Chapter Twenty-Four: End Game, Restart

"Does she mean Roberta's little pink dragon?" Horatio looked the others for conformation.

Aziz nodded, "Yes, he is. It doesn't make much sense though, unless Roberta is involved in the plot to take over and destroy the world."

"I'm not," Roberta said without looking away from her mother. "I was never really bonded to Nova, since I met him he was beyond the bonding age."

"Really?" Nightingale looked to Faia, who shrugged. "So, why would he want to take over the world?"

Adrastos snorted, "He's probably bipolar because he's pink."

*Why don't you find out for yourself,* A surprisingly deep voice said in the air. *You know, insulting the Master is an awful crime. You should all be punished for it.*

"Sounds kinky if you ask me," Nyx whispered.

"Mocking the evil villain, is a bad thing to do when you can't see him," Akio whispered in her ear. She smiled and grinned.

*You'll all suffer,* and with a puff of smoke Nova appeared. The little pink dragon sat proudly in the center of the room with his chest puffed out. It was quite comical and the whole party was trying not to fall into hysterics.

"So, why do you want to take over the world Nova," Nightingale managed to ask with a straight face.

*A half Shade doesn't deserve to hear my plans,* said the smirking dragon as Nightingale winced.

Provocare snorted. People acted as if Shades were dangerous, even though they were basically nymphs with stronger spiritual powers. The half breeds resulting from them were more powerful, and had a tendency to control fire. That was the main reason why the half breed kingdom had chosen the Astrophel family. They were more than worthy of this little pink Clarus, and Nightingale alone could probably kill him instantaneously. "Look, you're the little jerk who stole my toaster right? Hand it over and we might not pound you into dust."

*No. I think I'll keep it.*

"You little--"

"Hold it. So, you're angry because you're pink?" Nightingale asked point blank.

*I--you--GARH. ENOUGH Talk!* The dragon's eyes glowed red as blood red feathery wings sprouted from his back. Slowly he began to grow--by this time the heroes had already started heading to the door. By the time the dragon was finished he was touching the roof. *NOW, you can see the true me!*

"Well..." Nightingale said.

*You're big, and that's about it,* finished Faia. She grinned, *I really doubt you're fire proof.*

A smirk spread across the face of Nova. However, the smirk slowly faded. The heroes remained steadfast, even facing rows of sharp and pointy teeth. Roberta already knew his man weapon, and he hadn't expected her to live. The dragon bit it's lip.

Faia sneeze, it must have been something in the room that was bothering her.

Nova suddenly shuddered.

Provocare grinned angrily, "Are you germ phobic, Nova?" 

The dragon growled and suddenly lunged forward.

It was as if time had stopped, or at least decided to slow down. The giant pink dragon hit the ground with a resounding thud that rang through out the castle. The heroes were staring at the evil villain in disbelief. He may have been pink, but that was no excuse for him tripping over himself without even having legs.

*Er...* Faia flew up the pink dragon and poked him with her tail. *Hey, you, you're supposed to put up a big fight that lasts for almost the whole two hours, and all that stuff.*

Nova sneezed. *G-get away from--ME!*

"I think..." Provocare said blinking, "that Nova is allergic to Faia."

Aziz snorted, loudly, "So that's what they meant when they said the Bishen didn't have to fight."

"Wow," Nyx said while her eye brow twitched in disbelief. The dragons behind her were shocked, Horatio said nothing, and Roberta was trying not to crack up.

*But... I want to FIGHT!*

"So do I..." Nightingale said looking at the large dragon that was flailing and sneezing about.

Adrastos blinked and rubbed his unseeing eyes, "Well, I don't think he's finished quite yet."

"Wha--" Valora was about to say before Nova spit out flames in Faia's general direction.  The dragon easily avoided the flames, they were nothing to her, and Nightingale simply side stepped the attack. A sneezing dragon's aim was bad, however, he could still do some damage.

Nova, teary eyed, hissed angrily and glared at the bishen dragon. He did not speak as he built up a flame and practically belched it out. He winced as Faia did summersaults and flips avoid the attacks gracefully, and playfully at that. At this rate the dragon would have to give up world domination for drinking tea in a retired evil villains home.

Faia narrowly dodged a bolt of lighting that came from think air. She grimaced, apparently Nova was a master of more than one element, but unlike her, he could easily control it. What were the others doing at this point? She looked around, and it felt as if a train had hit her dead on. No one was in site.

*Guys!* She called out as she narrowly dodged a second bolt. She heard no one respond. *This is NOT fair.*

Suddenly the large dragon attack stopped in mid-attack. His eyes dilated briefly he felt something burn. His wings, of blood red feathers disappeared and he seemed to be choking on air.

Faia's eyes widened, Nightingale was behind Nova near the throne, she was holding her star amulet, and her sword in the other hand, a wicked grin was plastered on her face. She had cast a spell of her on make, one that bound the soul to one place with out killing the subject. The bishen's eyes widened even more, it looked as if the others had left something to strengthen the spell before heading outside. The only ones left in the room were Provocare, who was hugging is shiny bread burner, Nightingale who was there only to hold the spell, Valora and finally Adrastos, who seemed to be there because of unfinished business. *But I thought we hall had to be around for the defeat of the evil villain....*

"We were, he was defeated as soon as he entered the throne room."

*H-how...* Nova whimpered as his head fell to the ground.

"You are not a real Clarus dragon," Valora said simply, as if that explained everything.

