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 Prince Akio Primdeamon the demon prince. For more fun with him read the whole story...

Where do you go when you're lonely?
Where do you go when you're blue?
Where do you go when you're lonely?
I'll follow you,
When the stars go blue

Taken from "When The Stars Go Blue" by Ryan Adams

Akio had been transported away from his friends Nyx and Nightingale when an evil demon dog bat thing cast a dangerous spell. When Nightingale cast her counter spell it created a portal that transported Akio to some god-forsaken forest. He had been knocked out for some time and the Guardian of the Demons and his dragon Éline had come along to help him find his friends. Unfortunately they don't know it is going to be a very long trip.

"Hey Akio buddy are you okay?" Zia shakes him a bit.

*Zia, let me wake him up?* asks Éline

"Okay, but be gentle ..."

*Goodie!* Éline lifts up her tail and smacks it down on Akio's chest with a loud whamp.

He moans in pain, "Owwie..." He sits up as fast as he can, "What's the big idea? Wait where's Nightingale and Nyx? What's going on?"

Zia grins, "We were going to ask you the same question. We just found you knocked out here in the Nefas forest."

Akio looks around at the trees. The leaves of the trees are all the colors one could imagine, except for the color green. Akio mutters to himself, "I never did adore closed spaces." He sits up and dusts off his red shirt. He turns to the blonde man and yellow-white dragon, "If you don't mind I'm going to fly over the trees to see how big this forest is."

"Go ahead! You won't like what you see..." says Zia.

Akio's large bat-like wings appear and he flies through the spread apart branches. He realizes he his still damp from the rainstorm he and Nightingale had encountered earlier. He ignores it and continues to fly to the top of the forest. When he gets to the top he's not a very happy camper so to speak. "WHAT! WHERE ARE WE!?!"

Éline flies up behind him and says in the I-told-you-so type voice, *Zia said you wouldn't like it*

Akio was seeing an immeasurable forest that seems to stretch on forever. They seem to be on a high mountaintop there are a few clearings around and a large open space is near by. Akio repeats again, quietly this time, "Where are we?"

*We're at Nefas forest in the Elfin Kingdom.*

Akio stutters, "The-the Elf kingdom?" He some how manages to stay in flight, but the almost faints. "When I said I wanted an adventure...I didn't mean away form my friends, and-and I didn't know I'd be this far. I'm stuck here while they are in the MY kingdom and saving the world!" He lowers his head and grabs the nearest tree for flying support.

*Calm down Master Akio! Everything will be all right!* Éline pats him kindly with her tail. *You can find adventure with Zia and myself!*

Akio pouts, "Oh joy and rapture..."

*What does that mean!?!* Éline yells rather offended by his sarcastic remark.

He grins, "Just messing with you Éline."

*Okay...Come on Zia waiting!* with that said she flies down to the earth.

Akio gives a humph and follows the happy yellow dragon.

So...cold...in boxers...

"Is something wrong Akio? You seem a bit upset." asks a concerned Zia

"I'm fine. If you don't mind I'm going for a bit of a flight. Just to clear my head."

"Okay...come back soon! Come back in time for dinner!"

They had sent up a small magically formed camp near where they had found Akio. Akio's wings appeared and he took off not in one of his happiest moods. When he's a few miles away from camp he decides to sit on the top of the branches to look at the stars and just contemplate. "Okay let's see. One minute Nightingale was fighting a dog demon and then I wake up in the Kingdom of the Midnight Arts. The dog thing must have cast a semi counter spell that created a portal. Oh great! How am I going to fly to the demon kingdom and find them? Even if I do they might not be where I left them. What am I going to do! It'll take almost two months to get there if I take a short cut through the half breed kingdom and that's suicide. So it'll take three months if I don't, but if I fly day and night it'll cut it down to maybe a month." He smacks a nearby branch, "It's a lose-lose situation. Why me?"

"Cheer up!" a female voice says from some unknown place.

Akio looks around franticly, "Who's there?"

A elfin girl somehow lands behind him and say, "Well now you must be the demon prince! Judging from that pendent around your neck. You know that thing coast quite a bit and is a great treasure to have!"

Akio turns around and raises an eyebrow, "And you would be?"

The girl smiles, "My name is Gwen, and I think I might have some interesting news for you."

"How can I even trust you? You probable want something in return anyway."

"I don't know how you can trust me. You're are right about wanting something in return." Gwen gives him a mischievous smile.

He swallows the lump in his throat and debates in his head, 'What exactly is she thinking about? She is rather attractive...No you idiot! She could be an insane killer that just wants your blood! Stay focused!" He finally says after a few minutes of uncomfortable silence, "What is it that you want?"

She chuckles and cocks her head to one side, "I want to see your boxer shorts!"

Akio blinks a few times, "Come again?"

"I said I want to see your boxer shorts, silly boy!" she moves a bit closer to him.

