Chapter Three: Flashback! How this whole mess happened

Our team of adventurers are walking down a narrow path. They had found it after Nightingale had destroyed the monster. They are assuming it is the right path, but of course it is not. They reached the end of the path and find a small cottage. Now it's time to listen in to the conversation.

Well, this is not the right place," speculated Nightingale. "Unless this is the priestess summer home."

"The real problem is that we are totally lost," said Horatio while biting his lip.

"Thank you Mr. Obvious!" says Aziz who was still trying to figure out the map.

"Maybe there is someone in the house who can help us." Nyx pointed out.

Every one gave her a look of disbelief. They where all thinking the same thought, 'Why didn't I think of that?'

Akio decide to take this opportunity to be a little bit evil. He came up behind Nyx and slapped her on the back. "Sorry, Nyx. Sometimes I don't know my own strength." He held back laughter.

Nyx got up and brushed herself off. "You did that on purpose!" and with a quick reflex she kicked Akio in the back of the head. Then she fell to the ground crying. "Owie, Owie, Owie!" she started sobbing.

"That's what happens Nyx when you kick a demon in the back of the head." Nightingale shook her finger. "I can't believe you didn't know the same rules don't apply with demons, dragons, half breed and the like."

"There are plenty of people who wish to stab a demon in the back."

By this time the occupants of the cottage had heard some of the noise. A "young" man was peeking through the blinds. He had blonde hair down to about his ankles. It was normally kept in a large braid but today it was let loose. His eyes were green that slowly faded to a light shade of lavender. His skin was extremely pale to the point of almost being white. To make him look a bit paler her wore a dark indigo tunic with faded tan pants and leather boots that reached up to his knees. He was called Zia and was the guardian of the demons.

A dragon was sitting at a table behind Zia. She was about six feet tall with large draconian wings folded on her back. She was yellow with light, almost white, patches on her scales. Her eyes where red and orange and it gave the effect that her eyes where made of fire. She had four legs and a rather long neck. Her name was Éline. The man asks, "Shall we help them my lady? That girl looks like.... Yes it is she. She's the one!"

*Let's invite them in* Éline projected. She ran to the door and opened it with her tail. She ran out the door with Zia chasing after her. *Hullo my dear heroes!* the dragon states as a greeting to the teens. They all stop and stare at the strange over excited dragon.

"Um...I'm going to leave now." Nightingale states and makes a move to run for it. To her disappointment the dragon stops her.

Éline flys in front of her and says, *Ms. Nightingale please hear Zia and I out.* She receives a confused look from Nightingale and the others. *Oh! My name is Éline.* She points with her tale to Zia, *And that's my bondmate Zia.*

"Not to be nosey or anything, but how do you know Nightingale's name?" asks Horatio.

*Don't be silly we know all your names!* She proceeds to name them all including the little fairy dragon.

"This is really weird." says Aziz.

Now Zia speaks, "I apologize if we might scare you, but the only people we have seen for many years are the priestess of the Gate of Time and Fate and her priest in training Mephistopheles. So, do you wish to know what happened to get you in this mess?"

"I'm leaving!" Nightingale states. "This is just to weird and I don't care what any of you say. I'm going. See you!" Even though the dragon moves out of her way, escape was impossible. Zia had been quick enough to grab her by the back of her pants. "Let go of my pants! I'm warning you I'll knock you out if you don't let go. Let go!" Zia refused to move. "Don't say I didn't warn you...
Spell from air
Grant your power to spare
Element now come to thee
Blow this one away from me!"
With those words a light appeared under Zia and huge gust of wind was create from it. He was blow from Nightingale and hit his cottage with a loud thud. He had been knocked totally unconscious.

"Why'd you do that? What is it that time of the month?" asks Nyx.

Nightingale's responds, "Spell of fire come forth fast
Turn this stupid fool to ash.

This set the ends of Nyx's hair on fire. Causing her to run around screaming "HELP ME! MY HAIR'S ON FIRE!!!" Which caused Nightingale to laugh like she was an evil villain. The three boys and the dragon stood there a few moments watching the Chaos that has been unleashed upon the Vexare. For once in his life the people pity him for having to battle the young girl Nightingale.

Horatio sighs, "I guess we should put out the fire before it burns more then her head."

The three others nod in agreement. Akio says, "Aziz can heal Nyx and Zia. Horatio can calm Nightingale down and I'll put Nyx's hair out. I think she's suffered enough." He goes to cast the water spell.
"From the sea that maybe
All cannot live with out thee
Now your need is more then great
Come to hand and do as fate
A large ball of water formed in his hand. He threw it at Nyx and the flames where extinguished. Aziz, after healing Zia and bringing him back to consciousness, runs over to Nyx and heals her head. Nyx walks over crying, sniffing, and pouting at how Nightingale is so mean and joins the group.

"Now that that mess is over can we go inside my house and discuss why all this has happen?" Zia asks them all. They all agree, including Nightingale after a bit of convincing and bribing.

