Chapter Four: You Mean You Don't Have it!!


We start off at the point where the teens left Zia's cottage and they are walking toward the Gate of Fate and time. Most who read that chapter were are the heroes. The only way to understand any of this is to read the rest of the story to find out what it means. They don't realize that they are rapidly approaching the Gate of Time and Fate, and that the priestess has almost forgotten about them. Two or three more surprises a wait are unwary adventures. So now chapter four begins...

"We're you confused by that vision thingy?" asks Nightingale.

"Yes" they all say in unison.

Nightingale bit her thumbnail, "Dang, I was hoping that one of you could make sense of it."

"Oh! Look! Look! Look! We're almost there!" Nyx jumps up and down while pointing at a large white structure.

"I didn't really think it would actually be a gate," says Horatio.

"Elves have good eyesight, what's that inside the gate?" asks Akio while pointing to the bottom center of the gate.

"It's a temple and a woman is standing outside...I think"

"Do you think it's that priestess, Sĭlĕo, that Zia was talking about? Shouldn't her priest-in-training be with her?" says Aziz.

"Yes it's custom for the priest-in-training to accompany their teacher almost every where," says Nightingale matter-of-factly.

"And you know this how?"

"My mom taught me some utterly useless information. That was one of the things."

"I see..."

"Let's run the last few miles there," says Akio, and starts to break into a run.

"Hey wait up!" Horatio calls after him. Nyx and Aziz chase after them.

"I'm taking my sweet time," says Nightingale. "We've waited this long, what are a few more minutes?"

She walked a steady pace to the temple where her friends were waiting. Horatio, who was talking to the priestess, seemed upset. On closer expectation they all seem upset except the priestess who seemed distressed. Nightingale thought to herself, 'Oh no! How much bad news does there have to be to get all of them angry?'

Aziz walks up to her and says, "We're going to tell you what has happened, inside the temple." Forgetting himself he grabs her by the wrist. Nightingale taps him on the back. He turns around and receives a smack across the face.

Nightingale points her index finger at his nose and says "Bad boy!" Then she simply continues to walk to the temple.


They're all sitting at a large wooden, round table. The walls around them have ornate decorations of different people, animals or things. Several stain glass windows were at the front and back of the temple.

"Okay guys, what's the problem?"

Horatio poked the priestess and hissed, "You tell her!"

Sĭlĕo brushed Horatio off, "You see Ms. Nightingale...I...well I..."

"You what!? Just tell me!" all of a sudden out of no where a small figure appeared on top of Nightingale's head. It was a same woman with black hair and dark skin. She had eyes of bright blue, and she wore a purple dress with blue green ties. She also had a set of wings, a halo and was only just tall enough to barely sit on someoneís shoulder.

"Hello," the woman pauses. "Where in the name of Hend's fuzzy ass am I?"

"Here's a question for you," says Nightingale. "Who and what are you, and why are you standing on my head?"

"Oh, yes...I'm a Seraph. My name is Cordula, and I'm suppose to be at Veniam Mactare but It seems that I mis-teleported."

"It's a pleasure to meet you. I'm Nightingale. You're in the Temple of the Gate of Time and Fate. Now could you get off my head?" Cordula apologizes and quickly fly to the end of the table. Nightingale introduces all the people in the room

Unexpectedly the priestess said, "That's right! My priest-in-training is there trying to get a Clarus dragon!"

"Speaking of dragons where's the Bishen dragon egg?"

" see..."

"You don't have it do you?" Nightingale grids her teeth together.


Nightingale is about to hurtle over the table when another unexpected event happens. Aziz looks up after hearing a sound. The only thing that gets out of his mouth is "Oh Dear--" right before someone lands on top of him.

"Oh! My dear Lord! Where am I?" The boy of about 16 looks down, "Oh, Hullo there!" The boy had long jet-black hair and wore white headband. He had a tan tunic and brown pants. He seemed almost normal except for his extremely cheery voice, the fact that his eyes where white, and he seemed to be blind.

"Nice to meet you! Whoever you are GET OFF OF ME!!"

"I'm so sorry Mister! My names Adrastos." He grins and offers Aziz up.

Aziz accepts the offer and gets his first real good look at the man. "Holy Mother of HjŲrdis! You look like--Oh never mind." He gives the boy a nervous grin and then asks, "Perchance, Would you be blind?"

"Yes...why?" the boy was sounding wary.

"No reason!"

Aziz didn't realize that Nightingale was thinking on the same lines as he was. 'This boy looks so much like Vexare...Unless he had a twin brother or a son we're dealing with the real deal.' she was thinking to herself. Akio, Horatio, and Sĭlĕo where thinking along the same lines. The only one who was thinking different was Nyx, and we're not going to get into that. They all introduced themselves and right before Nightingale could put a word in Sĭlĕo spoke.

"I do have good news! I entered you in the contest for the White Bishen Dragon!"

"Contest? No one told me about a contest! The WHOLE WORLD is depending on an incompetent sorceressí fat luck at finding a contest to enter! Oh, We're all going to die if we don't get a Bishen egg! By the way what else do I have to do?"

"You have to travel around the kingdoms, set the Guardians, and destroy the evil that has made it's home in The Kingdom of the half breeds..."

"DO YOU KNOW HOW LONG THAT WILL TAKE US!" Horatio, Nightingale, Nyx, Aziz, and Akio yell altogether, startling Cordula and Adrastos in the process.

"Yes about 3 years, 4 months, 5 weeks, 2 days, 14 hours, 18 minutes, and .3989 if you walk the whole way and donít use magic. Thatís including detours, eating, sleeping, and recreation."

"Group smack?" inquires Akio.

"Maybe later," says Nightingale. "We should be off then?"

"Wait one second! Hereís a new map of the kingdom, a guidebook to raise your Bishen and a map of the Creature refuge. You should go there first because of the contest. Then you should go the Kingdom of the Rose to save Provocare. Good luck and bring the new arrivals with you because Iím not keeping them."

"But--" Nightingale runs up to the priestess so that Adrastos does not over hear. "I donít trust that boy! Heís exactly like him!"

Sĭlĕo whispered in her ear, "I donít trust him either, but if anything goes wrong you can handle it."

"Thanks a bunch!"

"Youíre welcome. Now you all must leave on this brave quest. I wish you all good luck!"

"Hey! I know what I can do since youíre getting an egg Nightingale! I can protect it for you!" The little seraph jumps for joy and flies to sit on Nightingaleís shoulder.

"Letís go to this Creature Refuge place. It sounds fun," says Nyx with some excitement in her voice.

"Since I have no vote in this what so ever. Letís go.

So now our adventures are off on another quest. Now they have more companions.

"Shut up! I donít want any more I can't deal with most of them. Please kill someone off or something!" Nightingaleís voice screams at the narrator

How about Horatio?

"Iíll shut up now..."

Okay, much better. So they are off on a new adventure which promises to gain new friends--


and to lose some, but first to the Creature Refuge to hopefully meet the fellow contestants. Then again they could always be traveling the wrong way...

"What do you mean lose some?! Hey you Narrator! Answer me! And wha't the deal with that last part?! HEY! ANSWER!"

Until next time...

"Oh fudge!!!"


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