Chapter Twenty: Is it Too Good? 

"Provocare, are you SURE you know where you're going?" Nightingale yelled as she burned another evil minion of the evil jerk they were stuck fighting this day. They had left the village, and in a span of two or three hours they had been attacked on seven separate occasions. They were now two days into the path and they were still being attacked. For once they had to go by Provocare's feelings, something Nightingale was now regretting.

"Positive!" He said with a grin as he electrocuted several minions.

"Not to sound worried or anything," Akio interrupted with a slight hiss in his voice, "but I think I'm running out of magic."

"Well don't expect Nyx or I to heal you!" Aziz called back as he bashed a creature similar to a Dbogts, he shivered while doing so, "We ran out of magic long ago."

Uzziel, Faia, Valora, Ymir, and Dera were becoming frustrated by the lack of progress they were making. As dragons, a haken, and a necco they should have been able to overpower such menial little creatures but the numbers were so staggering their own powers were beginning to wane. Faia was especially frustrated, because she couldn't use her special attack in the middle of a forest, and previously Ymir had tried to use his breath weapon and managed to ignite several square miles of forest.

Nin was doing his best to defend Nyx, whose shield was covered with various dents. He was not frustrated, just slightly annoyed at his inability to do the proper thing for such a lovely lady.

Roberta, Gabriel, La Don, Ra Dai and Cordula had it easy because nothing went out of its way to attack them. They were apparently unimportant.

Nightingale let out a rather deranged curse as she jumped out of the way of a falling monster. "Guys! I'm out!"

"Out of what?" Horatio said as he drew back his bow string. The magical arrow flew with a twang to strike down one of the evil minions.


"I'm out too!" Akio cried as he barely leapt out of the way of a snapping jaw.

Faia looked to Uzziel and he returned her inquisitive stare, *How could anyone run out of magic?* both of them thought at the same time?

Roberta stood up from her cup of tea and dusted off her hands. "I guess it's up to me!" Out of thin air a bo staff appeared in front of her. With an unexplainable majestic grace the girl swung the staff around and... something rather unusual happened.

*Where are we?* Faia looked to her left and to her right. Not a single enemy was in sight and the area looked alien. In fact, Faia could not remember seeing such a large amount of water before.

"How did we get to the ocean?" Nyx asked and looked in Bob's general direction.

"I cast a transportation spell, but it seems that instead of sending us towards the half breed castle it sent us to the outer kingdom. I can fix it if you give me an hour, otherwise we can walk back to where we were."

"Hold it, Bob. I have a question," Cordula fluttered over to her. "If you could teleport us anywhere, why haven't you done it before?"

"You guys never asked."

If it were possible everyone would have been shocked into silence, however not many people were surprised at this point. They all had long concluded that Bob was just one of those strange people you don't ask questions. 

Nightingale sighed and decided to change the subject before Cordula exploded, "So, Akio, how long do you think the magic loss will continue?"

"I'm not sure. Maybe a day, after all we've used are magic continuously for two days." Akio bit his finger nail, "Has this ever happened to you before 'Gale?"

"Once. I was four."

*I'm confused, you can loose magic?* Faia poked her bondmate in the back of the leg with her tail. 

"Magic can't be lost, but we can exhaust ourselves so we don't have the ability to access our magic. Over the years we can build up our stamina so it doesn't happen as often, however continuous use would still influence even the greatest masters." Nightingale looked towards Aziz and Nyx, "I have no idea if Holy Chiyu magic works on the same premise."

"They do," Aziz replied while looking out at the ocean. Something unusual was going on, and he could not place it.

Adrastos interrupted, "I hate to bother the little magic lesson and the idle speculation, but I think we've been teleported here for a reason. After all, there's a house way back over there, or so Valora tells me. I think this may have a little to do with finding the guardians, Nightingale's father's sword, and about forty other things." He paused to breath, "Shall we get going?"

Nightingale blinked, "I guess it's all right, however, someone who uses magic should go first,  and I mean  someone who won't blow up, set on fire, or complete destroy a five mile radius."

"Well, that narrows it down to Bob and Provocare," Adrastos snorted.

"Oooh! I'll go first! I'll go!"

"Fine Provocare just GO!"


*How do you even say that name?* Ra Dai said looking up at a cheery sort of welcome sign, that would make a normal person sick. The odd thing was that the cheery sort of welcome sign was the only thing remotely cheery amongst the dead or dying plants. 

"AnimumColiĕre," Provocare said with a grin.

