Chapter Eleven: All in a Tizzy! Unexpected events!

Our heroes have been traveling for two weeks in Ryniothal Woods. They found no trace of their two lost comrades. They fear the worst for them but the group voted (against Nightingale's wishes) to move one. They have finally reached the end of the forest and are debating which way to go next.

"You lost the map!" Nightingale yells while tapping her foot.

"You see we gave the map to Aziz and then he disappeared. So, we're kind of don't have an extra map," Horatio explains hopping he won't get drop kicked by Nightingale.

"Don't you know people ALWAYS make a copy of the map so this won't happen!" Nightingale made sure to emphasize the always part. She had a low tolerance for getting lost. It seemed to happen quite often when her mother had traveled, so she always brought a copy of a map. "Apparently you people don't travel to often. Why am I stuck with idiots?"

"Because we love you!" Provocare proclaims and hugs her from behind. Which was a very bad thing to do.

"GET OFF OF ME!" Nightingale somehow releases herself from his grip and spins around. "Do NOT touch me!" she then, with great easy, drop kicks Provocare. He flies backwards into a nearby tree with a loud thunk. Nightingale takes the pack off her pack and hugs it, "Thank heavens you're save!"

"Ow...that wasn't very shiny," Provocare manages to get out.

"And people say I'm violent! Even if I do like fire and weapons of mass destruction...." Roberta smiles.

Nyx looks over to Adrastos, "Remind me never to leave her alone with matches."

"If you remind me, I will remind you. Bob is a bit strange," he replies.

Nightingale clears her throat, "What do we do about the map? Any ideas?"

"Couldn't we go back to the demon's castle?" Valora suggest.

"Go all the way back to the castle? You're kidding?" Nightingale sighs.

"We really don't have any other choice! Unless you want to wander around aimlessly today!" Adesse yells.

"I think we do. Adrastos can lead us where we want. He is the Vexare! So, why not?" Nightingale claps her hands together and carefully slings the dragon egg on her back. "What do you say?"

"Ack, Um...I..." He hesitates with sweat suddenly forming.

"Adrastos? Are you all right?" Valora moves toward her bondmate, "Are you feeling okay?"

"Or, Do you have a problem with helping us? Who's side are you on!?" Cordula says as menacing as she can. After all she can be easily backhanded by any of the group.

"He's on the side of justice!" Valora supplies growling at the Seraph.

"Knock it off you two..." Nin quietly reminds.

"Or what!" the both remark simultaneously.

Nightingale back hands Cordula and sets a little explosion to go off in front of Valora. She grins, "That!"

"That...ow," Cordula cries from her place on the ground.

"How dare you!" Valora growls under her breath.

Nightingale just rolls her eyes.

"Don't do that!"

"Calm down Valora...." Nightingale is surprised by Valora's sudden violent nature.

"Why should I! You--" out of nowhere a red bucket decides to fall on her head. She pulls the bucket off as best as she can. "What's the big idea?"

A small blue dragon toy also decides to land on Cordula. It's a little smaller then her but it nearly crushed her. "That's what I'd like to know!"

"Don't ask me. I didn't do anything," Nightingale blinks as a piece of paper flutters down to her hands. "It's a note form Mephistopheles and Sĭlĕo. It pretty much says these where gifts for participating in a hunt. Someone named KoL said she didn't want 'em so she gave them to us. Alrighty that's a bit messed up."

"Why did it have to land on my head? Those people have really bad aim."

"What do we do? I mean--" Nightingale begins but is cut off by a blue-red that attacks the bucket that is now laying on the ground. "What are you doing Provocare?"

He bounces up and down, "I can magic the bucket and you can put the dragon in it!"

All he receives is wide-eyed stares from everyone. Then Uzziel decides to break the silence with a simple thought, *Weird..*

"You said it Uzzi-chan," Horatio agrees.

Then there is a loud murderous cracking sound. Everyone looks around until their eyes rest on the source, the backpack Nightingale is carrying. She smiles, "Looks like our little lady hatched. Let's see what she looks like...." she slowly takes the backpack off and opens it.

Slowly a small red head pops out of the bag. With a sharp "tree?" It decides to jump on to Nightingale's shoulders. Thankfully Nightingale catches her when she almost misses. It gently wraps itself around Nightingale's neck as best she can.

What a cute little dragon!

"She's so cute! Red? What does that mean?" Nyx bounces with rapture.

"It says here in Nightingale's hand book that Red dragons are the fighters. They enjoy fire and heat and have great power. She's now at the Wyrm stage of her life. Wait a minute doesn't that mean they're violent?" Nin provides for the group.

"I don't think she could be violent!" Provocare walks over to her and pats her on the head, "You're a cute little dragoness!"