They all took a seat at the small table in the center of the room. "Now it's time to tell how it all began,” says Zia. A crystal ball appears in the center of the table. Now the story begins....

**** Oh Time for a long flash back sequence ****

"Sir! You can't put him on trail! He saved her life!" a voice of a outraged younger man says.

"I totally agree with Provocare! It's not right that Atsui shouldn't go on trial for a crime he did not commit!" the voice of a young woman chimed in.

Two men and a woman walk into the room in which Zia has been waiting in. He stands up and escorts the taller main to a chair. "Provocare, Sĭlĕo I agree with you in every way, and I already voted for him to get out of prison," says the taller man.

"So why isn't he out, Your Highness Harith?" asked Zia.

"All the monarchs voted against his punishment but the parliament has yet to decide." Harith Astrophel replied calmly.

The taping of shoes running on the floor is heard from the outside of the room. Three women come rushing through the doorway. The first one to speak is rather short and dressed in priestess robes. Her name is AnimumColiĕre. She pants, "My Lord, Atsui he--" The woman broke down into tears.

The next women who wore a rather warlike red outfit speaks while the other one comforts AnimumColiĕre, "The parliament passed the judgement last night."

"What?!?" the king, Zia, Provocare, and Sĭlĕo yell in unison.

"Hjördis how is this true?" Sĭlĕo asks. "They didn't punish him yet?" The look on the Hjördis's face signals yes. "'re to late...what was his...punishment?"

"Where is He!?" Provocare demands.

"I'll take you there. He's being held in the dungeons of the demons. He punishment was to be blinded..." Hjördis trails of and shakes her head like she has just come out of a daze.


"Atsui? Are you all right?" Zia called down the dark and unpleasant dungeons. They had travel by portal to the castle with Kippling and Rauha, Hjördis's dragons. There was an uneasy quiet surrounding the castle of the demons. Like some horrible crime had been committed.

"What took you so long?" a said anguished voice of a man was heard.

"Atsui...I..." Harith tried to apologize but he was choked up with tears.

"No apology is need sir. It truly was no ones fault," said Atsui.

"Atsui! How could you say that! We failed you!" Hjördis cried and in a voice only she could hear she said, "I failed you."

"Hjördis, Sĭlĕo, AnimumColiĕre, and Virga you shouldn't worry about me. You'll make yourselves sick."

Now Virga spoke. The shortest of the women and the most tacky of them. "Now, Now! Vexare Atsui! You where always a ladies man but now, of all times is not the best time to hit on us."

Provocare slapped her in the back of the head. "What's wrong with you? I'm not even that self centered!" Provocare walks over to the cell in which Atsui is being kept. A man is sitting on the floor. He's wearing white tattered priest's robes and has long black hair. The only thing that can't be seen is his eyes due to the darkness of the room. "I swear I'll make this right. We all swear."

The scene changes to a man's dark silhouette standing on a castle turret. He's dressed in white robes, has black hair, and is holding up a large wooden staff. The only things visible are the man's eyes. The irises are white, and the eyes are blank and sightless. The man lifts up his staff and a lighting bolt hits a near by tree. Several voices are heard from behind. They seem to be trying to yell 'Please don't do it Atsui!' The man says these words "Atsui died along time ago. Now there is only Vexare. Now guardians of the kingdoms shall suffer like I have."

**** end flashback sequence ****

"Who...who where those people other then you a Vexare?" asked Nightingale a bit uneasy about this whole thing.

"Hjördis is the Guardian of the Magical Creatures, Sĭlĕo is the Guardian of the Humans and is the priest you are seeking, AnimumColiĕre is the Guardian of the Elves, Virga is the Guardian of the Outside Kingdom, and Provocare is the Guardian of the Half breed.

"That makes you the Guardian of the Demons," says Akio in a very small voice.

"Yes, It does. You see he separate us all so we could never see each other again. Sĭlĕo broke the spell cast on her that is why she can come here. I have yet to break the spell that binds Éline and I."

"Do you know why a Bishen Dragon can defeat Ats--Vexare?" asks Nightingale.

"Their presence alone seems to put his powers under control. If it really is him creating this chaos."

"I think your spell is broken...,” says Horatio.

*Come again young man? I could have sworn you said the spell is broken.*

"Yes, I did"

*But how?*

"The way to break the spell was for Zia to tell his story to us since we have to save our world and Atsui."

"Horatio is right. We are the only ones who can save him and Nightingale's responsibility lays on our shoulders too." says Aziz.

Zia is at the brink of tear since he is over whelmed with joy. "Thank you and may my sword, Pacchiri, and good luck always be with you."

They say their farewells and depart for the Gate of Time and Fate. Which isn't to far away. Nightingale and her friends pray that the dragons egg is ready for them. So goes our heroes with all the hopes and prays of their world behind them. The real question is who is the real enemy Vexare or someone more powerful pulling the strings? You'll have to find out in the other chapters of The SactusClarusMagice Realm.


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