"That's what I thought you said..."

"So can I?"


She bursts into laughter, "I can't believe you fell for that! You're so fun to play with!" Gwen moves to sit next to him. She seems to be only eighteen years old. She has long dark golden hair with red tips. Gwen's eyes are a clear blue that reflects the stars. She sighs, "I should really get to the point. In my travels I have heard of many things. Have you, dear boy, heard of a Glenn dragon?"

"Only when my...um...friend told me about them. My adoptive parents didn't allow me to study such things."

"How surprising! Well, Prince Akio! Now is your time to take you place and grant your poor murdered parents' wishes. You see Lady Eternal Rose has entrusted a young girl named Devika with an egg. She is to give the egg to the worthiest person. I think you are a very worthy person. You are a special boy..."

"Hold on. How do I know if you're telling the truth?"

"Why would I lie? You are the only one who can take the egg. Like Nightingale is the only one who can raise the Bishen Dragon. This is your destiny!"

"How do you know so much about me and my friends? How do you know about the dragon egg? Who are you? Who's Lady Eternal Rose?"

She smiles, "I know much because of my abilities. Lady Eternal Rose is a very--what's the best word--interesting high elf. She runs two adoption agencies and gives dragons and horses to respectful owners. She's hated by most elves and all high elves."

"You're an elf?"

"Yes, of course!"

"Do you hate her?"

"No, what do you think I'm trying to smite her? She is Black Mage and will have her own way with this egg."

"Now, about these dragons?"

"You're Mr. twenty questions! All right where shall I begin? Ah, yes these dragons come in many types and elements. Depending on your surroundings you dragon will hatch into a certain type. You'll most likely get a green since they enjoy adventures and the like."

"Provocare won't like that..."

"Oh?" Gwen chocks her head to one side.

"Well, you see Horatio recently acquired a bunny dragon and he's green and some other colors and he...Well her tried to eat Provocare's hair...." Akio holds back some laughter.

"Really? You're not joking?" Gwen asks wide-eyed.

He nods a no.

Gwen bursts out laughing and almost falls out of the tree. She stops herself and says, "Well, hope to get a gold or some nice tame dragon that likes people! Well, I should get going Master Akio."

Akio turns away form her, "Will you come to visit sometime?"

"Yes, I believe I will..." then there is a flutter of wings. Akio turns around to see only a golden feather.

"Well, I guess I should go back to camp. I hope to see her again." Akio looks toward the sky and jumps out of the tree and begins his fight to the camp. He sees a flash of gold lighting in the sky and turns in awe.

I know it's not gold but bare with me! Gold lightning represents good fortune, luck, and change. Anyone who sees it is blessed by the light and darkness to live a long life. At least that's what the demon legends say!

"But there's no such thing as Gold lighting. This must be a sign! I'll set out tomorrow morning!"

He flies back to camp, eats dinner quickly and goes to bed. His night is totally uneventful.

Give me back my clothes! It's not funny anymore!

The next day the set out in search for the young girl Devika. They flew for about twenty miles and found smoke coming from the trees.

"Let's go check it out!" Akio quickly flies down hoping to find a house or cottage. His wishes are granted. A medium size house is sitting in a rather large natural clearing. It's made of bright red brick with a slightly sloping roof and has bright sun yellow shutters. A girl was on the house's porch sweeping.

She's on the short side. Only about four feet nine inches and has small features. Her hair is a dark back with greenish tints and is up in a bun. Her eyes are a light brown-red color. The most interesting thing is she has a fluffy, black dog tail.

Akio flies down and lands a few feet from the girl. "Hello are you Devika?" he asks.

The girl raises an eyebrow as the yellow-white dragon and blonde man land behind Akio. "Who wants to know?"

Akio turns around to face Éline and Zia. He also raises an eyebrow and motions the two to leave. They both refuse, so her turns back to the girl. She's standing with her arms crossed and eyebrow raise in suspicion. Akio grins while suppressing a sigh. "My name is Akio and I heard from a friend you had acquired a rare dragon egg from a elf named Lady Eternal Rose. My friend also said that you were told to give the egg to one who is worthy enough. I've come to find out if I'm worthy enough."

"Who told you?!" the girl almost jumps of the porch.

"I answered your question. Please answer mine."

The girl blushes, "Well, now...yes I am Devika. Will you answer my second question?"

"I'm afraid not. I don't want my friend to feel any repercussion because of this."

Devika smiles, "You're a very noble man..." The girls smile widens as she thinks to herself, 'Well he seems worthy enough for the egg, but I've always wanted a Glenn dragon for myself. Why not say he's not worthy and string him along! His friends can do house work and he can be my personal slave! Oh, what a great Idea! I can lie and say he has to take a bunch of test. I am such a genius!' She says to Akio, "Mister Akio you have to take a few test to prove your worthiness."

"If that's what I have to do."