The baby dragon decides she doesn't enjoy Provocare and takes a nice bite of his hand. "OW! That wasn't shiny at all!" He cries as he backs away from the dragon.

"I think I'm going to like raising this dragon," an evil smile spreads across Nightingale's face. "Now, what to name her? How about Psyche? It means soul."

The dragon just looks at the nearby trees and observes the clouds.

"Not worthy enough. Let's see...Michaela? No, to normal. Takouhi? No, wait that would give you ideas since it means queen. Hum...Oh! I have the perfect name! Faiamitsukai, Faia for short! That means fire angel"

The little dragon gives a happy chirp, and licks Nightingale cheek.

"Faiamitsukai it is!"

"That's a bit long don't you think?" Bob says.

"If Faiamitsukai likes it, I like it. I think it fits! She is my angel! Isn't that right?"


"It's so cute. Don't you think so Uzzi-chan?" Horatio walks over to the red dragon. "Hello there. I'm Horatio."

*Right!* Uzziel keeps his distance. He doesn't want to be bitten either way around. His bondmate can, but he's not.

Faia chocks her head to one side, "Tree?" She licks the funny looking boy. After all he seems quite enough.

"She likes you. I guess she has good taste in men," Nightingale winks.

Provocare attempts to raise an eyebrow, fails miserably, and raises both, "What is that supposed to mean?"

"Exactly what I said. Nothing more, nothing less. Do you have a problem with that?"

"Yes, I do! That's not shiny at all and I want an apology," He stands up with his arms crossed and nods.

"I think I'll go for a flight. Want to come with me Cordula?"

"Of course! Are you leaving the dragon alone with the guys?"

"Don't be silly. I'm taking Faia with me. I'm sure she'd enjoy a flight with us. What do you say Faiamitsukai?"

Knowing no better she replies with a happy, "Tree! Tree! Tree!" Why not have some fun with he bondmate. She seemed to enjoy flight why not her too?

"You see," Nightingale flashes a smile.

"But Nightingale that's dangerous. She could slip and fall. What would we do then?" It's Adrastos's turn to step forward.

"Don't be just plain stupid ! You really think I'd let MY dragon fall?! Well, Adrastos I've got news for you! I'm doing this if you guys like it or not. When I come back you better have a plan of action!" Nightingale makes an unhappy huffing sound and takes Faia from around her neck. She decides to make a 'carrying case' for the new Wyrm. With a few quick spells she slings the case, dragon and all on her back. With Faia secured she chants the spell for flight. Her lavender wings appear, as she turns to Cordula, "Let's get going." With that said she lifts off and heads for the skies.


"What do we do now?" Cordula asks. They are sitting at the top of a yellow and blue oak tree.

"We could just sit here and wait 'till the stars come out," Nightingale suggests while standing on a branch.

"That's hours. Are you kidding? You want to wait until that long? Are you obsessed with flying and stars or is it my imagination? They did name you after a well never mind."

"Bird? A Nightingale is a bird?" she blinks a few times.

"Tree?" Faia doesn't want to be left out. Even if she has no clue what a bird is.

"You mean they don't have Nightingales here?"

Nightingale shakes her head, "Noooo. I would know what you're talking about if we did have them. What are they?"

"They're a type of song bird noted for the melodious song of the male at night during the breeding season."


"Interesting...Now, Miss dictionary do you think the rest of the 'team' has a plan of action yet."

"I doubt it. Why do you ask?"

"Do you want to go back there? With that nutcase Provocare, and Bob, not to leave out the justice freak Valora!"

"Tree," Faiamitsukai nods. She did find some of those people strange. She only thought they'd get in the way, so why would Nightingale bring them along?

"They aren't that bad. You're just upset that Provocare hugged you," Cordula retorts.

"Heh, I think you'd be upset if her hugged you too. I'm not a touchy feely type person. I doubt you are either, so don't make a remark that I'm just upset," Nightingale states slightly moody.

"Tree!" If Faia could say so there she would, but she can't and says a tree in agreement with her bondmate.

"Is that all Faiamitsukai can say?" Cordula asks a bit annoyed.

"Give her a break she is only a baby. Could you speak when you were a new born?"

"No...But she is the dragon that--why are you looking at me that way?"

"Don't bring that subject up!" Nightingale gives the patent female look that most women give. Everyone knows that look, the look of "if you say another word, I swear I'll make you regret it!"


"You known it could effect her attitude towards life. I won't want her to be depressed about saving the world or getting to cocky for her own good."

"Tree!" Faiamitsukai remarked even though she had no clue what they were talking about. How dare anyone upset her bondmate! If that fluffy little fairy thing gets in their way, she had no chance of surviving. Just so the little angel should remember her place Faia snapped at her.

"Gah! It's trying to eat me! Here play with this toy!" Cordula produces the small blue dragon toy that hand fallen on her earlier.