*What the heck sort of name is that?* Ymir craned his neck to see the sign a bit more closely. It read what Provocare had said... but it was hard to grasp how anyone could have that name.

Nightingale knocked on the door and watched it slowly creek open. "Provocare are you sure this is safe?"

"Yes, I can't sense a single spell that could harm us."

The fearless leader let out a sigh and signaled for her bondmate to join her. "There better not be anything creepy when I open this door the whole way. Just in case, be ready Faia. Everyone stay outside no matter what."

Everyone agreed as the half breed slipped through the door.

Nightingale exhaled as she looked around the dusty cabin. Faiamitsukai fluttered over to another door situated behind a chest. *Hey, Gale, this chest looks like it's been pushed around recently. It's the only thing that doesn't have dust on it.*

"Be careful while opening it, I'm going to check out the next room to see if there are any signs of life. Call me if it's something good." Nightingale slipped out of the room through a door on the far right.

Faia gave an equivalent to a shrug. If the chest was filled to the brim with shining gold pieces Nightingale would not get any. Faia examined the chest more close, and found a tiny lock holding the lid down. When she smacked it with her tail, blew fire at it, and tried to pick the long with the tip of her tail nothing happened. The chest didn't even budge.

Faia's wings slipped down to her magical object. A dragony smile crossed her face. If she controlled her powers right the house would not be lit on fire and she would (more than likely) have something new to play with besides her stuffed star. What did she have to loose?

With a slight inhale of anticipation the young dragon grabbed her magical object in her mouth and carefully concentrated on the chest's lock. Within a few minutes the lock was smoldering on the floor. *Lock zero. Faia one,* the Bishen snickered as she slipped open the chest. She blinked. What the heck?


Nightingale blinked a few extra times at the woman before her. She was pale (of course) with long light blue hair trailing to the floor. She wore white robes and thing some similar to a tiara. Her ears were large and pointed, making her an elf, and her eyes were blue to match her hair.

For some reason this woman had tea set up for two, and had said she was expecting Nightingale.

"I'm sorry Miss...Animun...Aninum...An... Miss Something I think you're confused with someone else."

"You are Nightingale Astrophel the heir to the Shining Stars' kingdom, and correct me if I'm wrong you need to get your hands on your father's sword so you can unlock the last two sealed guardians and destroy the evil force that's plaguing the island as well as the main land." AnimumColiĕre dropped a sugar cube in her cup, "Call me Ann, and it's Mrs.."

Nightingale was speechless. 

"Are you going to have tea or would you like to get the sword, map, and a few supplies and be off?"

"Um... I think I'll go with the second option, thank you."

"Right then! Go out to the atrium and I'll have everything ready in a few minutes." She scuffled off into a closet, and left Nightingale to wait in silence.

The half breed took a deep breath, "Something is going right for once! There must be a problem." She blinked. She had left Faia alone to play with that mysterious chest. Now that she thought about it, that may not have been such a good idea. With a well managed curse Nightingale shot out of the room and after what seemed like forever tripped into the main room. She looked over to her bondmate and gave a few extra blinks.

*Nightingale! LookitwhatIfound!* Faia bounced--yes, bounced--over to her bondmate to show her the contents of the chest, which were conveniently placed on her head. It was a small tiara made of sparkling white and blue beads.

"What is it?"

*A magical object! I didn't believe it at first but look!* The object glowed slightly when Faia closed her eyes, and then snow started floating down from the ceiling.

Nightingale's eyes widened. "Okay... this day is just getting weirder and weirder."

"I see your dragon found her new magical object. I hope she likes it, it took a while to find." Anna entered from the door opposite Nightingale. How she did that, Nightingale was not about to ask. The elf was holding a package wrapped in off white linen that was roughly tied together. The elf handed it to Nightingale with the utmost care. "You need to take great care of this, and do NOT open it until the need arises."

*Um... who is this creepy lady?*

"My name is AnimumColiĕre and I'm the guardian of the elfin kingdom. Call me Mrs. Ann."'

*Oh...okay.* The dragon looked up to her bondmate and signaled with her eyes a "let's get the heck out of here!"

As a final farewell the elf handed them a map and a small box. She watched as the companions left in a hurry. It was no wonder that the other guardians were so worried about this young lady. She had no idea who the real enemy was and what it was capable of. The whole world was praying for this one little half breed and a crew of unusual companions to come through with a miracle.

"We can only hope that sword has enough power to save you."


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