Chapter Ten: Sweet Dreams

Where we left off the heroes they had lost two of there comrades. Even though things seem like the world is going to end, but things will look up! Nightingale has set off to scout the forest and has left the rest of the group to there own devices. Let's first take a look at what the group is doing.

"Mister Provocare! Isn't that your seventh cup of tea with Bob? Don't you have anything better to do?" Nyx asks irritated at the half breed.

He stands up, walks over to her with a spoon in is hand, and points at her face, "Shut up or I'll shove this spoon down your throat!"

Nyx flicks the spoon out of his hand with her index finger, "Are you serious?"

Shesamé Miem`nin holds back laughter, "I think he was...Judging the look on his face."

Provocare looked outraged. Like he hand never been talked back to in his life. He huffs and walks back over to Bob. "I'll stay here and drink my tea Miss Not shiny Nyx!"

"How do you stand him?" Nyx turns to Horatio.

"I don't. I just ignore him..."

She sighs, "And Nightingale thinks I'm an idiot."

*Huh?* a small childish voice asks.

Horatio turns to Uzziel, "Uzzi-chan was that you?"

The bunny dragon nods, *Yep! Me!*

Horatio bust in to joy and hugs Uzziel, "My baby!"


Nightingale has been flying over the large forest for hours on end. She knows Akio would be at a high spot and Aziz would probably send off a signal with La Don. It was totally useless; she had found nothing what so ever. Nightingale landed in a tall, black and white leafed, tree. "ERGH! WHERE ARE YOU TWO!" Nightingale yells at the top of her lungs and beats on a nearby tree branch. When she receives no answer she just sighs and leans on the tree, "Why? When we need you the most? Guys I'm thinking of setting this whole stupid forest on fire just to smoke you out..."

"Now, Miss Nightingale you wouldn't want to kill all the inhabitants of the forest? Would you?" asks a male voice from behind.

Nightingale swings around to hit the owner of the voice, but no one is there. She raises an eyebrow, "You don't sound like Horatio, Aziz or Akio. Who are you and WHY ARE YOU HIDING!?"

"So, you are as short tempered as Sĭlĕo said. I really hope you don't get a green or blue dragon! I'd feel so sorry for it!"

"Stop insulting me and show your self! How do you know that incompetent priestess Sĭlĕo anyway?"

"Despite the fact that she is forgetful and a bit incompetent at times, she is my teacher!"

Nightingale sighs, "So you're the guy with who wants a Clarus dragon. Mephistopheles?"

"I prefer to be called Lee if you don't mind!"

"All right Lee. What do you want?" Nightingale says through gritted teeth.

"I'm glad you asked!" the voice of the boy is now coming from above. Suddenly a flash of orange and tan colors lands on a branch next to her. The brown haired light skinned boy carries a large staff that shows part of a moon and part of a sun. He has lively bright green eyes and has a large parcel on his back.

"Hello my dear lady! I've brought you a very special package form my teacher."

"Oh? Was she to lazy to deliver it herself or did she forget?"

Lee coughs, "She told me to give this to you befor she forgot. It's very, very special!"

"Hand it to me or tell me what it is. Unless you want me to blow you up and then take the package?" Nightingale narrows her eyes and prepares to cast a fire of astral spell.

"All right! Don't hurt me! Why are you so up tight anyway!?"

"If you must know two of my friends just disappeared! I kind of need them to save the world!"

The boy smiles, "Well, you'll be happy to receive the Bishen Dragon then."

"Come again?"

"You heard me! You'll be happy to receive the Bishen dragon then."

Nightingale's eyes widen, "You mean the parcel is.... Let me see it please!"

"Calm down," He careful removes the package from his back. He slowly opens the cloth to reveal more cloth to Nightingale's get disappointment. Lee looks over to her, "I'll let you do the honor of seeing if it's a he or she." He hands Nightingale the wrapped egg as gingerly as possible.

Nightingale slowly unwraps the egg with her heart pounding. She stops when she's almost there and says to herself, "It has to be a girl...." Our dear lady final takes the last few blankets off to reveal a dark navy blue egg with light blue spots. "Yes! It's a girl!"


