Chapter Thirteen: Call me Queen!

The heroes have had several nice relaxing days at the tavern. Except for Provocare and Adrastos, they have still gotten into several fights. The rest of the group is upset by this and has been trying to shut them up, with no success. A few good things have come out of these endeavors. The little Dbogt has formed quite a nice bond with Sri and Nightingale (against her will). Nightingale is in a nice bubble bath that covers all of her except her head and feet. Cordula and Faiamitsukai are sitting on a towel rack hanging above Nightingale's head. Her mother, Sri is at the door trying to convince her about the Dbogt that they had found is friendly. Now we shall drop in on the middle of conversation.

"Mater! It's a really bad idea! What if that thing is working for the enemy!"

"Nightingale, The thing has the attention span of a two year old," Cordula speculates.

*Not to mention it enjoys playing with my toys like a two year old would. It's really young, It might be younger then me...* Faia says.

"Yes! You see the ladies have the right idea! How could someone like that have the ability to spy?" Sri's voice comes from outside the door.

"Looks can be deceiving," Nightingale retorts.

"You've got to be kidding me! Nightingale, I'm adopting him if you like it or not!"

"Fine Mater! Let me take my bubble bath in peace!"

"Have it--" A loud explosion interrupts Sri.

"Damn! That better not be Provocare and Adrastos or I'm going to really kick their butts!" Nightingale squeezes a nearby bath scrubby in rage.

*Don't you think it's strange that Valora hasn't stopped them?* Faia asks softly.

"She has been acting weird all week. She was locked in Adrastos's room last time I ch--" another explosion interrupted Cordula.

"Why can't I take a Bubble bath in peace!" Nightingale's head sinks under the bubbles and water.


"You are a coward!" Provocare screams as he takes flight above the ground. They have both been throwing rather large spells at each other because of a few nice insults. Provocare throws a nice sized water spell at Adrastos, but he dodges. The stray blast almost hits the tavern.

"Provocare, I'm sick of it. I don't want to hear it anymore! I am truly sorry for what I have done! I wish you could forgive me..." Adrastos is at the brink of tears. He has finally hit his breaking point, and wishes he could die. Where was Valora in on of his greatest times of need?

"I'll never forgive you! You sentenced Master Harith, Rajani, Lola, Vasu, Varda, and Amice to death! You locked away your dearest friends! Why?" Provocare says as he prepares to cast the ultimate spell of a quick and easy death.

"I don't even remember doing what I've been accused of...I am so sorry. Not that it means anything to you..." he prepares himself to die right there and then.

As Provocare is about to finish The Golden Rule he is cut off in mid sentence by Nightingale's irate voice, "PROVOCARE! GET OVER HERE!" Faia, Horatio, Uzziel, Cordula, Nyx, Nin, Bob, Sri and Adesse are all standing at the door. They are all equally irked by Provocare and Adastos's bouts.

"Is something wrong?" Provocare grins praying his stupid act will work.

"YOU KNOW WHAT'S WRONG!" Nightingale takes a deep breath, "Now knock if off."

"No," was Provocare's simple reply.

"Come again?"

"I said no!"

"That's what I thought," Nightingale grins as she cracks her knuckles.

"No, Nightingale stop. I deserve this," Adrastos whispers quietly.

*Don't say that Adrastos!* Faia looks at him with wide eyes.

*Faia's right! This is insane! You don't want to die! Do you?* Uzziel bounces forward a bit waiting for a response.

"Well..." Adrastos begins.

*You horrible!*

"It's really hard to live with something that you can't remember doing. I can't remember the slightest thing of what happened those days..." Adrastos takes a large breath, "Provocare has the right to kill me."

Nightingale smacks her head a few times, "Idiot! Once you're dead you're dead! What about the people who care about you? How inconsiderate can you be to commit such an act?"

"Name one person who really cares for me?"

Nightingale rolls her eyes and smacks her head again, "Valora Tondra! Speaking of which, where is she?"

