Chapter Two: Two days, 400 miles and still nowhere


Two day had past, as they made there way to the gate, and the whole group was frustrated. Their map had yet to be correct, and it seemed that they were utterly lost in the middle of nowhere. They should have past two densely populated towns by now, but they had only come across dense forests.

No, things were not at all right ... 

"Nyx, why didn't you bring a coat?" Nightingale asked with frustration. "With that thing you're wearing how did you expect to keep warm?"

"I'm almost never cold!" Nyx replied defensively as she shivered.

The girl in purple sighed. She muttered a few words and a cloak fluttered down to land on Nyx's head. Nightingale brushed her fingers through her hair before turning to the boys. "I'm not going to walk any longer. It's a flight spell for me, so I hope you boys can keep up."

Nyx gave a muffed reply from under her cloak.

"You would keep up if I liked it or not." Nightingale glared at the cloak. 

"I'll do fine with my flight spell," Horatio said as he began to cast the said spell.

Akio spun on one of his toes, "I'll just pop out my wings and we'll be going."

All members of the party blinked a few extra times. "Pop out your wings?" Aziz inquired since no one else was about to.

"Yes... I'm a demon you know."

Eyebrows raised.

"No. We didn't."

"Or at least we weren't paying enough attention to notice." added Nightingale.

The demon rolled his eyes, "And I'm guessing you didn't catch that the white haired pretty boy is a unicorn?"

"I caught that." Nightingale grinned, "It's a tad more obvious with him. Since he has... those traits that most unicorns have when they transform."

Horatio nodded, with his magical green-blue wings on his back. "She's right. When it comes down to it you look more like an elf hybrid than a demon, while it's completely obvious that Aziz is a unicorn." 

They heard Nyx muttering something under the coat. With a sigh Aziz rolled his eyes, "Well, it wasn't that obvious for poor Nyx. Though I don't know how she could miss it."

Adesse, the fairy dragon, was perched on Nyx's covered head listening intently to the conversation. She had concluded that this trip was going to be one holey mess and she was involved if she liked it or not. These children caused her great worry. They probably could not handle half of what was going to transpire in the near and not so near future. Adesse sighed internally. "We should get going you know. I have a bad feeling about this place."

"Right. Right." Nightingale nodded and chanted the spell softly. In a matter of seconds a large pair of lavender, bird-like wings appeared on her back. With one graceful leap she was floating over the group. "Let's get somewhere today!"

"Yeah Yeah." Akio waved his hand as he went to join her. Horatio quickly followed suit, and Aziz transformed into his unicorn self.

That left... Nyx. She had managed to put on her cloak properly and was now struggling with a spell. 

With a heavy sigh, Nightingale flicked her finger and cast the flight spell. This was going to be a long and boring trip.


"Two hundred miles?" The pink winged Nyx flumped to the ground panting.

"Yes, Oh mighty pink one." Nightingale said as she looked over her shoulder. She was studying the map with Aziz (back in human form), and neither of them could figure out why they were stuck in the middle of nowhere. They had traveled in record times across the landscape, and were far beyond the Outside Kingdom at least in theory.

"Fifty miles back there should have been a town," Aziz mumbled as he pointed to the place on the map.

"But there wasn't was there?" Horatio said as he plucked his lyre out of boredom. "Do you think V--"

"Don't say his NAME! He'll get stronger!" Addesse hissed.

"I think you're over reacting."

"Call him Mister or something! Just don't say his name!"

Horatio raised an eyebrow, "It could be a she for all you know."

"Do I really care? No." The fairy dragon growled and fluttered over to Nyx.

"Hey guys, where the heck is Akio?" Nightingale suddenly asked looking up from the map.

She was answered by a loud explosion and fire coming from the north, in a bit of forest not to far away.


Akio was not having the easiest time in the world. He had stumbled across a clearing where two young children, a boy and a girl, were lying unconscious. The girl, the younger of the two, was lying a a pool of her own blood, breathing heavily.

A curse slipped from Akio's mouth. He had no knowledge of Chiyu magic whatsoever, and it would have come in handy right about now. He looked to the boy, who was battered and bruised in his own right. What now? Bandage the wounds and hope the survive to tell the tale of what happened to them?

Or figure out what that awful smell was. He choked, it smelt like a wet dog that was electrocuted. Little did he know that "wet dog" was a mismatched creature that had been soaked and electrocuted by the two young mage.

The eyes of the little boy fluttered open, and his head lolled towards Akio. The little boy's pale eyes became wide, "'re one of them."

The demon blinked. "I'm sorry?"

He struggled to sit up, coughing a bit of blood, when Akio came to his aid the boy waved him away. "No! You can't come to close, it's still alive! If it sees you it'll tell the Master and Mistress of you!"

Mistress? Master? This boy was just a little of the deep end. Akio shifted his weight, and his eyes wander over to the girl. She was no more than twelve on his account, why on earth would she be out in the middle of no where? Heck, why was he out in the middle of nowhere?

"Prince. You must listen! Tell the Gale that she needs a Bishen Dragon to save the world, and you all must be by each others side. You'll find one too--a dragon that is--and it must help too. You must tell her to hurry. Death is coming, and so is the Master." The boy spat up more blood.

An awful howl sounded through out the surrounding forest. It sounded like something was about to die, and bitterly take the world with it. Akio's hair stood on end as the bushes on the far side of the clearing began to shake. What dread filled beast could make that sound?

It was nothing like Akio had thought it was. It looked something like a dog spliced with a very rabid cat, as well as a decrypted old bat. The thing should have been put out to pasture a long time ago. "What in the name of Clarus is that thing?"

The boy whispered, barely audible and ominously, "A Dbogt."

With a crack of his fingers a grin spread across Akio's face, "Then I'll have no problem killing this... however you would pronounce that."

The Dbogt had another idea. With a cat like grace and a cheetah's speed it pounced on the poor demon as he cast an explosive Hakaiteki spell appropriately name "Demon's Fury."

The creature shook it's bloodied body in pain as it tried to recover from the spell. Akio coughed up deep black blood attributed to his kind, and was in a daze when he heard the words chanted...

"Pray your soul it does not take
For it will surly break
You broke the rule so now you pay
To never live another day
Now spell of mine that I cast
Golden Rule forever last!

A golden ring formed under the black creature, causing it to scream in frustration as it tired to escape. Unfortunately for the creature, this was a high level spell with dire consequences if failed, and the person casting it would never stand for failure.

It shuddered for a moment, and let out one deep desperate howl before it fell to the ground with its eyes glazed over.

Nightingale emerged from the bushes, along with Aziz, Horatio, and Nyx, and proceeded to make her way to the fallen Akio. "What the hell is wrong with you? This adventure would have been over before it started!" the half breed hissed with discontent.

As the young unicorn healed Akio he gave a small reply, nearly whispered it, "I'm surprised you care enough."

The girl snorted, and would have replied if it was not for Horatio and Nyx's interruptions about the two young people also in the clearing. She went off to contend with the two and left Akio and his healer to their devices.

"Hey, Aziz?"


"Do you think we can do this?"

"We, Akio, don't have much of a choice." The unicorn boy said with a sigh, "But I am sure it will be worth while."

"What makes you so sure?"

"Nothing in particular." Aziz rose with a grin and helped his new companion up. If they were going to be stuck together, why not make things interesting?


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