"Tree??" Faia sniffs the toy, gives a happy chirp and steels it form Cordula. She is now content with her new plaything.

"So, so much for the little hellraiser," Cordula says in phony triumph.

Faiamitsukai looks up form her toy. She growls and throws the to at the little toy at Cordula. Yes, the little dragon has extremely good aim so Cordula is set ground ward until Nightingale comes to the rescue.

"Now, Now little mitsukai. Don't hurt the poor seraph. She might be useful sometime down the road!" Nightingale says as she catches Cordula.

"Tree?" she gives an innocent look.

"Don't think that look will work on me. I used to use that look Faiamitsukai," Nightingale grins. "I guess we should get going..."

"Yay!" Cordula exclaims as she flies out off Nightingale's hands.

"Yeah, yeah. You won't be saying that when we meet up with the group," Nightingale briskly waves her hand. To take off from the tree she uses the tree limb as a springboard, which sends her sailing upward for a bit. She then spreads her wings and doesn't fly very far. Something flies by her at a high speed, which almost sends her into a graceful falling dive. Luckily she catches herself, "Hey! Watch where you're going you j--Oh crap it's coming back!" Whatever it was had decided to take a U-turn and come back to meet the yelling women. Turns out this thing was a small demon message.

"I'm sorry! I was just looking for Miss Nightingale!" It looks like a small boy, about the size of an average desk lamp, with short darkly colored hair. He is wearing a blue uniform with red trimming and has a classic trolley conductor hat. He also has a small bat-like wings and green eyes.

"Well, Buddy you're looking at her!" Nightingale crosses her arms, "Who would want to send me a message while I'm on a quest?" She almost begins tapping her foot but realizes it's pointless in midair.

"Let's see," The mini-demon flicks through a stack of large post-it notes. "A women by the name of Sri. She says it's quite urgent."

"No one sends a mini messenger if it's a good thing. So, may I have the message?"

"Yes, yes of course!" the little man hands a small bright green envelope. "Good eve ma'am!" with that the little demon rockets off at an alarming speed.

Let's see what it says," She opens the obnoxious bright green envelope to reveal a nice flower patterned paper. "That's my mom's style," she sighs.

"What's it say all ready!" Cordula flies around Nightingale's head.

"Tree!" Faia agrees.

"All right! It says:

Dearest Nightingale,

My greatest apologies for bothering you, but I need you desperately need your help. My tavern has been wreaked by the Dbogts. Even more tragic events have been happening. The town was attack by a group of demons and a close friend of yours got hurt in the fight. It's a mess back here and the people need to see some hope of some sort. We need you to come back as soon as possible! Aziz's parents are waiting for him!

Love Your Mother

"Then we should go help her! She is your mother!" Cordula pulls on a strand to of Nightingale's hair.

"Tree?" Faiamitsukai senses something wrong with her Nightingale.

"Something...isn't right with this letter..." Nightingale's eyes aren't visible, for she has her head bowed, "My Mater wouldn't..."

"Are you okay Nightingale?"

"Yes, I'm fine. We'll go even if I have the feeling this is a trap. Let us go and tell our friends." with that said she begins to fly towards where she had left the group.


The silhouette of a woman is looking into a crystal ball. She is in the tavern in which this story first began and in the background people are tied to chairs. The woman laughs, "That foolish child! She fell for it! My minions will kill her when she arrives!"

"Laugh while you still can. When my Nightingale is finished with you won't be able to speak let alone laugh! Since she has he Bishen she'll kick you're--"

"Quite wench! You hope in vain! I will have all of the realm under my feet!"

"I wouldn't talk if I were you. Vexare is on are side now! He'll help Nightingale defeat you!"

"You're all fools!" the mysterious women snaps her fingers. A figure of a man materializes beside her. "Now, My servant Gaylord shall stay with you until your sons and daughters arrive. Make yourselves at home."

"I am home you imbecile," Sri sighs.

"Make yourself comfortable then! I now depart," With that said the shadowed female figure disappears in thin air.

The male figure smiles, "Let's have some fun shall we, Ladies?"

"Don't you dare touch them!" a voice comes from a doorway.

Without turning around the figure says, "Welcome Godwin Yadira. Here to save the Fadls and Sri? Good luck..."

"But, how?"

The figure laughs, "You were late as usual! Now you get to stay with your friends." Sudden the figure lunges at Nyx's father.

This brings us to the closing of our story. Nightingale, Faiamitsukai and their companions set out the next day for in the direction they had come. Hoping if they fly for long hours they can get there as soon as possible. It will take a least a month to get home without Aziz as a pack mule. What has happened to the parents of our heroes? Is this mysterious lady the true evil? You'll have to wait until next time...


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