"How can you tell?" Lee cocks his head to one side.

"Because green eggs are male and blue eggs are female. Do you know what color clarus dragon eggs are?"

"Oh course I do! Oh wait...I see your point."

She nods, "I'm happy you do."

"I should be going. I have to help Sĭlĕo."

"On last thing before you go," Nightingale smiles.

"What?" Mephistopheles raises an eyebrow.

"Give this to the idiotic priestess," she punches him in the leg.

"OW! What was that for?"

"For you to give to Sĭlĕo. It wasn't that hard anyway..."

"You don't know how hard you hit! I think that was just to get back at me for the insults."

"Nothing gets past you Detective-Man...."

"Hardy har har. Now I'm leaving!" with that said he falls out of the tree and disappears with a puff of smoke.

"I guess you and I should go and search for my friends?" Nightingale sighs and creates a backpack for her brand new Bishen egg. "You and me have to say the world..." with that said she takes flight from the tree, hoping to find her friends soon.


"I hope Nightingale's all right," Adrastos sighs while leaning on a tree.

"Don't worry! Nightingale can take care of herself! At least I think she can with all her violent tendencies," says a happy, energetic Valora Tondra.

"Why are you so happy?"

"Oh! No reason! I have a feeling everything is going to be all right!"

"How Valora? Nightingale doesn't even have the egg and without that we'll all die!"

"Justice will prevail over evil!"

Adrastos almost falls over anime style but catches himself. "You are so naïve..."

"Hey! I can't help it! In all the stories we read together the good guys always win. We are the good guys, so therefore we should win!"


"You don't believe me?" her eyes water.

"I did not say that Valora. I have just had so many bad experiences I don't really trust that stuff..."

"So, you're saying our story has no happy ending Adrastos?" she asks wide eyed.

"My story doesn't...I'll never get what I want back..."

"But you have me instead! So, our story will have a happy ending!"

"I guess so..."

"And I know so!"

"You're a stubborn little lady..."

"I hang out with you and your friends."

"Because I have no--"

"What are you two doing?" Nyx walks over.

"Nothing Nyx..." supplies Adrastos.

"That's what I thought! Could you help me get Provocare to stop drinking tea and start working?" Nix asks in a sickening sweet voice.

Before poor Adrastos can answer a voice comes from in the tree. "Nyx with that voice you could plan world domination! Or I could just set your hair on fire once again!"

The three of them look up and say simultaneously, "Nightingale?!"

"Who else would set Nyx's hair on fire?"

"Hey! I didn't do anything to hurt you!" Nyx yells in defense.

Adrastos and Valora both hold back laughter. Valora speaks, "You sound happy. What's going on?"

"Oh!" Nightingale drops form the tree's and lands gently on the ground. "I got the Bishen egg!"

"You what?!" the there say once again simultaneously.

"You heard me. I got the Bishen egg. It's a girl!"

"What? How? You mean we'll all saved!" Nyx jumps with joy.

Adrastos coughs, "She hasn't raised it yet. If it makes it to adulthood, Then we are all saved."

"Even though Nightingale is violent and has evil tendencies she can raise the dragon. She is a woman," Valora says happily.

Nightingale puts her face up to Valora's nose, "Come again?"

"Um...hehe...I said you were a violent woman..."

"Close enough. Well, where's Horatio and the rest?"

"Horatio's playing with Uzzi-chan. Provocare and Bob are still drinking tea. Adesse, Nin and Cordula are trying to get them to do some work and they're trying to set up camp. That's why I came to get Adrastos," Nyx explains.

"I see. I guess I should talk some sense into the two. Drop them a little 'message' so to speak." Nightingale grins.

"What are you going to do to them? Nothing regrettable?" Valora asks wide-eyed.

"I say fry them both," Adrastos states coolly.

"Adrastos!" Valora shouts widen eyed.

"I wouldn't hurt them too bad. They are my friends. You'll see..." with that said Nightingale spreads her magic wings and flies off.


"Mr. Provocare! You need to stop drinking tea! Please!" Cordula is trying to take away Provocare's teacup, to no avail.

