Chapter Twenty-Two: The Dark Knight and Dragon's Fury


"You have got to be kidding me," Nightingale said as she stood before a rather angry man dressed in black armor. This was just not her day, first she had to deal with angry Guardians, then she had to deal with this. Somehow she really doubted her father's sword could do anything. After all, it was simply a sword with wings attached to it, nothing more and nothing less.

She dodge the broad sword that was trying to take off her neck.

The knight smirked under his armor. "A weak little girl like you could never handle the likes of the great Dark Knight!"

Cocky bastard. Nightingale swung her sword haphazardly and was surprised to find that it had hit the knight. It had also cut some of his armor, and drawn blood.

He wheeled back from the pain. He would have cursed loudly, if Nightingale had not lunged forward. Suddenly shifted her weight and cut into his shoulder armor as opposed to his leg armor.

The knight danced back. He was not about to be defeated by a armorless little girl.

Meanwhile Faia was doing her best to help Roberta, who had been knocked senseless at the arrival of the knight. He had made it a point to nearly cut her head off, as well as Nightingale's in one shot. Faia could hardly understand what this man thought he was made of, she did not really care. All she really knew was that it was time to roll up her sleeves and help out.

She had no idea she was going to be stuck with nurse duty.

Silently Faia cursed all the forces that were, and hoped that one of their comrades was near by. Maybe by chance they had managed to teleport closer to their comrades than they had thought. Wait. Why was Faiamitsukai hoping for this? She was far from helpless.

Nightingale leapt out of the way of a fire ball. That was completely unfair of the stupid jerk. In a fluid motion and a quick incantation, the half breed sent the knight a fireball. It simply fizzled on his armor.

So. She had a magical sword and he had magical armor. The only thing that could go through the armor was the magical sword. Did that mean that Nightingale had to kill this guy to stop him? It was funny how it sounded so easy and was far from it. She ducked as his blade whizzed past her head. 

On the bright side he had very bad aim.

On the down side, he had a larger reach and if Nightingale was not too careful she would be crushed into a little pancake. 

Her eyes darted from one thing to another. The knight must have had a weak point. They always had weak points! She spun full circle with her winged sword and made a motion to stab him. He let out an awful human yowl as she pulled back.

His blood was some odd shade of purple, and smelled something awful. She cursed. Why exactly was he still standing?


"What Faia? I hope you have a plan, because I don't."

*Run while he's stunned. Roberta is awake and she's already going.*

"Thanks for the advice," The half breed spun around and broke out in a full run.

Life was more important than victory.


"What exactly do we do about the giant knight chasing us? I stabbed him and nothing happened!" Nightingale was yelling at Roberta and Faia, who were still slightly ahead of her.

Roberta did not answer and continued to run at full force.

Faia suggested, *Well I could use my Dragon's Fury attack on him.*

"Can we save that for a last resort? We are in the middle of the forest!" Nightingale was panting, but she had no time to cast a flight spell or even a spell that would slow the monster behind her down. What exactly was he anyway? "ARGH!" Nightingale found herself face flat on the ground. The knight had apparently caught up with her.

Roberta and Faia had stopped dead in their tracks.

"You little brat!" For some reason his voice sounded familiar... "You aren't going to get away from me. I'm one of the most powerful minion--"

"I don't really give a damn," Nightingale said with a smirk on her face. She was currently being held in mid air by her ankles by a crazed evil night, and she was making jokes. It seemed a little odd to Faia and Roberta but they were not about to ask questions.

Nightingale happened to be face to face with the wound she had made earlier in the knight's leg. With an amused smirk she began silently chanting her spell.

"Killing you will be the greatest honor ever bestowed upon me," The knight cackled. He stopped as quickly as he had begun. He sputtered and choked before dropping the young half breed.

Nightingale cursed as she hit the ground. The jerk had nearly dropped her on her head. Quickly she rolled onto her back to watch the Dark knight's reaction to her original astral-fire spell. 

He fell to the ground in a heap.

Faia flew over to her bondmate, *Are you all right?*

She nodded. "Fine, but I don't think he's dead," Nightingale said quickly, "We should get out of here as soon as possible.

"Sounds like a plan to me," Roberta said as she made the first few steps towards where the camp should be.


"Do you want to tell us what's going on Roberta?" Nightingale asked as they came in sight of the "camp" that the others had set up in their absence.

"What exactly?"

"Who you really are for one." 

Bob sighed. She was hoping that Nightingale would not have noticed that. "Well you see... it's a bit complicated."

"Then simplify it. Who are you?" Nightingale crossed her arms and stood in place. Faia, curious about the situation, stopped slightly ahead of her. 

Roberta closed her eyes, she had to tell herself that she was not going to injure, maim, or otherwise harm the princess. "You see... I happen to be Ava's daughter."

That was terribly simple, "Do you have any idea why one of her minions would attack you?"

"She obviously wants me dead. There's nothing more complicated about it." The young girl closed her eyes and cursed. This was all she needed.

Nightingale cursed. What the hell was she going to do NOW? "Great! The whole world wants us dead as a doornail!"

That was basically the gist of it, and they did not have time to sulk or wait. The knight had made his way after them, and he made himself known by nearly cutting of Nightingales head.

She automatically jumped to the ground, Roberta whipped out her bow staff (even if she did not stand a chance she had to make a stand) and Faia arched her back. 

It was a few seconds before the knight even tried anything else, and when he did Faiamitsukai was ready to attack.

And she used the Dragon's Fury attack.

The knight went up in a bright plume of fire, and practically melted, leaving a rather nasty smell about the air. To everyone's surprise there was no dead body to recover, no trace of a body at all. They were also rather surprised that the forest did not catch on fire, and the flames simply died down on their own.

This was a different sort of magic, one that no one in the realm had seen before.

Faia could not help but gloat a bit.

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