"She means to say, your breed died off a while ago. You were the only one left, and your forced all the real Clarus out of the world because you wanted it all to yourself." The blind man shook his head, "Pitiful. I honestly should have know your evil breed wouldn't have died of so easily even if the Decorateds finished them off."

*I... still....*

"Our blood lines are special, especially mine, the half Shade. You see, just being around you hurts you, because you're allergic to Shade blood and Clarus blood. You're really a hybrid of a cursed Clarus dragon and another magical creature. " Nightingale paused, "You know, if you had told them the truth they would have forgiven you."

*Forgiven me? They wanted me dead!* Nova had broken down, *They hated me! They.... they....*

"You were the one who killed the Clarus dragons first by using people as your toys. You controlled the people who were weak spiritually because of a disaster and you killed innocent."

*Unfortunately for you,* Faiamitsukai sighed, *we can't give you a second chance.*


"I wish we could just put all of this behind us," Horatio said looking up at the clear star specked sky. Uzziel sat besides him starring at the fire.

*Many people would be grateful to be a prince.*

"It's not like we hold much powers as executives, we just make the final decisions. It's just... there's so much we need to do. Do you have any idea how small our island is compared to the rest of the world, not even including the dead zone." The elf turned over. "And I'll miss everyone."

*You mean Nightingale?* The bunny dragon grinned.

"Oh sush," Horatio said as he turned over. It was lonely going back home alone to the people who had reopened the castle for him. He had been sent a mini-demon to return to the castle at once. Aziz had received a letter via the new half guardian of the Magical Creature Kingdom, and said his good-byes at the Half Breed castle. Akio had been called back by the head of the demon council, who had personally come to pick him up. Nyx was even told to return home by messenger. They all parted ways in the Half Breed kingdom. "We may never see each other again," whispered Horatio.

*Paaaah. I'm sure the kingdom will have social gatherings, and I'm sure we'll go on a new adventure together.*

"What makes you say that."

*Because if I don't go on another adventure soon, I'll go insane.*


Akio cracked his back and mused over the council leader. "You're really related to Caelestis and Devika?"

*You don't seem like it,* added Ymir who was flying from high up. The gold dragon was surprised that the winged demon had decided to walk, even if the member was willing to to ride on the golden dragon.

"Yes," the tall man who was thin and blonde said with a smile. "You seem to be a little upset, is something bothering you?"

*He misses his friends,* Ymir said plainly, and rather loudly.

"You know, even Ra Dai is kinder than you on the subject."

*That's because he misses his love affair with the lovely La Don.*

*Shut up.*

"That's normal, but don't worry. You'll see them again, and probably soon. Anyway, we fixed the demon castle for you. All things should be in order, so you won't have to worry about that at least." The council leader smiled.

"Thank you."


Aziz was walking with La Don on his shoulder, Gabriel was flying above them. The forest was filled with happy birds and other creatures. The unicorn was besides himself as he walked in human form on the dusty path. La Don was depressed because of her parting with Ra Dai, even if she denied it. Gabriel was happy  to be in the wilderness, but sad to see close friends go.

*Hey, Aziz? You really love that blond girl, right?*


*Will you go out of your way to see her again?*


*Why did you leave in the first place then?*

"I... have something to do first. I have to become stronger. For her and for my kingdom."

*You're so serious....*

"I'll try to work on getting a sense of humor too."


Nyx flopped on her bed in the Human castle. It was not as homey as she would have hoped, but then again, it was a cold damp castle. She shook her head and rolled over. "I miss them." Nin was in the corner sleeping on a bed made just for a Melcey, an Dera was sitting at the head board.

He fluttered over to Nyx and curled up besides her. Adesse had taken to sitting on the window quietly.

"You'll see them," The necco said as he nudged Nyx's hand.

"Thanks... but..."

"Please don't worry," Dera smiled, "He loves you."

Nyx blushed and shot up. "Who told you that!" she yelled and threw a pillow at the necco, who easily dodged.

Nin smiled and chocked back a chuckle. Ah, youth.


Nightingale sat on the balcony that lead to her new room. It was pretty high up, but nothing all that spectacular. Faia was peering through the bars, wide eyed. She had never familiarized herself with the architecture of the time and was absolutely fascinated by her new surroundings, though she insisted that after this she would go on another adventure with Nightingale, since that was the "fate of a red" or something like that.

It had been four months since they had seen each other from the death of Nova. The castle was well under way of reservations, the government had started up again, and there was rumor that the territories would come together again. Everything was splendid. Even Provocare and Adrastos were getting along for the time being. Cordula disappeared a few days ago, but Nightingale knew she would be back soon.

Which meant Nightingale was bored out of her skull.

"Faia, do you think we're going to have another adventure soon. Before my sixteenth birthday that is?"

*Most defiantly, I'd say sooner.*


*Complicated times mean adventure, no matter the technology.* The dragon smiled, *And if you look down instead of up, you'll see that we have some company.*

Nightingale looked below, and saw Horatio and Uzziel. She blinked and rubbed her eyes to make sure they were real. Yes! They were after all!

*See. It looks like we'll be going on an adventure shortly,* Faia stretched her wings without another word and went to greet the boys. The others would follow, without a doubt. Things would change, people would be getting older, and they would be going on more adventures than people could count.

"I'm not so sure, this was ever a good idea," Nightingale said as she jumped of the balcony to meet her friends.

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