"But, I just want one more cup!" Provocare insists.

"You to said that two hours ago! You've had twenty cups of tea by now! And what's with the table and stools!? " Adesse yells at the top of her lungs.

"More like seventeen," Bob states quite simply.

Adesse and Cordula both sigh, "I give up!"

All of a sudden the wind plows slightly. A whisper is heard on it,

Flames of heart and spirit,
and rage that is burning near it,
Ignite the thing I ask,
Make it smoldering ash...Ignite!

Seemingly out of nowhere the table decides to turn in to a cremated pile of ash, with the teapot on the top of it. Then the chairs that Bob and Provocare where sitting on decided to turn to ash.

Provocare sits on the ground unhappily, "Is Nightingale's specialty fire?"

"I think it's fire and astral," Cordula supplies.

Roberta blows her bangs out of her face, "That was mean! I spilt tea on myself!"

"You two should really stop complaining and get your butt moving! Provocare you get to gather wood for the campfire! Bob you get to search some more for Akio and Aziz! Horatio has to stay with Uzzi-chan so I have to go hunting," Nightingale flies down form a not so nearby tree. "No complaints form either of you!"

"But-" Bob begins.

"I said don't start anything. Now shoo!"

They both grumble about there tea party being ruined but do as they were told. "Now, Cordula Do you want to help me hunt? Oh, By the way I finally got the Bishen!"

"You did! Can I see him or her?" Cordula flies over to Nightingale with a look of rapture across her face.

"It's a girl. Shall we go hunting?" without warning there is a pop sound interrupts their conversation. A note lands in Nightingale's hands. "Um...okay. It's addressed to Nin and Nyx...I think..."

"Oh! Is it in Faidian?" Nin prances over with Nyx close behind.

"That and some other language," Nightingale blinks a few times.

"That would be English. It has many things similar in Clarusian. I learned your language because no one believes this place why not learn a dead language."

"How pleasant. What does the letter say?" Nyx asks.

"Dear Shesamé Miem`nin wish for you to join a special pack of Melceys. It's a group of non-monogamous Melceys called Fleeting Reflection."

"Sounds like your kind of place. Why not join?" Nyx nudges him with a happy grin.

Nin blushes, "Okay I guess so...let me fill out this form." Once that was done the form disappeared with a puff. "Well, that's that!"

"You did Indy understand us last time we met?" Nightingale contemplates.

"Ah....magic!" suggests Nyx.

"Most likely," Nightingale waves her hand and dismisses the thought. "Silly me. Let's go hunt down some," Nightingale looks up at the sky. The sun has just set and the stars are out shining like the heavens pares have been answered. 'A sign? Well, I hope I pull thought this thing. Oh idiot! Finish your sentence!' She clears her throat and continues, "late dinner! Make sure Provocare doesn't slack off while I'm gone!" She tightens the straps of the backpack she now carries the egg in. She spreads a set of magical wings and flies off grinning.

"Hey wait up Nightingale!" Cordula shouts as she follows far behind.

That night everything went rater smoothly. Nightingale had caught a nice large creature similar, almost identical, to a deer. But that's not the point of the narration! Our heroes have been searching day and night and have found not a single trace of their two missing comrades. Thankfully one thing is looking up. They will hopefully be able to save the world in good time. Ha! And my middle names Sid! Just don't tell Nightingale that...

"Don't tell me what?"

Don't tell you how I praise the fact that you're brave enough to raise a dragon!

"Oh? What are you hiding?"

Nothing what so ever! I'm not that stupid. Honestly I don't want to be mauled by you!


Well, folks this is the end! I hope you enjoyed--

"That's all that happens in the chapter?"

--this installment of SCM. In the next chapter there will be new hopes and adventure! Good eve to you all!

"The narrator is really running out of material. Oh well maybe she's just as happy as I am about getting the egg!"

Yeah, right. I'm so filled with joy I can't contain myself.

"Oh really! You want your eyes poked out for saying that about my Bishen!"

Bye, bye folks. I wouldn't want to let Nightingale get angry with the audience and I didn't insult your Bishen. Until next time!


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