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Uzzi-chan's yarn ball made by me for VM


Uzziel stays calm like the typical Charleton, and always wants to move. He always wants to put his duty before his emotions, because they have the tendency to get in the way. He loves Horatio and always tries to persuade him to tell the truth to Nightingale, but he never succeeds. Uzziel can persuade almost anyone into almost anything, except for Horatio, Faia and Nightingale.

Uzziel is normal all in all. He really has the personality of a bag of sand like his bondmate Horatio. He's as normal as a bunny dragon can get. Even though he still obsess over yarn...

For you people who don't know this is only the status of Uzziel. Uzziel is a part of a continuing click on the home link if you're coming from somewhere else...


Name: Uzziel
"power of God"
Namesake: One of Horatio's ancestors who mysteriously disappeared
Sex: Male
Age: Adult
Color: Charleton
Rank: Rare
Type: Earthborne
Magic: n/a
Parents: Unknown/Seed
Bondmate: Horatio
From: Bunny Dragon! No wait that's a clarus dragon on the button...


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