"Well, you really think I'm going to sit here and wait for the justice freak to save him?" Provocare lifts a newly made wind spell over his head, "I will not!" With those three little words said he fires the spell at the blind Adrastos. It's is somehow canceled out bye a red and white blur that lands softly near by. Unfortunately for Provocare the blur decided to attack him for the large spell.

"How dare you try to hurt my bondmate!" a medium female voice hisses at him.

"Valora?" Adrastos blinks and realized he can see her. She is her original red but she has sliver rings around her wrist and dark gray-sliver patches on her legs. She has large white spikes that line her back with a large gray spike on her nose.

She's all grow up and so not naÔve!

She looks up form her victim and towards he bondmate, "Yes, Adrastos?"

"Wha? How? My...god..."

"I'm all grow up my dear Adrastos. I got a letter earlier from the Haken Aleryain. The only reason I locked myself in your room was because well...I was supposed to be alone when I became an adult." She was now sitting on Provocare's stomach with he tail dangling over his face.

"I see..." Adrastos blinks a few times. "So now we can use your power for unlimited amounts of time...."

Valora nods, "And you'll be happy to know I'm the Haken Empress."


"Yes, you sound a bit surprised."

Nightingale steps forward, "Oh come on! Surprised is an understatement! You miss justice, brave, Knight of all good sweet things, is a Monarch?"

"Yes, but I'm much more powerful then you think I am and I will not take any of your crap or orders!" Valora puffs out her chest.

"Really? Even if I am a princess that can kick you butt in five seconds?"

"Come and get me, Witch"

"I think I will," She begins a water spell but is stopped by Adrastos and Faiamitsukai.

*Nightingale! She's our friend! You don't want to hurt her?* Faia pleads

"Yes, I do Faia..."

"Valora! You should watch you mouth! You need to give respect to everyone even if you are an Empress. Now, say youíre sorry," Adrastos lecturers.

"I'll never say sorry! Not even to you!" Valora waves her tail over poor Provocare's face.

"Fine. Valora could you please get off Provocare?"

"If that's what you want Adrastos," She hops off of him. "Shall we all go inside?"

Nightingale spins on her heal and pushes the remaining people out of her way, "I'm going to be in my room!"

*Hey! What about me?* Faia slinks over and wraps herself around her leg as Cordula lands on her head.

The expression on her face lightens, "Sorry about that." She picks up Faia and storms off muttering about monarchs.

"Well, Let's go inside already!" Valora prances over to the tavern and enters. She is slowly followed by the part of the group that still remains outside.


"It's not my fault she's so sensitive!" Valora pouts as she is sitting on a barstool drinking lemonade.

"You really should be a bit nicer. It wasn't very shiny of you," Provocare whines while drinking tea.

"You, just shut up." Valora jumps gets off the chair and begins to walk up the stairs to her room. Except one of her spikes gets caught on a table near the steps. This of course throws all the members in the room to burst into fits of laughter. Valora just blushes, ""

Adrastos can't help but chuckle, "All right just hold on." He easily pulls out her tail spike out of the table. "Better?"

"Thank you, Adrastos!"

Nightingale, along with Faia and Cordula come down the stairs. "What's so funny?" Nightingale raises her left eyebrow.

"Valora got caught on a table!" Bob gets out between her laughing.

"Okay, whatever. I decided we are leaving her tomorrow to find Aziz and Akio." Nightingale turns around and climbs back up the flight of stair to return to her room, leaving the group speechless.

*Don't you think that was a bit curt?* Faia asks Nightingale.

"First, I didn't want the little killer queen to rip my leg off, and second I didn't want any arguments. I don't want my Mater to get involved in this mess."

*I see. So we are flying off tomorrow?*

"Yes, and no one can stop us."

*All right!*

With those words said we end this chapter of SCM. I hope you enjoyed this wonderful chapter. What adventures and arguments a wait the heroes in their future? Like I'm going to tell you! You'll have to wait, like always, for the next installment. Now, I have to get out of here before Valora decides to tell me off. Good day to you!


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