastos, Roberta and Valora. Well, I can live without Valora, but Adrastos and Provocare are two of the strongest mages in out world."

*You're strong too! You can kick anyone down who gets in your way!*

"That's more like you Faia."

*So it is...*

"So my bondmates a sadist nutcase?"

*Thank you! I am!*

"Nightingale, does she even know what that mean?"

"Yes Cordula that's what I'm worried about..."

Suddenly a giant guest of wind forms and throws Nightingale off the pine. Nightingale catches herself, last minute, before she takes a nasty spill on the ground. Faia looks up towards the sky wide eyed, *That's not just wind...*

"What?!" Something very feathery swoops down and attempts to crush the three with its talons. Nightingale dodges and heads for cover, while the thing makes another climb for an attack.

"Nightingale!? What is that thing?" Cordula clings to her ankles as Faia tightens her grip around her neck.

"I'd say a very angry harpy. She, I think, doesn't like intruders and most likely guards the temple..."

*How do we stop her?*

"Sorry I didn't go through harpy defense training," Nightingale grins.

*That's not funny! What do we do!?*

"I don't know."

*Oh! Nightingale! Hello! WE HAVE A BIG PROBLEM!*

"And I don't know what to do about it! Where is that harp--" suddenly she feels a sharp pain in her ribs. The harpy had decided to come up and make a sneak attack. The power of the blow throws Nightingale off her feet into the ground. She lets out a nice loud curse, before casting a quick healing spell. "You'll pay for that!"

"HA!" the harpy screeches as it takes flight again.

"I'm not in the mood to deal with this! Let's go," Nightingale takes a breath before spreading her magical wings.

*Nightingale, are you okay?*

"Yes, are you two?" Nightingale manages to get out while taking off. She's staying low to the ground so it'll be harder for that harpy to get to her.

"I'm fine down here," Cordula squeaks for she's still holding on to Nightingale's leg.

*I'm fine...but...I feel a bit funny.*

That comment distracts Nightingale, "WHAT?!" She turns to look at her bondmate.

*TREE!* Faia screeched and says telepathically at the same time.

Nightingale dodges just in time and takes a nice deep breath before talking again, "What do you mean you feel funny?"

*I mean I feel...funny. Like, I don't know!*

"Okay once we get back to the church--"

The harpy makes another dive and once again misses.

"Stupid harpy!"

"Why don't you use magic?" Cordula clings tighter to her friends ankle.

"Because...I um...used a bit to much in the past days and I still haven't gotten it back...."

*You mean you have to recharge?*

"Yep, that's why I used a light spell to get rid of those demon thing--"

The harpy made another round and was getting to close for Nightingale's comfort.

*Nightingale! Hurry!*

"I don't see you flying anywhere! I can't go any faster!"


"Cordula can you cast any spells? Please, say yes!"



*We're almost there!*

"Almost doesn't--LET GO!" Nightingale is grabbed by the foot. By the harpy no less. She flaps her wings franticly to get away but the harpy is very persistent. When Nightingale is about to scream out with frustration an arrow flies by and hits the harpy. Pity how it still wasn't down and out! Nightingale took this chance and speeds toward the Church.

"Hurry! She's gaining!" Cordula squeals, practically cutting off Nightingale's circulation to her foot.

"I know! I oh....crap..."


"I'm not going to be able to stop in time..."


Nightingale flings herself into a stopping position. Every second she was coming closer to the wall of the church. Luck was on Nightingale's side. She stops two feet away form the church wall and gives sigh or relief...a bit too soon.

She forgot about the harpy. It came up swiftly form behind and body checked her into the wall. Faiamituski and Cordula bail at the last possible moment and land a few feet away. Nightingale falls down in a crumpled heap. Needless to say brick walls hurt.

*Nightingale! Nightingale, are you okay!* Faia makes her way over frantically.

"Oh...why me?" Nightingale manages to get out.

*Will you be okay?!*

"I'll get Horatio!" Cordula disappears.

*Nightingale what can I do?*

"Knock me out..."

*I'm serious!*

"I am too..."

*Erm, What else can I do?*

"Faia you look slightly different..."

*I think that's because you hit the wall.*

"Faiamitsukai...look at yourself. Didn't you say....ffff...that you felt funny?"

*Don't strain yourself! I don't know what I'd do without you so shut up!*

She snorts, "And my mom says I'm bad."

*But you are!*

"What happened!?" Horatio comes running out with Cordula on his shoulder and Uzziel close behind.

*A harpy attacked Nightingale! Help her!*

"Relax! Faia you know you look a bit different..." Horatio pauses in thought.


"OKAY! Going!" Horatio casts a quick healing spell. Nightingale, like most half breed, quickly recovers.

She sits up and dusts herself off, "Where's that harpy?"

A screech came from above as that was said the harpy dove strait for Faia. What could the wyrm do? She didn't have enough power to fight the thing off. Horatio had left his bow inside, Nightingale was low on magic, Cordula was too small, and Uzziel...he was a bit to slow.

A flash of red light appears as the harpy strikes and wheels back in pain. It now has large bloody talons and goes screaming away. Everyone looks down at Faia to see a nice large dragon with wings topped with claws.

Big winged red Faia!

*Guess what guys! I'm a Arboreal Sharpe!* Faia strikes a victorious pose.

"With pointy claws on your wing...I'm slightly surprised," Nightingale blinks a few times while study the new young sharpe.

*Oh? You are a princess! You should get someone special like me!*

"We're all glad to see that it hasn't gone to your head Faia," Horatio remarks as he makes his way to the church door, "I left that guy, Faas, alone. I hope he didn't strangle himself..."

*Oh yes you do,* Uzziel sighs as he trots behind his bondmate.

Horatio stops dead in his tracks and turns around taking something silver from his pocket, "Go play with some yarn!" with that he tosses it at Uzziel.

*YARN!* he tackles the small ball and begins to play with it like a cat would.


"You took the words right out of my mouth Faia," Nightingale blinked wide eyed.

"Same here..." Cordula flew over to Night's shoulder.

Horatio snickered as he turned to go into the church, but the door flung open to produce a panting Nyx and Nin. Eyura Dera, who was sitting on Nyx's head along with Adesse, was the first to speak, "What happen?"

"Nightingale was attacked by a harpy, you're a bit late," Horatio sighs as he attempts to pass the three.

"Oh my god! Why is Faia so fat!" Nyx pants.


"Nyx ix not a ninny...she's just blonde," Shesamé Miem`nin supplies before collapsing. "I'm really out of shape..."

*Did anyone find Provocare, Adrastos, Valora, Akio, Bob, or Aziz?* Faia changes the subject as she flies to her bondmate.

"No," Adesse replies with a sigh.

"Maybe, we should start moving again..." Nightingale sighs.

"But Nightingale!" Nyx sputters in surprise.

"I have a feeling they're no where near here. We have to go. Don't you think where running out of time?"

" will they find us?" Horatio looks over his shoulder.

"If I can fall through a hole, and land in a chair I'm sure they'll fall on us!" Nightingale nods.

*I hope you're right...I guess we should get moving.*

"Off to no where fast..."

Now, we watch our Heroes depart to search for their lost friends. Will then find them before the world collapse like the out of shape Nin? It might be explained in the next pointless chapter of SCM!

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