"Oh good! I just have to ask you a few questions. Do you like plants?"

"Only roses."

"Oh! You're a romantic one! Alright next question: Do you like adventure?"

"Yes, I love it."

"Oh joy! DO you like sunlight or darkness better?"

"I have no preference."

Devika almost bounces with joy then clears her throat, "Do you like money, gems and gold?"

"They're splendid things to have."

"Okay...Do need adventure, change, and beautiful surroundings."

Akio sighs, "I think I'd die without adventure and change. Who could live without beauty?"

"Oh yeah--I mean are you almost untamable--I mean would you die for a friend!" Devika turns a bright shade of rose red.

"Um...I would die for a friend..." Akio sighs and wishes he could be with his friends at the present moment. "As for the untamable part I don't take really know..."

"Okay two more questions. How do you feel about humor and what weather do you like?"

"Well, without humor I wouldn't be the nutcase I am now. Weather? That's a tough question." Akio takes a big breath and lets it out. Then says "I like it when the sky filled with lightning just right before the stars come out. I used to sit with my mom and dad and watch the sky every evening..."

Devika whispers, "Oh how romantic...." She thinks to herself, 'He's perfect for the dragon! He's also perfect for me. I'll just string him along a bit before I tell him that he's not the right man for the dragon. No I'll just tell him now.' She says in a sad voice and suppressed a smile on her face, "I'm so sorry Mister Akio but you're not the type of person we're looking for. Please stay a little while and I'll see what I can do."

"I wouldn't want to intrude!"

"You'd hardly be intruding!" She runs over and grabs him by the wrist.

She begins to drag him there but he interrupts and snaps his arm out of her grasp. "Miss Devika, I'll be leaving if you touch me like that again."

"Oh! I'm so sorry!" She runs to the door and opens it, "Please Mister Akio. I'd like to talk about you a bit more."

Akio coughs, "I'll come in as long as you stop with the sweet little girl act."

She huffs, "Fine."

Akio walks into the house and is followed by Zia and Éline who are stopped at the door. "You two," Devika says in a stern voice, "Can mop the floors and sweep the porch!" She hands Zia the broom she had been using and a bucket and mop appear in front of Éline. Devika grabs Éline and slams the door in Zia's face.

"What a nasty little girl!" he exclaims as he sits down on the porch and awaits the return of his dragon and friend.


Akio and Devika are sitting at a low Japanese style table. Éline was in the background mopping the floors of the kitchen for some odd reason. They where both enjoying their tea until Devika asks, "Akio what are your parents like and how did you get here?"

Akio shifts his weight, his wings are retracted by now, and explains, "I only knew my real parents until I was two. After that another demon family who was remotely related to my father adopted me. They raised me until a few months ago I got a letter by post. Someone had asked for me to an Inn to discuss my future and a group of other young people’s futures. My adoptive parents told me to go and bring a lavender or violet rose and give it to the young girl who was hosting the party on her birthday. So, on my sixteen birthday I gave this girl a rose and her mother sent a group of us on an adventure....Now I'm here."

"How romantic..." sighs Devika.

"Is everything romantic for you?"

Devika puts her tea down to the side of the table. Then she leans forward over the table to meet Akio's face, "No, but...." She leans closer, "I would find a kiss romantic." She leans forward for a kiss and hits the wooden table with a hard tump. Akio had managed to move totally out of her way. She mumbles, "That wasn't very nice..."

"Why did you try to kiss me?! How old are you anyway!?"

"I'm fifteen...I tried to kiss you because....because...I have no clue." by this time she was sitting in a normal position.

"You're not a little girl. You're only a year younger then me. Okay what's the deal? Where are your parents?"

Devika looks up on the brink of tears, "My mommy and daddy die when I was only a few months old. My brother was killed when he tried to kill someone who was important when I was one. I only have my other brother and he left a few weeks ago and hasn't even sent me a message."

"You poor thing," Akio's face lightens.

"If you leave I don't know what'll do!"

Éline walks into the room, *You two have great sob stories! Is your brother's name Caelestis?*

"Why yes! How--"

"That's the name of the man who tried to kill me!" Akio yells.

"What?! My brother..."

*Prince Akio you met him at the castle of the Rose, Correct?*


"Wait a minute prince!"

*Since he's a demon he'll be here shortly! Really the dog tail should have given it away....*

Akio and Devika say at the same time, "What?!"

Suddenly there is a knock on the door. Devika gets up and opens it to reveal a large male figure that's about seven feet tall. "Brother!" she hugs the extremely tall figure.

"Now my little goddess is what Master Zia tells me true?" says the tall shadowed figure.

"Um...It depends what he told you. Most likely yes."

The figures bright red eyes are seen when he looks at Akio. "Now, for Prince Akio...."

"Eep!" Akio manages to get out.

Well I did have to leave off at an interesting place didn't I? Akio'll get the egg next time...I hope

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